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Cinderniall Part 1

Once upon a time, in a far away land, there was a small kingdom. It was a prosperous kingdom, rich in romance and tradition. Here in a stately chateau there lived a widowed gentleman and his young son, Cinderniall. Although he was a kind and devoted father, and gave every luxury he could to his son. Still, he felt that he needed a mother’s care. And so he married again, to a woman from a well off family, and two daughters just Cinderniall’s age, by name, Shawna and Scotia.
            It was upon the untimely death upon this man however, that the stepmother’s true nature was revealed. Cold, cruel, and bitterly jealous of Cinderniall’s charm and beauty, she was grimly determined to forward the entries of her two awkward daughters.
            Thus as time went by chateau went into disrepair, for the family fortune was squandered upon the vain and selfish sisters. While Cinderniall was abused, humiliated, and finally forced to become a servant in his own house. And yet, through it all, Cinderniall remained gentle and kind, for with each dawn he found new hope that someday that the dreams of happiness would come true.
            The birds chirped, coming in through the window, bouncing around on poor Niall trying to wake the boy up. Niall growled loudly turning around to throw the birds off. The birds chirped at him angrily. Niall darted up glaring at the blue birds, unsure as to why they thought it’d be a good idea to wake him up.
            “No I’m going to tell you my dream!” Niall reprimanded at the chirping birds, “If I do, it won’t ever come true!” The other reason Niall wouldn’t ever tell the animals his dreams was because they were also very inappropriate. They made him sweaty and moan wantonly in his sleep. He would never tell anyone he had an inappropriate imagination for the Prince of the small kingdom.
            Groggily Niall got up and dressed himself, wearing raggedy shirt, pants with holes, and shoes that had been sown back together multiple times, humming himself a tune he had heard a troubadour singing on the streets when he had to do his monthly shopping for his horrid family. He was about to leave when the mouse started squeaking at him.
            “There’s a new mouse, Harry?” Niall said curiously, smiling slightly, “Well, then she’ll need-“ There was a loud squeak in protest and Niall laughed, “Well, in that case, he’ll need a shirt, shoes-“ Niall was interrupted again by another loud squeak, “In a trap! Oh gosh!”
            Niall ran out to the trap that was by his door and opened it, watching Harry rush inside to calm the other mouse down. The mouse tried to pick up a fight, but Harry soothed him easily and brought him out, Cinderniall handing him his clothes.
            “I’m Haz-Haz,” Harry said excitedly, bouncing around the now bouncing new mouse.
             “I’m Lou-Lou!” The mouse exclaimed. Harry went on to explain about the evil cat Caroline that roamed the house.
            “Alright now Louis, Harry, I got to go start work now, keep Louis out of trouble alright!?” Niall chuckled and skipped down stairs.
            Cinderniall slipped down stairs, opening the curtains as he went along to wake up his stepsisters, stepmother, and evil cat.
            “I’m sorry if your highness objects to an early breakfast, it wasn’t my idea,” Niall grumbled at the angry cat.
            Cinderniall went down stairs to the kitchen, waking up the dog Paul, chastising him on his dream about catching Caroline. Niall began to get everything for the girls morning breakfast ready as he tried to think up good things about Caroline for Zayn to like, but he was having the hardest time.
            Cinderniall went outside to the small farm the chateau had and woke up the animals, throwing feed to the chickens and mice, milking the cows, giving them hay. He gave hay to the old horse, and the couple other hay eating animals before moving back into the kitchen.
            When the mice finally escaped the clutches of the cat Caroline, Cinderniall threw out cheese for them. Louis was having a difficult time fending off the chickens, so with a chuckle, Cinderniall helped Louis out by shooing them away, Louis getting as much cheese as was possible for him.
            Cinderniall heard the bells ring and growled angrily grabbing the three breakfast treys to take up to his horribly pseudo family. He poured the tea as quickly as he could, unaware that the cat Caroline, was looking for Louis who had hid under one of the teacups.
            As he went into each room to drop of a plate of food for each female, he got a load of laundry from each of them to do. Right as Cinderniall left his stepmother’s room he heard a high-pitched scream emitting from Shawna’s room. The girl wailed as she ran from her room to her mother’s room.
            Cinderniall tried to leave as fast as he could manage, but a wretched scream of his name was heard from each step family member. He was already in the laundry room at the time of the screeches. They continued up until he opened the door, the daughters’ being shushed by their mother.
            “It seems to me…. You have too much time on your hands Cinderniall,” The woman chastised, her lips curling up evilly.
            “What do you mean?” Niall asked furrowing his auburn brows, an unmatching color to his blonde hair.
            “Shawna found a mouse in her tea cup. Obviously, if you are able to pull pranks such as these, you have too much free time on your hands, so you must work,” The woman growled, her eyes squinting, evil shining brightly through, “The draperies… they need to be cleaned.”
            “But I just washed them!” Niall protested.
            “Then clean them again! All the laundry and mending must be finished, the cleaning, every where, I want to see my reflection in the floors… And give Caroline a bath as well, she is looking quite dreary,” The woman finished her lips curled in a ghoulish way.
            Cinderniall nodded his head and started to make his way to the laundry room when the bell from the door clanged loudly. He turned on his heel and walked down the many flights of stairs, through the various hallways to the door. He opened it revealing a man that was from the castle holding a letter out.
            “The king is having a ball for the Prince’s homecoming, all eligible women are to attend, along with the men of their house, as per usual the men of the houses shall accompany the bachelorettes’ for the protection of purity,” The man announced handing Cinderniall the letter.
            The young boy’s eyes widened in excitement. This is what he’d been dreaming, even if the Prince wasn’t looking for a man, which would be most absurd of course, if he was, but he’d at least be in the same room, be able to talk to him even. He rushed to his stepmother’s room to announce what he had received.
            He was intercepted though by his two step sisters. They saw the letter, ripping it from his calloused hands and ran to their mother’s room. Cinderniall ran after them trying to protest, but was unable to because the woman exclaimed happily from her room.
            Cinderniall ran in and skidded to a stop behind the two girls looking at her, hope in their own eyes. Cinderniall’s giant blue eyes widened, the dullness, emptiness gone, hope and wonder now shining brightly hoping for good news from the cruel woman.
            “Can we go mother?” The squeaky voiced girls questioned excitedly.
            “Of course,” The woman replied standing up.
            “May I go? It says the man of the house… that would be me correct?” Niall asked, trying to put a bit of humor into his inquiry.
            “You’re hardly a man,” Shauna cackled, her sister laughed loudly, “You almost have breasts, and obviously, you have no balls, no manhood. You aren’t a man at all.”
            Cinderniall’s eyes fell to the floor, before they hardened. He moved around the girls going closer to his stepmother. “Please? May I please go?” Niall begged slightly.
            “Of course you can… If you finish all your current chores, help the girls get ready, get the carriage and the mares ready, then… you can go,” the woman agreed, an evil smile.
            Niall’s face brightened, and clapped his hand together. “Oh! Oh thank you! Thank you so much!” Niall chanted as he left the room, moving quickly to start on all his chores.            
            “Mother!” The girls screeched at her, “Why did you say he could go! He’ll ruin everything!”
            “I said he could go IF he finished everything he needs to do,” the woman replied darkly.
            The girls cackled together, “Ohhh, iiif.”

