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Princes and Their Courtesans


Louis moved quickly bursting through Harry’s office door, falling to the ground softly. He pulled himself up off the ground and slammed the door shut behind him gasping for air, his state of dress in complete disarray.
            “What the hell happened to you?” Harry gasped jumping up from his seat behind his desk.
            Louis staggered away from the door towards Harry as the younger male came towards him. Harry pulled Louis into a tight embrace. The older, but smaller man shoot in Harry’s arms, his face buried in the crook of his neck. Louis’ arms were wrapped around Harry’s torso. The Prince had one arm around Louis’ waist to hold him up, and his other around Louis’ shoulder, petting his hair soothingly.
            “Lou… What happened?” Harry whispered, running his fingers through Louis’ unruly hair, trying to tame it, “It looks like you’ve been bedded,” Harry murmured jokingly.
            Louis stiffened in Harry’s arms, his face creating a fearful expression. He looked up at the Prince pulling away, hugging himself, looking away from Harry ashamed. Harry’s face fell when he saw the look, unable to comprehend what could have made Louis make such a face. Harry turned red with anger and moved towards Louis, gripping his shoulder and his chin making the short man look at him.
            “Louis… What happened?” Harry growled, his nose almost pressing against Louis’.
            “I… He came in… I thought he was… You… Oh Hazza!” Louis cried out, collapsing into Harry’s chest becoming a balling mess.
            Harry brought Louis’ face out of his chest, wiping the tears from his cheeks, streaming out of Louis’ eyes. He kissed the top of the man’s head, trying to sooth him. Harry held Louis in his arms, running his fingers through his hair until he was calm enough to speak again.
            “Lou… You need to stop squeaking, I can’t understand you,” Harry murmured setting Louis down in the couch, sitting next to him, continuing to hold him.
            “I was in the library, doing my thing, and then this man comes in, who I think is the king, and he asks where you are, and then makes me follow him. I thought we were going to your office! He led me into a bedroom, locking the door, and told me he wasn’t the king! I got away as fast as I could Harry! I was so scared! I thought it was happening all over again, Haz!” Louis cried out I the crook of Harry’s neck.
            “How did you mistake the man for my grandfather?” Harry asked gently, becoming quite curious.
            “He was dressed so regally! I don’t know! I don’t encounter royalty except you and Niall,” Louis exclaimed looking up at Harry, his blue eyes wide with confusion.
            Louis jumped when there was a light rapping at the door. Harry slowly stood up with Louis. The older man ran to the corner of the room, his spot when other people that were above him were in the room. The young Prince went to the door opening it smiling slightly when he saw a slightly shorter brown haired boy on the other side.
            “Come on in Justin, are you here for the ball?” Harry asked, shutting the door behind him.
            “Yeah, though I will not be participating with the women,” the boy said with a German accent, chuckling; setting himself down on the couch, having yet to notice Louis, standing curiously in the corner.
            “Oh? And why is that?” Harry questioned, sitting on the couch opposite from Justin.
            “I have a fiancé, we are to wed in the year coming,” Justin said brightly.
            “That’s great Justin! You’re getting the crown before Zayn or me!” Harry chuckled.
            “I thought you were with that older woman from Wales?” Justin questioned, his sleek brown eyebrows furrowing in confusion.
            “No, no, she was too old for me, and I have lost my interest in women at the moment,” Harry chuckled, looking over to Louis with a knowing smirk.
            “Ah… I see. Who is this?” Justin questioned slowly standing up, whipping the imaginary dust off of his trousers.
            “This is… Louis come over here,” Harry motioned towards Louis, standing up as well. The courtesan gingerly made his way over to Harry’s side, extending his hand to shake. Harry motioned for Louis to introduce himself.
            “I’m Louis William Tomlinson of Doncaster,” Louis told the German boy, slowly, nervously, “Erm… Harry’s courtesan.”
            Justin shook Louis’ hand, “I am Prince Justin Drew Bieber of Germany,” the Prince replied, pulling Louis’ hand to his lips lightly before pulling away.
            “Harold, have you seen my father? He had drifted away from me on my journey to your office,” Justin inquired looking around.
            “No… I… haven’t,” Harry murmured his green eyes widening a bit.
            There was a much louder rapping at the door, startling Louis a bit, who was still very shaken up from the drama that had happened only moments ago. Harry motioned for Louis to get the door, which the small mad scurried to do, opening it and became stuck next to the door as he stared up at the man.
