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Princes and Their Courtesans

Chapter 10

            Louis sat down on the couch, Harry laying himself next to the courtesan, draping his arm across his shoulder, their feet tangled together. Zayn and Liam sat on the other couch, their finger’s intertwined, the only indicator that they were remotely attracted to each other.
            “How do you know Haz?” Louis asked Liam excitedly, like he was going to get some deep gossip.
            “In between of being an Olympian, I was a troubadour as well, and played for Harold all the time. Us being only months apart in age made us good friends,” Liam smiled at the fond memory before the brutal kidnapping.
            “I don’t understand, how do you know Zayn’s courtesan?” Harry asked furrowing his eyebrows, looking at Louis.
            “I was in the carriage Liam was stuffed into when they kidnapped him,” Louis shrugged nonchalantly.
            “I thought you said you were kidnapped weeks ago?” Zayn questioned, “Niall got Lou two years ago.”
            “No one wanted Liam, and they handled him roughly, it’s no surprise he thought he was kidnapped weeks ago, a lot of blows to the head can do that,” Louis sighed empathically for Liam.
            “Really, two years? I was in their hands for two years… No wonder Danielle moved on,” Liam murmured to himself grabbing his unruly curly locks, moving towards the exit.
            “I’m sorry Harry, I’ll see you at the ball, a thousand apologies,” Zayn murmured bowing and followed Liam out the door.
            “What just… How old is he then? How old does he think he is?” Harry asked, furrowing his eyebrows.
            “He’s my age, twenty, but he probably thinks he’s eighteen or so,” Louis murmured sighing again, “I really shouldn’t have tried to recognize him, I shouldn’t have helped Zayn with how we know each other.”
            “Hey, no… He was going to find out sooner or later. And from what I heard, I bet whoever that Danielle girl was, she would have told him,” Harry murmured, trying to sooth Louis, petting his hair gently, kissing his cheek and lips softly, “Don’t worry about it. He’ll be fine, Zayn will take good care of him. The Prince will help him through it,” Harry whispered.
            “…You’re right…” Louis murmured, pulling Harry into a gentle, needy kiss.

The Ball

            “Ugh…” Louis groaned from behind Harry.
            “What?” The Prince laughed.
            “I don’t like the thought of these women throwing themselves at you! You’re mine!” Louis exclaimed, the orchestra too loud for anyone to hear his exclamations.
            Harry laughed loudly, and squeezed Louis’ side, “God, you are too much. Don’t worry, I’m getting engaged, and they know it, so there won’t be any women all over me,” Harry said leading Louis out on the balcony.
            Harry was dressed regally, in the Prince’s normal, noble, dress attire. He was expected to dress as such, to show his rank, and his family’s rank, his country’s rank, and the power he held in his hand. Louis was dressed as many nobles were dressed, regally, but without any indication if he’d been in the army, or was apart of any government.
            The Prince led his courtesan down the balcony steps into the garden, taking his hand, escorting him as if he were a princess. Louis looked at Harry, his cerulean eyes shining with curiosity and wonder. Harry flashed his Cheshire smile at Louis, and sat him down on a bench, candle’s lit everywhere around them.
            “Harry’s what’s-,” Louis was cut off by Harry’s lips pressing against Louis’ gently.
            “I want to speak to you. I talked to my father and grandfather over the past weeks, the weeks I have spent with you. And I have received their blessing to go through with what I have been wishing to do,” Harry said slowly slipping down to his knee.
            Louis smiled at Harry kindly, confused as to what as going on. He stared at Harry and his position, and the only moment he could remember himself in a position like that was when he proposed to Eleanor. Which of course would be a preposterous idea for Harry to propose to him, since they were both males, and the church would never stand for it.
            Harry pulled a box from his pocket opening it to reveal a ring, diamonds all round the ring. “Louis William Tomlinson, would you do the honor of marrying me and becoming my Queen?” Harry proposed shyly.
            “Lou… Before you answer I want you to know that I love you. You have made me fallen in love with you hard. And another thing you need to know is, is that becoming Queen means that Britannia will refer to you as Louise, the first peasant woman to marry a prince. I know… I know you don’t want to be thought of as the woman. I understand if you deny my proposal,” Harry explained, staring down at the box.
            Suddenly Louis enveloped Harry into a tight hug, covering Harry’s lips with his own. He pushed Harry down on the ground, kissing him as hard, as passionately, and as lovingly as he possibly could. Slowly, with a few more pecks between breaths, he pulled away, still straddling Harry, and placed the ring on his finger.
            “Of course you twat, I’ll marry you! And even if I look like the woman to the people, we both know who the man is in the bed,” Louis winked, kissing Harry again, “I do have to say, that proposal was better than my own.”
            “We royals have a brilliant way of doing things, of course we have to be better than the common folk, though I don’t know how someone as beautiful as you ended up as one of those common folk,” Harry chuckled, rubbing Louis’ hips.
            The engaged couple slowly stood up and made their way back to the ball. Harry still greeted the girls of the ball, while Louis followed behind sniggering at how hard they were trying to gain Harry’s attention, when the male officially belonged to Louis.

