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Princes and Their Courtesans

Chapter 7

            Zayn sat on a plush couch, Liam standing yards behind him, arms crossed, lips pouting out. Zayn’s mother had already set up a meeting for him, knowing months ago that the woman she had set up with Zayn wouldn’t work out as planned. Now Zayn sat in a large sitting room, Liam not allowed to sit because of his status. He could hear Liam tapping his foot annoyed.
            “Stop it, tapping your foot isn’t going to make this go faster, or make them go away,” Zayn finally snapped, hearing the tapping stopping happily and relaxed, “I want to do this as much as you do.”
             “I apologize… This whole thing makes me very nervous, I don’t like the thought of some girl taking you away from me,” Liam murmured.
            Zayn chuckled, “Liam if you haven’t noticed already, I’m not interested in women, or girls. I’m really only interested in you,” Zayn huffed looking over his shoulder to look at Liam, smiling at him brightly.
            Liam looked away from Zayn glaring at the wall. He heard another chuckle rumble from Zayn, pushing his pout out more. Liam slowly turned his head towards the door, watching it slowly open, and girls their age, some also younger or older, walked through gracefully. All of their faces were covered with garments, Liam had been taught by Zayn what this strange clothing style was.
            Once the door shut, Zayn stood up walking towards the girls, asking them their age. There had been ten woman that had walked into the room, and Zayn sent out seven of them because none of them were Zayn’s age. Then he stepped back, Liam moving to lean against the wall completely uninterested in this little charade.
            “Take off your veils… I don’t care for an ugly face,” Zayn grumbled. Liam’s light brown, hazel, eyes darted to Zayn, glaring at him. The girls did as Zayn had told, knowing that obedience was an important trait.
            Liam’s eyes slowly widened when he spotted a woman he recognized, his fiancé. He pushed himself off the wall, his arms falling to his sides. His fiancé stared at Liam, her own face shocked to see Liam, it was  completely improbable that they would see each other again after Liam had been kidnapped. Zayn saw the woman’s eyes on Liam, and turned to glance at Liam to glare, but he saw his face.
            “Do you know her Liam?” Zayn asked moving towards him, removing his robe, revealing his thin shirt and pants.
            “Y-yeah… That’s my fiancé,” Liam murmured, trying to keep his eyes on Zayn, but it was an utterly impossible feat, unable to keep his eyes off of her. The other two women gasped at the gossip, knowing that they would talk about this forever, since nothing like this ever happened.
            “That’s her? This… is a very… small world,” Zayn murmured turning back towards the woman, “What’s your name?” Zayn demanded, keeping his back to Liam, letting the younger male know that he didn’t want the answer from him.
            “Danielle,” she said still trying to get over the fact that Liam was in the room after so long of being away from him.
            “You two, tell my mother I’m inviting you to the ball, and I don’t want to see you until then,” Zayn commanded sitting down on the couch.
            The girls rushed out of the room.  Danielle slowly made her way forward before they were even out of the room, completely ignoring Zayn. Liam glanced at Zayn once the door was closed, getting the go ahead to go to Danielle. He moved quickly across the room, thankful that he didn’t trip over his feet as he moved, and embraced the curly haired woman tightly.
            Danielle held Liam as close as she could, kissing his jaw softly, kissing him everywhere she could that she could reach with out it getting awkward. Liam had his face buried in her hair kissing the spots he could reach with out pulling out of the embrace even a little bit. Zayn felt very uncomfortable watching this. He didn’t enjoy watching his property being engulfed and squeezed and kissed by someone else.
            Zayn cleared his throat, causing Liam to quickly pull away from the girl, smiling down at her sheepishly. Liam darted down kissing both of her flushed cheeks, and then her lips before pulling completely out of the embrace. He moved backwards, bumping into Zayn, who had walked towards them possessively.
            Liam felt Zayn’s hands gripping his hips a bit harsher than he was used to, but it wasn’t obvious if Danielle look to see. Gently, Zayn moved Liam so they were shoulder to shoulder, trying to show Danielle that Liam was his, and his only.
