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Repunzniall Part 2

            The goons and I wandered the forest, I happened to stumble upon wanted posters of all three of us. Of course, I examined my own.
            “Oh no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, this is bad, this is very bad, this is really bad… They just can’t get my nose right!” I exclaimed tearing the paper off the tree and showed it to my goons.
            “Who cares?” my shorter goon Sean grumbled.
            “Well it’s easy for you to say! You guys look amazing!” I pulled off their pictures showing them.
            Suddenly, we heard hooves and shouts. We knew it was time to run, and that’s what we did. We rushed through the forest, looking behind us, not worried in the least bit that we’d get caught at all. Then, suddenly, we were cornered, a cliff on all three sides and castle guards getting closer.
            “Okay… Give me a boost, and then I’ll pull you up!” I said quickly.
            “Give us the satchel first,” my other goon, Scott, said.
            “Uh.. I just… I can’t believe that after all we’ve been through together, you don’t trust me,” I said feigning sadness as I handed over the bag.
            They climbed on top of each other, and I climbed on top of them. Sean launched me up on the cliff. While I had climbed, I had managed to slip the satchel off of Louis’ shoulders onto my own. I let Sean know that the landing was rough with a loud “owe”.
            “Now help us up pretty boy,” Sean growled at me.
            “Sorry, my hands are full,” I showed them the satchel with a chuckle, degrading them because of their stupidity.
            “What? Styles!” Scott yelled after me.
            I ran faster, the guards had picked up on my brilliant idea, and were now chasing me on the higher ground I had achieved. They hollered at each other, a horse whinnying loudly, the movement coming up behind me. I ducked, protecting my face as the horse came towards me. I watched as the rider fell off, and so, I jumped on the rider less horse, laughing happily. Suddenly the horse stops and I hit his neck.
            “Come on, fleabag! Forward!” I yell at him, noticing how the horse is staring at my bag, “No! You can’t have it!” I exclaimed keeping the bag away from the horse.
            “No! Stop it! Stop it! Give it to me! Give me that!” I was now yelling at the horse, fighting him for hold over the bag.
            The bag flew from our hold, flying to a branch on a tree. I scampered on to the tree that was over the edge of a cliff, the horse following behind me. I laughed when I was able to get hold of the satchel. And I am not proud to say that I screamed when the branch broke. We fell towards the water, and I was a bit more successful than that horse when I was under, able to grab that satchel and get out as quickly as possible.
            I ran into a cave, hiding behind the leaves from the willow that had grown on top of the cave. I held my breath, watching the horse leave the lake, trotting around, sniffing for me. Once he passed by, and a few minutes later, I let out the breath and looked around.
            Light shined into the cave from another direction, and being the adventurer that I am, went out the other end of the cave. My breath caught slightly at the meraculousness of the small meadow, a large decorated tower standing tall in the middle. I ran towards it, hearing that horse whinnying, pulled out my knives and began to scale it, having not seen any other way in. I gasped when I tumbled into the dark tower, sighing in relief. Then, everything went dark.