            A man dressed in a very regal fashion, a fashion expressing that he was defiantly king of something. It took Harry a moment to understand what had caused Louis to freeze, why the man eyed Louis so wantonly, and why Louis was still unable to close the door.
            “Oh… Father, there  you are! Where did you leave off to?” Justin asked in his slightly broken English.
            “I was just… Exploring Harold’s book collection,” The King chuckled menacingly.
            Harry moved towards Louis, shutting the door for him, bringing him out of his trance. Louis looked up at Harry, his blue eyes wide with fright, darting to the king to tell Harry that this was the man that had almost bedded Louis, without Harry, or Louis’ permission.
            “King Jeremy, I understand you tried to bed my courtesan? What made you think that I allowed you to even attempt such a thing?” Harry asked, his low voice, at their lowest, showing that he was dangerous, that he was past anger.
            “Prince Harold, I was under the impression that I was able to claim him since you had not, and he would be mine, correct?” The King retorted cocking a brown brow at Harry, a sneer planted on his older face.
             “He was given to me for exchange of land, I have not consummated our contract, no. If you had succeeded in your bedding, you would have been treading on the Prince Niall of Ireland’s property, and you do not want to mess with a power such as Ireland,” Harry warned , “Despite England and Ireland’s feuds, we will ally them when it benefits us.”
            “Father is what Harold saying true? Did you try to bed Courtesan Louis Tomlinson of Doncaster?” Justin asked, his hazel eyes widening innocently with confusion, he had never seen a dark side of his father. He turned to look at Louis, asking for confirmation on Harry’s accusation.
            Louis stared down at his feet, before glancing up at the young Prince nodding his head slowly and again stared down at his feet. Harry sighed, and placed his hand on Louis’ lower back, leading him to his corner again, whispering soothing words to him before moving back to the royal dispute that was occurring in German, making them sound angrier.
            “King Jeremy, you are banned from this section of the palace, all guards have been informed of this, you will stay in the guest quarters of the palace, as will your son. I apologize Justin, I cannot allow your family in my section of the palace,” Harry sighed, opening the doors of his office, guards standing, waiting to escort the German nobles to their quarters.
            “I understand your reasoning Harold, I hope we can speak civilly, or even as friends, at the ball in the upcoming month,” Justin replied, bowing to Harry before leading the way out.
            “Prince Harold, I suggest you claim him before someone else does, or before King Niall comes to claim him back,” the King growled, bowing half-heartily, spinning on his heel leaving. The doors to Harry’s office slamming shut.
            “Louis… How are you feeling about me?” Harry asked softly, turning around looking up at Louis, from under his mess of curls.
            “What do you… Oh… OH! Um… Harry, you know I… I adore you. Of course I’m okay with what we need to do,” Louis stuttered, smiling at Harry lovingly, “And if we’re going to be honest here… Harry… I’ve been waiting for you to want this for a while. “ Louis walked towards Harry with a sureness that Harry never knew the older man possessed.
            Harry shivered watching Louis walk towards him. “Lou… You should have told me sooner, I would have acted the way you have wished me to,” Harry whispered huskily at Louis.
            They were now nose to nose, each waiting for the other to move. At the same moment their lips crashed together moving needily. There had been so much sexual tension, sexual frustration from both boys that it was a need needing to be released. Harry  pulled away to look at Louis, suddenly a thought occurring to his mind about something Louis had said earlier.
            “Louis… what do you mean when you said you thought it was happening all over again? Has this happened to you before Lou?” Harry asked concerned, sitting Louis down on the couch, sitting next to him.
            Louis stared down, furrowing his eyebrows, biting his lip, turning to look away from Harry. “I don’t want to talk about it right now Haz.”
            “Haz? Never mind. Louis, I can’t feel comfortable with going further with you, if something bad happened to you that involves a certain act we’ll need to do,” Harry whispered, placing his hand gently on Louis’ cheek, turning his face so that Louis would look at him.
            “Harry, I don’t want to talk about it, okay?” Louis begged quietly, looking up at Harry with a pathetic look.
            “Then… We should go to bed, it is late, and you had a tough day,” Harry murmured, helping Louis to his feet, leading him through another door in his office that led to the bedroom.
            Louis and Harry stripped down as per usual and slipped into the bed, their limbs tangling together. Their lips met once again, kissing in a gentle manner. They were unsure of each other at this point, unsure if they wanted to go further, unsure if stories wanted to be told.