            Danielle took a few breaths trying to not lash out at the Prince and keep her attention on her fiancé. “Liam… What happened to you?” Danielle asked softly.
            “Well… From what I have begun to remember… I was in an inn  in London, a drabby one, so it had no security, especially at night. So… While I was sleeping someone broke into my room. All the noise of their entrance woke me up, but they knocked me out, and I wasn’t conscious for days.
            When I woke up, I freaked them all out because I was freaking out. They gave me some opium, but after a while I developed an immunity to it. I acted as if they worked though until they dragged me onto the stage… And really… you can infer from there,” Liam told glancing at Zayn, who stared at him blankly.
            “So you’re a whore?” Danielle asked bluntly, becoming slightly disgusted.
            “Yes,” Zayn growled, his eyes darkening at the woman, threatened by her.
            “Courtesan,” Liam glared at Zayn pointedly, “Is the preferred term.”
            “Liam… Why didn’t you fight them back? Or run away from him? Lord knows you’re strong enough, and he doesn’t look too bright either,” Danielle questioned becoming slightly annoyed with the idea that not only was this Prince taking away her fiancé, but also taking away the innocence that she had adored.
            “Danielle! That was rude! You don’t even know him! And obviously it wouldn’t have mattered because the time I would have gotten back home to see you, you would be off marrying some other man!
            I can’t believe you, I go missing one day and that some how allows you to believe that it’s okay to go off with some other man, all because I was pronounced dead!” Liam raised his voice at the girl. He felt Zayn’s hand gripping his bicep. Liam hadn’t noticed that he had slowly been closing in on Danielle.
            Liam pulled out of Zayn’s grip moving around the room, to pace in the back of the room where he had originally been. He had his back to the other two, unable to face Danielle because of her betrayal, and unable to face Zayn because he didn’t want the other to see him in such a crazed state. His hands were in his short curly locks tugging at them, trying to calm down.
            Zayn stared at Danielle for a few moments sifting through all the ideas swirling in his mind. Then gently taking the girl’s arm, he turned their backs to Liam, leading her to the door.
            “I want you to go to the ball only because this needs to be fixed. It’ll kill him if this ends badly. I don’t want Liam worrying himself over you. Since you are obviously not worth the trouble,” Zayn growled opening the door for her.
            She stopped Zayn before he should push her out the door and glared up at him slightly. “Have you taken his innocence yet?” She asked in a very disgusted voice.
            “No… I don’t need to. He’ll give it to me when he’s ready, I’m not going to force it out of him,” Zayn murmured looking away as his tanned skin darkened.
            “So… He’s with you because he’s listening to his… And not his… Well, I hope you feel honored that he’s giving up his life for you, that he’s staying willingly,” Danielle growled, “I’m disgusted with you because you ruined his brightly lit future,” Danielle added flipping her hair as she spun on her heal and walked out the door.
            Zayn sighed in relief once Danielle was out of the room. He shut the door and made his way over to a shaking Liam. Gently he gathered Liam into his arms holding him tightly. Liam fell into Zayn’s chest shaking and sobbing quietly. Zayn buried his face into Liam’s curly brown locks, kissing him softly, trying to calm him down.
            He never wanted to see his boy like this ever again, he hoped that Liam and Danielle would be able to make up properly so that Liam wasn’t hurting any more. Zayn slowly sat down, continuing to hold Liam in his arms, in his lap, and rocked him back and forth, humming soothingly.
            “Zayn,” Liam whispered hoarsely, his red, tear-streaked face, hidden in Zayn’s chest still.
            “Yeah Liam?” Zayn responded, continuing to rock Liam, running his hands through his hair.
            “I like you way more than my fiancé,” Liam murmured looking up at Zayn face, the pathetic look he had on slowly turning up happily into a cheeky smile.
            Zayn laughed and pecked Liam softly on the lips. “I like you way more than any future fiancé I may have,” Zayn replied, helping Liam back up to his feet.