            Repunzniall held his guitar in hand panting quietly, his mouth drying in his nervousness of the intruder. He watched as Liam hopped over to the mysterious man. He placed his tail in the man’s upper lip, pulling it up to see his teeth, they were straight. Repunzniall drops his guitar, flings his closet open and pushed the man inside, keeping it shut with a chair.
            “Okay, okay… Okay, I’ve got a person in my closet,” Repunzniall panted, a small smile forming, “I’ve got a person in my closet,” Then he laughed, “I’ve got a person in my closet! Too weak to handle myself out there huh? Well, tell that to my guitar,” Repunzniall then tripped over his hair, falling face to face with the satchel and crown.
            Repunzniall picked up the crown trying it as a bracelet and a magnifying glass before placing it on his head, his eyes brightening when he saw himself in the mirror. He looked to Liam for approval, but the chameleon disapproved it, thinking putting something on ones head didn’t make any sense.
            “Repunzniall!” He heard his mother call out from down below, having left that morning, uncharacteristically coming back. His eyes widened and panicked slightly, “Let down your hair!” she called in a singsong voice.
            “Just one minute mother!” Repunzniall called after her, grabbing the satchel and crown hiding it in a pot before moving to the window to throw his hair over as his mother called out again.
            “I have a surprise for you!” Gothel yelled as she situated herself on Repunzniall’s hair.
            “I do too!” Repunzniall responded chuckling nervously.
            “I bet my surprise is bigger!” his mother responded.
            “I seriously doubt it,” Repunzniall muttered under his breath as his mother climbed through the window.
            “I brought back potatoes. I’m going to make mashed potatoes for dinner, your favorite! Surprise!” Gothel called excitedly from the kitchen.
            “Well… Mother, there’s something I want to tell you,” Repunzniall said nervously.
            “Oh Repunzniall, you know I hate leaving you after a fight especially when I’ve done absolutely nothing wrong!” Gothel exclaimed.
            “Okay, I’ve been thinking a lot about what you’ve said earlier and-,” Repunzniall was interrupted by his mother again.
            “I hope you’re not still talking about the stars,” She growled.
            “’Floating lights’, and yes, I’m leading up to that, and-“
            “Because I really that we dropped the issue, sweetheart.”
            “No. Mother. I’m just saying, you think I’m not strong enough to handle myself out there-.”
            “Oh darling, I know you’re not strong enough to handle yourself out there.”
            “But if you just-.”
            “Repunzniall, we’re done talking about this.”
            “Trust me!”
            “I know what I’m saying!”
            “OH come on!” Repunzniall growled, his deeper voice coming out.
            “Enough with the lights Repunzniall! You are not leaving this tower! Ever!” Gothel yelled at him. Repunzniall had just about removed the chair from the doors of the closet, but stopped himself. His heart fell, bright blue eyes dull once again, and they dropped to the floor.
            “Great. Now I’m the bad guy,” Mother Gothel groaned.
            “All… All I was going to say, mother, is that. I know what I want for my birthday now,” Repunzniall murmured.
            “And what is that?” She asked exasperatedly.
            “I was wondering if I could have new music and paints from that tiny town you went to?” Repunzniall asked sheepishly.
            “Well, that is a very long trip Repunzniall. Almost three days time.”
            “I just… I thought it was a better idea than… the stars.”
            “You’re sure you’ll be all right on your own?”
            “I know I’m safe as long as I’m here,” Repunzniall nodded slowly looking up at Gothel smiling weakly. The woman nodded and pecked Repunzniall’s forehead.
            “I’ll be back in three days time. I love you very much dear.”
            “I love you more,” Repunzniall murmured, trying to get over the small dream he’d had about leaving.
            “I love you most,” She whispered as Repunzniall helped his mother out of the tower with the use of his hair, bringing it back in.
            Repunzniall sighed sadly, turning around slowly, his eyes widening when his blue orbs landed on the closet. He smiled brightly and jumped up running towards the closet opening it, moving out of the way as the man fell out. He dragged him into a chair and wrapped and wrapped him in his hair so he wouldn’t fall out.
            Niall climbed up standing up on a banister in the shadows. He motions for Liam to wake up the man. Liam sighed and touched him, flicked him with his tail, and finally stuck his tongue in the man’s ear, and hid.

            I shook awake, looking around, and looked down. I touched the thing that was wrapped around me with my hands that were bound. My eyebrows furrowed at the familiar feeling.
            “Is this… Hair?”
            “Struggling is pointless!” I heard someone cry from above. My eyes followed the hair, or what I thought was hair, but was too long to seem like real hair. Soon the hair ended on a figure standing in the rafters.
            “I know why you’re here! And I’m not afraid of you!” I heard him yell.
            “What?” I was confused, my eyes darting around, going back up to the hidden figure. Suddenly the creature moved into view, a girl-no boy showed themselves, dressed in a long dress, covering his shoulders, his hair was golden, the object that was wrapped around him, and he held a guitar menacingly in his hands.
            “Who are you? And how. Did you find me?” Repunzniall growled out, obviously shaking nervously.
            I knew how to calm him down, the way I usually calmed women down, but obviously he was raised to act like one, so one should assume it would work. “I know not who you are, nor how I came to find you, but may I just say…” I turned on a charming smile, cocking up my perfect eyebrow, and flicked my black curls, “Hi, how ya doin’? The name’s Harry Styles. How’s your day goin’?” I received a disgusted and confused look from the boy. Maybe he wasn’t as girly as I thought.
            “Who else knows my location, Harry Styles?” He asked, putting a hand on his hip, trying to be menacing.
            “All right, blondie-,” I was interrupted.
            “Repunzniall,” He responded with a snap.
            “Gesundheit. Here’s the deal. I was in a situation, gallivanting through the forest. I came across your tower and- Oh… Oh no. Where is my satchel?” I panicked my eyes and head darting everywhere he could think of.
            “I’ve hidden it, somewhere you’ll never find it,” He sneered at me.
            I looked around, eyeing a pot. “It’s in that pot.. Isn’t it?” And it was dark again.