            Cinderniall found spare time in the middle of his day to sneak away to his room and pull out clothes from when his father was alive, and had given him in the time of his death. Cinderniall had just hidden all the clothes he’d received and placed them on the mannequin he had in his room. The mice came up towards him, and Cinderniall tisked.
            “It’s a bit out dated isn’t it? I don’t think the Prince would be impressed with ruffles and a coattail from thirty years ago. Hm… lets see,” Niall murmured pulling out a sowing book, “You think this might be good?” Niall showed the mice a picture of a suit that was up to date in the fashion world.
            Harry and Louis ran up to the picture staring at it, assessing it before looking up at Cinderniall agreeing excitedly. The boy smiled at the animals and set the book down about to get to work, fixing the suit when the bells and calls started screaming at him.
            “That’s alright… Maybe I’ll have time soon,” Niall murmured leaving the room. The mice sighed sadly as Cinderniall left, Louis and Harry got into action telling the other mice why they should tailor the suit for Cinderniall as a surprise. And so they stared on tailoring.

            Cinderniall finished dressing the girls and sighed sadly when his stepfamily met in the hall staring at each other’s state of dress excitedly.
            “Cinderniall, are all your chores finished?” The cruel stepmother questioned.
            “Yes,” Niall murmured, staring down at his run down shoes.
            “Then tell me those are not the clothes you plan on wearing to the ball then.”
            “They’re not… I just… I don’t have clothes,” Niall murmured turning around, “I hope you have an enjoyable time.”
            Cinderniall dejectedly made his way up the tower to his room. He shut the door, jumping in surprise when he saw a completely tailored suit, made ready for the ball. He looked at the mice, Harry and Louis looking proud of themselves, the other mice looking the same. Cinderniall picked the mice up nuzzling them thankfully. Quickly he dressed, putting on his father’s shined dress shoes and rushed downstairs.
            “I can go! Wait! I can go!” Niall chanted as he rushed to the foyer smiling brightly at his stepfamily.
            “Oh good!” The stepmother spat out, “That is a very nice piece of fabric you used for your bowtie, and the lining for your jacket, it seems quite familiar doesn’t it girls?”
            “Hey! That’s mine!” Shauna screamed out, tearing at the bowtie.
            “That’s mine!” Scotia screamed out as well, tearing at Cinderniall’s jacket. This began a flurry of movement from the woman as they tore his clothes.
            “Girls! Girls… Please… We have a ball to attend to,” The cruel stepmother cackled, the girls following behind her out of the chateau.            

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