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Cinderniall Part 2

Cinderniall stared down at his clothes, torn and falling to pieces as he stood there. His blue eyes widening and darted out to the side of the house, collapsing on a bench sobbing. His entire body shaking with horror at the lost of an almost dream come true. Cinderniall sighed softly, slowly calming down as he felt someone brushing his hair with their hand gently.
            “Why are you crying?” a feminine voice asked.
            Cinderniall jumped back, standing up, tripping over his feet to fall onto the ground. “Who are you?” Cinderniall stuttered. He studied the male in front of him dressed in some poufy sparkly trousers and shirt combination, and his slick black hair was as it if was staked up on top of his head.
            “I’m your fairy god mother…erm… Father,” the male said slowly standing up, “Now, why were you crying?”
            “I… I wasn’t crying,” Niall grumbled, crossing his arms.
            “Okay… Why were you balling your eyes out?” The fair god mother-father rolled his eyes, sticking his hip out slightly, placing his hand on his hip.
            “I wasn’t…. Well, if you really want to know… I-,” Niall was interrupted by the man.
            “Hey! Isn’t there a ball tonight? Why aren’t you there?” He asked shifting his hip again.
            “I was just about to get-,” and interrupted again.
            “You know what! I think you should go to that ball and hook up with the Prince… OH but of course you have to dress as a woman for that, which I bet you wouldn’t mind,” The fair god mother-father chuckled whipping out a wand.
            “Hey! Wait! You can’t just dress me like a woman!” Niall called out.
            The man didn’t listen and waved his wand back and forth before tapping Niall’s head, fairy dust flying around Niall, doing his hair into small compacted curls, a sparkling tiara atop his head. A large blue dress spreading out around him, and his height grew as glass slippers were placed on his feet.
            “You look better than any woman I’ve ever seen,” the fairy complimented.
            “Oi! What the hell! I told you I didn’t want… The Prince,” It finally clicked for him, the reason he’d be dressed like this, “He… Thank you! Oh thank you so much! But… I can’t… I can’t go there, I don’t have anyway to get to the palace.”
            “Oh, well, of course there is a way to fix that,” The fairy chuckled twirling his wand around, creating a squash into a carriage, all the mice into horses, the horse into a driver, and the poor dog Paul into a door man.
            “There you go Cinderniall! A carriage fit for a Queen, now go! You have until one in the morning! Bye bye!” The fair god mother-father cheered, pushing Niall into the carriage, hitting Harry the horse’s flank causing the horses to speed towards the castle.
            The carriage pulled to a stop, the door opening, Cinderniall flying out, holding the dress up as he rushed through the doors. He soon slowed down as he looked around the palace, awed by the architecture and the magnificence of the palace. He wandered into the ballroom, not noticing his stepsisters being called up to the meet the Prince.
            The Prince was about to say a Princely hello to the horrid looking women, when he saw the slowly spinning in wonder Cinderniall. He felt refreshed by the sight of a woman, so taken with the building, not with him. The Prince gently moved past the ugly sisters and quickly towards the intriguing girl.
            Cinderniall felt a tap on his shoulder and slowly turned around, his blue eyes widening when he saw the Prince. He was able to make a small, flushed, smile, bowing to him gingerly. The Prince reciprocated, taking Cinderniall’s hand in his own, kissing it softly.
            “Who are you?” The Prince questioned and slowly stood up.
            “I’m Cinderniall.. Erm… but please call me Niall,” Niall whispered, trying to make sure his voice didn’t give away his gender.
            “Niall,” The Prince chuckled, “May I have this dance?” The Prince took Niall’s hand gently.
            “Of… Of course Prince,” Niall stuttered, dropping a hand daintily on the male’s shoulder. The Prince placed his free hand on Niall’s waist, and slowly began to do a slow waltz.
            “Please… Call me Liam,” The Prince whispered and slowly danced with Niall in the middle of the ballroom.
            “Okay… Liam,” Niall whispered, a small flush covering his cheeks.
            They danced, girls, mothers, and men whispered, wondering who this surprise woman was, where she reined from. Blue eyes darted up every once in a while to make sure this wasn’t a dream as the eyes met light brown. Slowly Liam danced them, spinning them, to outside the ballroom, the dance slowing down.