            “When I was with Niall… Remember how I told you Niall only started having sex with me because people were coming on to me?” Louis whispered, Harry only nodded, “Well, Niall’s brother saw that I was just wandering around, following Niall around like a lost puppy waiting for something to happen between us.
            When he noticed that Niall wouldn’t touch me at all, he decided he’d make his move. He started out with just kissing me, but… He began touching my bum first, just brushing it when we passed each other, or when we kissed. Then, he pulled me in closets or small rooms, palming me… and more,” At this thought Louis stopped, his face flushed, “I felt ashamed that I was allowing someone that wasn’t Niall touch me like that so… I told him… I told him what his brother did, and his brother was exiled from the country.”
            Louis stared down at the bed, furrowing his eyebrows, glaring at the mattress. Harry sighed softly, cupping Louis’ cheeks in his hands making the man look up at him, and smiled slightly. Slowly, Louis’ face returned to it’s normal happy, pleased self.
            “Tonight Harry, I want you tonight,” Louis whispered, leaning in to press his lips against Harry’s.
            Harry quickly kissed Louis, his hormones taking over his mind for the first time in a long time. He pushed Louis down flat on the bed, straddling over him, kissing him back needily. Louis grabbed Harry’s hips pulling him down so that their semi erections grounded into each other. Louis and Harry let out simultaneous moans, their lips clashing together again.
            Louis pulled away and began to kiss down Harry’s neck, his hands moving up to Harry’s head, tugging on his curls lightly eliciting a moan from Harry. Louis kissed down Harry’s chest, sucking on the easily perking nipples, a small chuckle leaving the older man’s mouth.
            “What’s so funny?” Harry panted out, looking down at Louis, who smirked up at him.
            “You have four nipples… Why didn’t I notice them before?” Louis chuckled some more, sucking on the little nubs, more whimpers escaping Harry’s mouth.
            “Because up until now, I’ve been hiding them successfully,” Harry murmured, dropping his head again, a low moan escaping his lips, his curls falling out of their normally slicked back place.
            “But they’re so cute,” Louis complimented, his lips sucking on Harry’s hip bone, moving up the boy’s belly, his tongue dipping into his navel.
            “Bullocks,” Harry murmured.
            “No,” Louis denied.
            Louis’ lips traveled down Harry’s happy trail, his tongue slicking the curly hairs down slightly. Harry couldn’t help but release a loud and low moan, he moved down slightly, his elbows holding him up, his own fingers digging into his hair, and hid his face in the mattress. Louis’ hands gently brushed up and down Harry’s under thighs and bum. His lips avoided Harry’s ache, his lips brushing over the top of Harry’s thighs, leaving small marks.


            “Please! Please Louis! Please,” Harry chocked out bucking slightly.
            “What is it Hazza? What do you want?” Louis asked softly, his breath ghosting across Harry’s erection.
            Harry whimpered, whining, and ground down towards Louis, Louis allowing his lips to brush Harry’s ache. The Prince let out a chocked moan, tugging at his hair, slowly coming undone just by Louis’ small touches. Louis smirked happily and licked the underside lightly.
            “Is that what you want Harry?” Louis whispered, his lips brushing over Harry’s head as he spoke.
            “Y-yeah,” Harry gasped out, gently pushing against Louis’ lips.
            Louis smirked slightly, and wrapped his lips around the head, his finger’s digging into Harry’s thighs slightly, causing the younger boy to buck into the boy’s mouth. Louis took all of Harry when Harry bucked into him, moving his head to meet Harry’s desperate bucks.
            Louis wrapped his tongue around the base of Harry’s member, sucking on it harshly. Low moans letting loose from Harry, moving with Louis’ lips, amazed by the country boy’s talent. He never thought Louis would be able to do this much with his mouth with out being properly trained. It only took Louis another hard sucks, and vibrations for Harry to climax in his mouth, which had surprised the Prince.
            Louis pulled his lips away slowly, wanting it to last for Harry. When the younger male turned his head more to look at Louis, Louis looked up from under Harry and smirked as he swallowed. Harry groaned quietly watching Louis come towards him, pecking each other on the lips softly.


            They kissed each other softly for a bit before Louis pulled away when there was a knock at the bedroom door. Harry sighed softly and moved to sit up.
            “Harry, I’ll get it,” Louis whispered, kissing Harry again, slipping out from under him and slowly walked to the door, opening it a crack, his eyes widening, “Hello Niall.”
            “Louis… I’ve missed you,” He whispered, looking at Louis with soft adoring eyes.

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