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Princes and Their Courtesans

Chapter 9

            “Louis… I’ve missed you,” He whispered, looking at Louis with soft adoring eyes.
            “I… I have too,” Louis murmured, hiding himself behind the door.
            “Boo Bear… Who is it?” Harry called tiredly from the bed.
            Niall let out a snigger and looked past Louis. “It’s Niall, I came to speak with you, but I guess it can wait until morning,” Niall said loud enough for Harry to hear him.
            Harry flung himself out of bed grabbing two pares of pants, throwing Louis his and put on his own, and walked to the door. He smiled at the King and pulled Louis and him out of the room.
            “We’ll go to my office to discuss, or the library if you prefer,” Harry offered, pushing Niall ahead as he took Louis’ hand in his own.
            “Office will do just fine,” Niall replied over his shoulder, leading the way to the male’s office and sat himself down on the couch next to Prince Justin who obviously had already settled himself down.
            “Justin what are you doing here? I thought I banned you?” Harry asked tiredly, sitting down, pulling Louis down with him.
            “I am, but I am here upon request by Niall. We have something we’d like to ask of you,” Justin replied looking to Niall.
            Harry pursed his lips and looked to Niall cocking up his eyebrow wondering what the King and Prince could possibly want.
            “Well, I would like to request that you allow Justin to stay in your section of the palace,” Niall said very confidently.
            “And why would I do that?” Harry asked his eyebrow flying up again.
            “Because he’ll be under my supervision in my room,” Niall retorted crossing his legs trying to keep his cool.
            Harry chuckled, a sly smirk appearing on his face. “I understand, but Justin, I thought you had a fiancé.”
            “Oh… Yes, I have a fiancé, but she has her lover, and I have mine,” Justin replied chuckling nervously.
            “I would agree to your request King Niall, but you yourself are not even aloud in these quarters,” Harry sighed, draping his arm across the shoulder of the couch, his hand slyly touching Louis’ bare shoulder gently.
            “Is it because of Louis? Is that why you won’t allow me to stay in your guest quarters?” Niall asked chuckling.
            Harry looked to Louis, who glanced at him with a cheeky smile. “Of course not, I have Prince Zayn and his own courtesan coming, and there would be no room for him if you stayed in that guest room. Or if you’d like, you can stay in the room meant for Louis, which of course, is probably bigger than what an Irish king is used to,” Harry smiled condescendingly.
            “Harry! Don’t be rude, I can’t believe you still act like you have a stick up your arse even though you just orgasmed,” Louis reprimanded hitting the back of the younger boy’s head.
            Niall’s eyes widened a bit and glanced at Justin before turning to look at Louis. “Already over me then?”
            “More of a necessity Niall, and it only happened today, which was the reason why Justin and his father were banned from Harry’s quarters,” Louis replied running his hands through his fluffed and sexed up hair, “Haz, I’m going to go to bed,” Louis murmured patting Harry’s knee kissing his cheek before slipping through the other door that led to the room.
            “Sore spot?” Justin asked Niall and Harry cluelessly.
            “You have no idea,” they said in unison, glaring at each other.
            “Alright, it is time for me to go to bed as well, Niall you are not allowed in my quarters unless I invite you, now I can get my guards to escort you out, or you can escort yourselves out. Niall I’d suspect you’ll stay in Justin’s room of course, I hope you two have a wonderful night,” Harry sighed standing up shaking hands with both boys.
            “Ah, and I hope you have a nice night with Louis, he’s quite a frisky fellow once you start bedding him,” Niall said chuckling, standing up, and followed Justin out of the room.

The Moments After Niall Gives Louis Away

            Niall stomped out of the castle running into a person growling loudly.
            “Get of my way,” Niall yelled, causing the person in front of him to freeze.
            “I apologize Prince Niall, I’m so, so sorry,” A brown haired hazel eyed Prince looked at Niall blushing darkly.
            “King Niall… And… It’s fine… I’m sorry I yelled at you, Prince Justin, I’m just a bit frustrated,” Niall murmured patting the younger male’s shoulder.
            “I apologize, King, Niall. I… If I may assist you in your frustration?” Justin asked, causing Niall to laugh.
            “What could you possibly do that would relieve me of my frustrations?” Niall asked, his stoic face begging for Justin to humor him.
            “Ah… Let me show you, in here with me,” Justin said grabbing Niall’s hand and dragged him into a room that had various couches, chairs, lamps, and tables.
            “What are you showing me?” Niall asked, a small smile forming on his lips as he found this whole thing humorous.
            “Sit down there,” Justin commanded, and Niall complied, that small smile becoming a bit larger. Justin sat himself on the ground between Niall’s legs, and worked on Niall’s pants, opening them quite easily.
            “Oi! What are you doing!” Niall reprimanded taking Justin’s hands into his own.
            “I was relieving the King of his frustrations,” Justin replied innocently.
            “By sexing me up?” Niall questioned.
            “I was taught by the French the techniques of relaxation,” Justin answered, his slim brown eyebrows going up.
            “Ah… The French. May God bless them for they sexual promiscuity. If you must continue Justin, then by all means,” Niall motioned for Justin to continue.