            “I don’t think it’s a good idea Zayn. I don’t want to talk to her. What if I have more flash backs?” Liam begged, dressed in the same fashion as Louis.
            “Liam, you will regret if you don’t talk to her, and you know this is your only chance,” Zayn encouraged, guiding Liam to Danielle, standing behind Liam, to watch them both carefully, but not over hear them.
            “Liam…” She began.
            “Don’t. I know. It was two years ago. I’m very sorry Danielle. I didn’t mean to get mad at you like I did. I was just still frustrated with my situation, and I honestly just found out how long ago I disappeared. A courtesan, erm, now Princess, told me how long ago it was,” Liam murmured, “A thousand apologies. I hope you find true happiness with whomever it may be with.”
            “Liam. I love you. I loved you. I’m… Here is the ring that you gave me, it is time for me to finally move on,” She murmured handing the ring back, “I never stopped hoping you’d come home. I always hoped you’d return. I’m glad you’re happy with him, however… disgusting…. It may be.”
            Liam smiled at the woman and kissed her cheeks, squeezing her wrists. He knew she didn’t mean what she had said. Even though she was a woman, she was on the very liberal side of every government, enlightened to ideas the churches hadn’t even considered a problem yet.
            Liam turned back to face Zayn who smiled at him, brushing his cheek gently with his fingers. “I have a surprise for you, but we must go in town.” Liam nodded his head and followed Zayn out.

            “Princess Selena, this is King Niall of Ireland. Niall, this is my fiancé Selena,” Justin introduced in his German accent.
            “Hola, bella. Encantada, Selena,” Niall greeted, gently pecking her hand, then her cheeks.
            “He’s a shagger, isn’t he?” Selena giggled, playing with a curl, trying to seduce Niall with his eyes.
            “Selena, he is my lover,” Justin whispered, the girl looked to him and laughed more, looking over her shoulder at a male courtesan that stood behind her, looking down.
            “Of course he is, you do seem to find the most intruging ones,” Selena complimented.
            “And you seem to have a way of stealing my lovers,” Justin retorted, taking the hem of Niall’s coat, pulling him closer. Niall let a charming smirk grace his face.
            Selena’s courtesan stepped up behind her, his hand pushing aside her hair to place his lips upon her ear and whispered. She turned more into him, a perfect black eyebrow quirking up, a seductive smile gracing her features.
            “I must go now Justin. It was a pleasure King Niall, I hope to see you again,” Selena whispered into his ear and kissed both of his cheeks before turning away, following her courtesan out of the ball room.
            “Shall we follow suit?” Niall inquired Justin.
            Justin turned and smiled brilliantly and began to walk away, Niall quickly following after him. “Do you think Harold’s office would suffice?” Justin questioned, quirking his head to the side.
            Niall laughed and nodded, “A forbidden establishment to commit a forbidden act, perfect.”

            Liam followed Zayn into the carriage, eyeing him curiously, wondering what the surprise was and why it was making Zayn, frown. He never knew a surprise to be a sad event, usually it scared a person, but all the people were very happy in the end. Liam gripped his knees, digging his fingers into his pants.
            “Zayn what is going on?” Liam whispered, staring down at the carriage floor.
            “What do you mean?” He replied softly, his voice rough and scratchy.
            “You’re acting oddly, I don’t know if I want to see this surprise, Zayn,” Liam whispered shaking his head, placing his hands on his temples.
            “Liam… This is for you, it’s for the best,” Zayn whispered, placing his hands on Liam’s cheeks as the buggy pulled to a stop.
            “I don’t think it is! If it’s making you sad then it can’t be good for me,” Liam retorted, glaring up at Zayn, pulling his face away from Zayn.
            The door opened slowly, both boys looking out the door. Liam released a screech and pushed himself in the farthest corner of the carriage. Zayn sighed, and moved to step out greeting a man in English. This encouraged Liam to slowly move to the door and glance out.
            “Simon?” Liam whispered, his light brown eyes widening slightly.
            “Liam…. It’s great to see you again, it has been long,” Simon replied.
            Liam slipped out of the carriage and walked towards Simon, shaking his hand happily. He glanced to Zayn, who was staring off, obviously trying to hide his emotions. Liam pulled his hand away, continuing to look at Zayn curiously, until the male looked back and gave his courtesan a weak smile.
            “What is going on Zayn?” Liam asked in a warning voice.
            “He’s giving you back to the British Olympic team,” Simon replied.