            “Would you like to go to the garden?” Liam whispered, his hand moving from Niall’s hip to cup his cheek. Niall let out a slow shaky breath and nodded, a small smile forming.
            Liam chuckled, and slowly led Niall through the labyrinth of hallways until they were outside in the crisp moon light air. Liam smiled down at Niall, who reciprocated the look as they walked into a gazebo, slowly sitting down, holding each other’s hands.
            “Why haven’t I ever seen you before? I mean… If I were your father, I’d be hiding you too. You’re too beautiful to be let out in the world, you could get hurt,” Liam chuckled, his hand cupping Niall’s cheek, turning Niall to make him look up at him.
            “I… Uh… Thank you Liam… I should-,” Niall’s eyebrows furrowed slightly and glanced up at Liam who had interrupted him.
            “Niall… May I kiss you?” Liam whispered, smiling shyly.
            Niall’s eyes widened slightly and looked up at Liam, a small smile gracing his features, “Of course Liam.”
            Liam cupped Niall’s face with both hands, slowly pulling him in. Their lips touched, and sparked a need from both of them. A want they both knew they had, but were never able to act on until this moment. Niall’s arms wrapped around Liam’s neck, pulling him closer, their chest pressing together slightly. Liam’s hand dropped down to Niall’s waist, the other to his thigh.
            Niall whimpered, his hands tangling in Liam’s hair. The Prince nipped at his lips, Niall opening his mouth for Liam, shivering at the feeling of the male’s tongue exploring his mouth, but soon they battled for dominance, Niall’s hand moving to the back of Liam’s neck pulling him into a deeper more passionate kiss.
            Liam’s hand gripped Niall’s dress pulling the dress up to Niall’s knee, his hand snaking under the dress, slowly moving up Niall’s thigh. Niall moaned quietly in response, his head falling to the crook of Liam’s neck. Liam began to kiss down Niall’s jaw line, down his neck.
            “Liam…. Liam… I have to tell you something,” Niall panted out.
            “I know… You’re a boy… I know, it’s alright,” Liam whispered, his teeth nipping at Niall’s collarbone.
            “You… do? It… it is?” Niall panted out, arching into Liam, his hands playing with the hairs on Liam’s neck, his head falling back as Liam sucked on his neck.
            “Your voice is low, your shadow is showing up, no breasts, and you have an Adam’s apple, not a great disguise. Your fairy god mother obviously didn’t want to hide these facts,” Liam murmured, “And of course it is, I’ve only ever been attracted to males.”
            Niall sighed in relief and continued to let Liam kiss and suck his upper torso. He moaned out when he felt Liam’s hand brush his slowly growing erection. Liam pressed his lips to a spot behind Niall’s ear, sucking on it gently, his hand gripping Niall’s erection palming him slowly.
            “Liam,” Niall whimpered, bucking up into Liam’s hand, “Oh god… Liam, I’ve dreamed of this,” Niall whispered, his fingers digging into Liam’s uniform, arching, his chest flush against Liam’s chest.
            Liam chuckled softly, and kissed Niall again laying him down on the bench, hovering over him, pressing his hips against Niall’s. He sighed softly in Niall’s ear, sucking on the spot behind his ear and ground down into Niall. Niall groaned arching off the bench, bucking up into Liam, a leg slung around Liam’s waist, Liam still holding onto the leg. Niall moaned out loudly as he felt Liam’s finger’s pushing up against his hole. They both jumped when the clock clanged loudly, announcing it was the hour after midnight.
            “It’s… It’s one in the morning,” Niall panted out.
            “So?” Liam murmured, continuing to suck on Niall’s neck, and grinding down on him.
            “I… I have to go, I’m sorry, I… I’m sorry,” Niall moaned out, pushing Liam up and quickly fled from him running through the palace, out side. He tripped his heel falling off as he ran down the step. He turned to pick it up, but Liam was running straight out the large doors, calling for Niall.
            Niall gasped out and jumped into his carriage forgetting his shoe and the carriage rushed away. It was halfway to the chateau when large horses coming after came into view. Harry and Louis sped up, causing the other horses to speed up as well, them all feeling the magic slipping away from them. Everything broke down, falling apart.