            Justin tugged Niall’s pants down. He sat up to his knees and undid Niall’s shirt pulling it off of the male. Niall’s breath hitched as his clothes were removed with out a second thought. Justin tugged his shirt off, and tossed his pants a ways away. He slowly stood up and straddled Niall, looking down at him, his pupils dilated.
            “Are you sure about this Prince?” Niall asked huskily, this was going to be the first time someone rode him, the first time he wasn’t the one taking it.
            “I am very positive, I’ve been wanting you for a while now, but that damned courtesan was in the way,” Justin murmured in his German accent.
            “Well, I’m all yours now,” Niall groaned quietly at the sight his blue eyes half lidded.
            Justin smirked at him, lining Niall up with his hole before slowly pushing down, a soft moan escaping his lips, his hazel eyes fluttering closed. Niall arched a bit, bucking up into Justin a louder moan slipping from his lips. Justin cried out when Niall accidentally hit his prostate.
            The German Prince threw his arms around Niall’s neck, fingers laced in the King’s hair as he slowly began to move himself. He slowly moved up and then slammed down hard, a moan erupting from the lips that were sucking on the younger Prince’s neck.
            The Prince released wanton, whimpering, breathy moans with each hit to his prostate, and buck up from Niall. They continued these movements and loud noises until Justin began moving quickly, faster than Niall had ever done previously. Only minutes passed for them like this until they reached their climax together. Their lips met as they rode through the last wave of pleasure.
            The Prince went down one last time, as just sat on Niall kissing him needily, wantonly. His fingers pulled at Niall’s hair, moving to cup his flushed face kissing him hard. Niall’s hands gripped Justin’s hips, kissing him back, nipping at his lips getting an entrance. He massaged Justin’s hips gently as they kissed like Frenchmen, passionate, hard, and adoringly.


            With a soft moan and whimper from both boys, Justin pulled off. He gathered their clothes gingerly handing Niall his as he dressed himself. The German Prince had a satisfied grin on his face, placing his hands into his pockets. He looked to the Irishman opening the door for him once he was dressed.
            “Can we meet again?” Niall asked, placing his hand on the small of Justin’s back as he led him back out of the palace.
            “Ah… yes, where ever you would want is fine,” Justin replied happily.
            “You know Prince Zayn correct? And the journey he is going on before he arrives here for the ball?” Niall questioned.
            “I do, yes, he is a good man. I do know the Muslim journey. Traditional journey before one is crowned in the Ottoman Empire, yes,” Justin confirmed in his broken English.
            “Good, we shall meet at Zayn’s caravan, and further our relationship,” Niall said smiling as the carriage men opened the door for him.
            “I’ll see you in a month,” Justin nodded, holding his hands behind his back as he bowed at the King. A very indistinctive smile forming on his lips as he watched Niall take the carriage away.