            “This dress is the most ugly thing I have ever seen Haz,” Louis whined.
            “I think it’s perfect,” Harry commented from his seat on the chaise lounge in his bedroom.
            “Ugh, it makes me look fat, and like a male prostitute,” Louis groaned, turning around to look at Harry, who was covering his mouth to cover his laughs, “I do don’t I! Gosh! I must take this garment off right now! This is horrid! I think we should just go out there as men and say we are getting married!” Louis yelled from the closet changing.
            Louis came back out wearing one of Harry’s Princely suits, and flashed a brilliant smile at the Prince. “How about this? I think this is more appropriate,” Louis said moving to the vanity to remove the feminine hair accessories and the makeup.
            “I think it’s perfect, I mean, no one can deny me, I’m the ruler of the most powerful empire in the world,” Harry chuckled walking up behind Louis, wrapping his arms around the male’s waist, kissing his neck.
            “Are you ready Haz?” Louis whispered, turning to look at Harry, his nose poking the male’s cheeks.
            “I’m always ready.”

            “The name has been changed from Miss Louise Wilma Tomlinson to Sir Louis William Tomlinson,” Harry whispered in the announcer’s ear, he turned to look at the Prince quirking an eyebrow and slowly nodded.
            “Announcing, Prince Harold Edward Styles of Britannia and his fiancé Sir Louis William Tomlinson of Doncaster!” the chubby stout man bellowed.
            A loud chatter began after a few moments of silence, to watch the Prince and his courtesan (though only a single digit number knew he was) stand on the balcony looking over the ball attendees. They had thought that the poor girl had been mistaken for a man, but it was obvious that Louis was a man, more of a man than Harry. Another thought crossed their minds that poor Harry was the woman mistaken for the man, but Harry had just proved them wrong with his small speech.
            “Yes, we are both males. My line does not end here, my sister shall have my heirs,” He spoke in words that would make this marriage make sense, “I am marrying a man because I find that a Queen cannot help the King rule, their only use is to produce an heir. With a male Queen by my side, Britannia can rule more brilliantly than it has, and shall with this tradition!” Harry exclaimed, causing the British nobles and royalty to cheer.
            Louis looked at Harry and laughed smiling brightly at him and his ridiculousness to get his people riled up with some idiotic speech. Harry responded with a brilliantly happy smile and pulled Louis into a rough kiss, beginning the music once again, the dancing starting, and coupling beginning.
            “Louis, shall we go back to my office to discuss some more matters?” Harry asked in a low, husky voice, a seductive smile spreading across his face.
            “We shall, and fast,” Louis replied getting his voice as low and husky as was possible, to show Harry he meant business.

            Justin draped his arm around Niall’s shoulder, his other hand holding Niall’s still, having been pinned above his head in the previous activity they’d been tangled in. Justin’s leg fell off the side of the couch, his other, wrapped around Niall’s. Niall’s free hand was wrapped around Justin’s torso, his head in the crook of his neck smiling peacefully.
            The door flew open Harry and Louis, kissing each other needily as they entered. Justin let out a small giggle, it was indecent for them to be in a forbidden room tangled in all their naked glory, and he found it humorous. Harry and Louis jumped away from each other, glaring at the naked pare that began laughing, slowly calming down and looked at each other with dazzling smiles.
            “What the hell are you doing in my office, in my quarters! I thought I made it clear that you two were banned!” Harry yelled at the pair. Louis grabbed Harry’s hand turning him around so that the Prince was looking at him, and smiled kindly.
            “You do have a bedroom, and I’m sure once we’re done, they’ll be gone. And anyway, this is no longer your office once we are wed,” Louis soothed, leading Harry to the small door that led to his bedroom.
            Harry smirked at Louis and pushed the man towards the door faster, kissing his neck. “You are a cheeky bastard aren’t you?” Disappearing with Louis into the room.
            “I know my father, I’m just cheeky,” Louis retorted shutting Harry up with his lips.

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