            I woke up again, my eyes darting around, seeing that little lizard creature thing with its tongue in his ear yet again. I regret to inform you, I screamed trying to get the creature off of my shoulder.
            “Would you stop that!” I yelled at the creature.
            “Now it’s hidden where you’ll never find it,” Repunzniall appeared, guitar in hand, “So what do you want with my hair? To cut it?” He accused me.
            My brows furrowed in confusion that I expressed with a wonderful, “What?”
            “Sell it?” He continued.
            “No! Listen, the only thing I want to do with your hair is to get our of it! Literally!” I exclaimed struggling against the hair.
            “Wait. You don’t want my hair?” Repunzniall questioned setting the guitar down.
            “Why on earth would I want your hair? Look, I was being chased, I saw a tower, I climbed it. End of story,” I shrugged, hoping that would get me out of this hairy business.
            “You’re… Telling the truth?” Repunzniall responded surprised.
            “Yes,” I said exasperatedly. Repunzniall moved around thoughtfully, slinging his guitar over his shoulder making thought full gestures with his hands and face.
            “I know! I need someone to take me!” Repunzniall exclaimed to the chameleon Liam, who gestured towards me.
            “I think he’s telling the truth too,” Repunzniall whispered to Liam who continuously gestured towards me.
            “He doesn’t have fangs, but what choice do I have?” Repunzniall sighed at Liam both of them glancing to me again, my struggling stopped momentarily when I felt eyes on me.
            “Okay, Harry Styles, I’m prepared to offer you a deal,” Repunzniall said vaguely.
            “Deal?” I questioned.
            “Look this way,” Repunzniall darted up on top of the fireplace, removing the currants to show the painting he had done of himself, looking at the floating lights, “Do you know what these are?”
            “You mean the lantern thing they do for the Prince?” I inquired, cocking up a brown eyebrow curiously.
            “Lanterns… I knew they weren’t stars,” Repunzniall murmured thoughtfully, “Well, tomorrow evening they will light the night sky with these… Lanterns. You will act as my guide, take me to these lanterns, and return me home safely. Then, and only then, will I return your precious satchel to you. That is my deal,” He said demandingly.
            “Yeah… No can do. Unfortunately, the kingdom and I aren’t exactly pleased with one another. So I won’t be taking you anywhere,” I shrugged apologetically. Honestly there was nothing more I would like to do than to take him to see some bloody lanterns float in the air, I would take anyone that was locked in a tower as long as he’d obviously been anywhere they wished.
            “Something brought you here, Harry Styles. Call it what you will: fate, destiny…” He trailed off.
            “A horse,” I grumbled.
            “So I have made the decision to trust you,” He decided.
            “A horrible decision really,” I replied not wanting to get this poor boy in trouble with my own shenanigans.
            “But believe me when I tell you this,” Repunzniall stomped towards me, placing his hands on either side of my head glaring at him, “You can tear this tower apart brick by fucking brick, but with out my help, you will never… EVER… find your satchel,” He warned me. I was about to protest, but his bright blue eyes bore into me, and I knew I had lost the battle.
            “So let me get this straight. I take you to see the lanterns, bring you back home, and you’ll give me my satchel back?” I questioned, making sure I got him right, already giving in.
            “I promise,” He whispered sternly, his eyes never faltering their gaze from mine, “And when I promise something, I never… ever… break that promise. Ever.”
            I sighed, wanting, needing to try to get out of his clutches, I can’t get him in trouble, I already have enough shit to deal with, I don’t need some curious boy following me around like a lost puppy.
            “Alright… I didn’t want to do this, but you leave me no choice… Here comes… The smolder,” I whispered, and flipped my hair, waggling my eyebrows, creating the perfect smirk. He just stared at me, and after a moment, cocked an eyebrow up at me expectantly, “This is…. Kind of an off day for me. This doesn’t normally happen. Fine…. I’ll take you to see the lanterns,” I grumbled, dropping my head down in defeat.
            “Really!” He pulled away from me and danced and jumped around excitedly.

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