2 weeks before the ball

            The point of this journey is for you to think about your unruly actions with this infidel! Not for you to be able to claim him as your own as many times as you please,” Zayn’s mother growled in Arabic.
            He is my property and I must bring him along with me. Another will claim him if I do not bring him. I haven’t even claimed him myself. Do you think me man enough to do it now?” Zayn retorted, turning away from his mother on his heel, his coat flapping behind him.
            “Liam, get in the caravan, right there,” Zayn murmured to Liam, pointing to where Justin and Niall had entered previously.
            “Are you sure? I think they might have thought that’d be their own. I thought we might have our own, actually,” Liam replied back quietly, his tanned face, darkening with a flush.
            “Oh. Erm… then go in the last one over there, I’ll be there in a minute, and here, cover yourself. Your clothes are too revealing,” Zayn softly said, pulling off his coat and handed it to Liam, whom was wearing the same styled clothes since Zayn had bought him.
            “Alright,” Liam muttered with a sigh, pulling on the coat, buttoning it and slipped into the caravan, leaning back on the seat.
            If I get word that you have not found a woman at that ball, you will be staying under the watchful eye of the Styles, and they will make sure that you end up with a wife, no matter how long it takes. Even if it takes until I die, I will have my only son take my place,” Zayn’s mother lectured, turning around to get inside of the palace.
            That woman will be the death of me, I swear to Allah. If it were up to me I’d just marry Liam,” Zayn mumbled to himself under his breath as he entered the caravan Liam was in.
            “What about me?” Liam asked looking up.
            “Ah, I see you’re getting better at picking up your name in another language,” Zayn chuckled, “Took me a while before I could pick mine out in English when I was learning.”
            “What were you saying about me?” Liam asked begging slightly.
            “I was saying that if it were my decision I’d marry you, but since the Koran and it’s laws doesn’t allow to men to bond in such a way,” Zayn sighed with a chuckle.
            “Well, then come here, so we can bond in ways the Koran doesn’t allow,” Liam teased, holding his arms out for Zayn to come into.
            And Zayn did come to Liam, and tore the coat off of him while he was at it. He also tugged the sash off and slid his hands up Liam’s chest under his shirt. His lips sucked behind Liam’s ear, as Liam’s lips sucked, nipped, and kissed all along Zayn’s neck, causing moans to erupt from both boys.

            “Ah, finally we are alone,” Niall murmured pulling Justin close as the caravan began to move.
            Justin wrapped his arms around Niall’s torso, pressing his lips gently along his jaw line. Niall leaned into the feather light kisses, his hands gently running up and down Justin’s hips. Justin moved his position so he was straddling the King, his lips on Niall’s, having missed the feel of his new lovers lips.

Back to the Castle (2 weeks later) Morning

“Welcome Prince Zayn, I, Guard Cardle, will escort you to your rooms. Will your courtesan be staying with you, or in the courtesan room in Prince Harry’s quarters?” The Man asked as Zayn’s guard carried Zayn’s bags as they walked through the palace.
            “He shall, it isn’t a bother I hope,” Zayn said politely, slipping his hand into Liam’s.
            “No it isn’t, Prince Harry keeps his in his own room,” The guard replied with a chuckle, stopping in front in a hall way with double doors on the left and double doors on the right, “To the right is Prince Harold’s room, the left, yours, let me know if you require anything.”
            “Not at the moment, thank you. Aiden, hurry up will you? I can’t wait all day,” Zayn reprimanded his well-groomed guard. The tall man scurried over to Zayn following him into the suit and set the bags down, catching his breath quickly.
            “Thank you. You may go now,” Zayn dismissed with his hand, “ I will be going to talk to Harry. Liam would you like to come?” He asked dropping the male’s hand.
            “I would… If you don’t mind, of course,” Liam said shyly. Zayn smiled and lead him through the doors again and down the wide halls, opening the office, exposing Harry being straddled by Louis, making out heavily.
            “Lou?” Liam said excitedly, looking over Zayn’s shoulder.
            Louis looked up, eyes widened slightly, and slipped off of Harry, who stood up to greet Zayn quietly, so they both could watch the little reunion between their own courtesans, sharing a humorous look.
            “Lili?” Louis asked, brushing the invisible dirt from his shirt.
            Liam laughed and skipped over to Louis pulling him into a tight hug, the feathery brown haired boy hugging him back. Laughs erupted from their chests, pulling away to kiss each other on the cheek. Harry kept his hand on Zayn’s shoulder, squeezing it to remind him that it was a cultural European gesture.
            “Wow, I haven’t seen you since that blond kid bought you! How’d the bloody hell did you end up with Prince Harry?” Liam asked laughing, pulling away from Louis to look at the man.
            “Well, you know, revolution in England, Ireland wants independence, traded me for his country, you know, the usual,” Louis chuckled, examining Liam, “I see you still have your innocence. Not a surprise, Prince Zayn’s always been a bit of a wimp.”
            “Oi! Louis, you know that’s not true, before Niall’s brother tried to claim you there was me,” Zayn chuckled, glancing at Harry who in return glared back.
            “How about we all sit, since we all seem to know each other, right Liam?” Harry chuckled, winking at the older boy.

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