            Niall was left on the side of the rode with six mice, a dog, a horse, a broken squash, and his raggedy clothes and hair. He picked up the mice and slowly walked the rest of the way to the chateau, making his way up to his tower, undressing and slipping into his bed, falling asleep tired from all of his excitement.

            Niall woke up to the sheepish tweeting of the birds. He sighed and smiled at the animals, his eyes now very dull, he had become aware that he would never see Liam again. He dressed himself in his usual rags and went down stairs for his usual chores.  
            He moved up the stairs back to the main floor seeing a flurry of movement from each woman in the house. Niall moved in circles, his eyebrows furrowing in confusion, wondering why they were dressed so regally.
            “What… What is going on?” Niall asked breathlessly.
            “A herald is coming from the palace! They are trying to find the woman the prince as with last night!” Scotia screamed as she ran towards the door.
            Niall’s eyes brightened and laughed. The women stopped moving and stared at Niall, wondering what had caused the laughter. They had never heard such a noise leave his mouth before. Niall continued his sweeping sighing happily. The stepmother glanced at Niall curiously before moving to the door opening it allowing the herald inside.
            “I have a heel that was left last night, and I am told that I must fit it on every one in the house, even if they appear male,” The herald spoke confidently.
            The woman nodded, her daughters sitting down and glared over at Niall who was dancing slowly as he swept the floor. The man placed the shoe on Scotia’s feet, or at least tried, but the foot was far too wide to fit into the shoe. Scotia screamed angrily and the man moved onto Shawna trying to get the shoe on, but her feet were too small to fill the shoe the way it should be filled. He didn’t bother with the stepmother, knowing the woman wasn’t old, and spotted a humming Niall.
            “You… would you try?” The man asked as he came up to Niall, an assistant holding the shoe. Niall felt his heart pound, and set the broom down nodding his head.
            “I… sure… Of course,” Niall murmured as he was led to the chair.
            Niall sat down, slowly slipping his shoe off. The assistant quickly rushed over, tripping over the foot Niall’s stepmother put out for him to trip over. The man fell, the heel flying in the air, crashing to the floor and broke to pieces. The herald groaned and fell to the floor having given up on the search.
            “Don’t worry, sir, I have the other heel, right here,” Niall said softly, pulling out the heel out of his apron handing it to the man who had pulled himself up from the floor, his eyes shining.
            “May I?” He questioned. Niall nodded his head slowly and slipped off his shoe, helping the man put the heel onto his foot.
            “What! But Cinderniall’s a boy! He can’t marry the Prince!” Scotia screeched out.
            The man looked at Niall standing up, cocking an eyebrow at him. Niall slipped on his shoes and stood up as well, heel in hand, and let out a giggle. He shook his head at the pathetic cries of the women of the house.
            “I have no idea what they’re talking about, if I was really a male, why would I dress as a woman, that’s so ridicules,” Niall giggled.
            The herald told the assistant to go to the carriage. The assistant came back with the Prince in tow. The Prince’s eyes brightened when he saw Niall. The girls fawned and sighed when they saw the Prince, their woes forgotten momentarily.
            “Liam,” Niall whispered adoringly, slowly moving towards the Prince.
            “Niall,” Liam said moving to Niall quickly, picking him up and spun him around, kissing his cheeks.
            “No! You can’t marry him! He’s a maid, and a male at that!” The cruel stepmother screamed.
            Liam eyed her and took Niall’s hand slowly leading him towards the door. “Madam, I have no idea what you are talking about, I know for a fact that Cinderniall is a woman, probably more than the three of you put together,” Liam spat and took Niall outside of the chateau that had become a prison all those years ago.
            Niall smiled up at Liam brightly, pulling him into a kiss. Liam wrapped his arms around Niall’s waist, kissing him back lovingly. They stood outside of the carriage, just kissing each other, soon they got into the carriage, just looking at each other. They exited the carriage only an hour later the King standing there excitedly. Niall shyly introduced himself, explaining his rags and what had happened to him the previous night.
            Within a month the two were married and off on their honeymoon. Niall never saw his stepfamily again. And he helped Liam ruled the kingdom. Liam’s father died months after their marriage, which had been a relief since they were unable to conceive children. After years of “trying” the royal counsel let them adopt, and adopt they did. They changed the rules of marriage forever, towards the end of their rule, telling the people they were both male. They died in each other’s arms, having lived Happily Ever After.

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