            “There are a few more groups, do you think you can suffer a little longer? Or do you want to go back to my room?” Zayn asked smiling kindly at Liam.
            “I think I can suffer a little bit longer,” Liam chuckled wiping the dried tears off of his face. Zayn allowed a smile to break through his brooding face. He reached up and gently wiped the tears falling from Liam’s eyes still. He led Liam to a plush chair that was in the room, and sat him down, kissing his cheek gently.
            Zayn was put through the same charade of having ten girls come in, making them leave if they weren’t the proper age, and making them take their veils off. He sent off the ones that were too young, too old, and just not pretty enough. Zayn knew his mother had chosen women of intellect, so he knew he didn’t need to worry about how smart they were.
            He couldn’t help let through a few smirks and smiles when he heard Liam chuckling as Zayn checked out the women. Once Zayn was through all the group of girls, Zayn fell back on the couch exhausted. Liam pushed himself up and slowly sat himself down next to the boy, laying his head down on Zayn’s shoulder.
            Zayn kissed the top of Liam’s head, moving down to his temple, down his cheek, capturing his lips. Liam sighed happily at the gentle kisses, and had slowly turned towards Zayn till their lips met. Their hands intertwined, Zayn’s free hand, gripped the back of Liam’s head, his hand tangling in his short, curly brown locks. Liam’s free hand gripped Zayn’s thigh, pushing himself onto Zayn.
            As their lips moved together wantonly, the door opened, Zayn’s mother gliding in. She coughed, and slammed the door shut. The boys jumped away from each other, Liam jumping up and moved back to his spot in the back of the room, his back turned away from the pare.
            Mother,” Zayn murmured standing up slowly, trying to not go make sure Liam was okay. He was quite embarrassed by the fact his mother had caught him doing something so intimate with his courtesan.
            What is he doing in here? Shouldn’t he be in your bed? Where he belongs?” She questioned, a sneer on her face.
            I need to keep a constant watch on him, he could run away! We don’t have the security that Buckingham Palace has! He’s stronger than he looks,” Zayn protested, “And anyway, we haven’t gotten to that point yet… I haven’t… We haven’t consummated, yet.”
            Zayn turned his head down, turning away from his mother and looked over at Liam, caught off guard by the fact that Liam was looking back to him, smiling kindly. Zayn reciprocated a small smile, an odd, but beautiful, sight on Zayn’s normally brooding face.
            The woman laughed menacingly moving towards Zayn, touching the small of his back as she glided over to Liam. Liam stared down as the woman approached him. He’d worked long enough in a palace to understand who’s eyes you could and couldn’t look into.
            “Are you a virgin?” The woman asked.
            “Yes,” Liam replied quietly.
            She came closer to Liam, cupping his strong jaw making him look at her, though his eyes darted towards Zayn worriedly. She glared at Liam, spinning them around so Liam’s back was to Zayn. Her free hand traveled down Liam’s clothes, inspecting what she could see.
            “I don’t understand how Zayn would want to chose a virgin. Let alone a male, and one that acts as if he’s the whore he’s meant to be,” The woman spat at Liam, a disgusted look on her face.
            Mother!” Zayn yelled moving closer to the pair.
            “You better watch yourself whore, there are men in this palace that will take you as their own if you don’t allow Zayn to do it himself,” the woman warned, her hand grabbing Liam’s crotch tightly.
            Liam’s eyes widened, his large brown eyes furrowing as he felt pain from the cruel mother’s touch. Zayn stepped in quickly, pulling her hand away, and pushed her away gently, not wanting to hurt his mother. He glared down at her, Liam moving away from the pair quickly trying to adjust himself so that the pain would leave.
            Leave! You have no right to touch him in such a way! He is mine!” Zayn tore his hand away from his mother’s wrist, watching her as she scurried towards the door, her cloak billowing behind her.
            The woman whipped around and spat on the floor, pulling her shoes off. She threw one at Zayn, and one in the direction on Liam. “You are taking a spiritual journey before the ball, you need to learn where you come from, and why he is not allowed. Maybe then when you return from England you’ll understand how disgusting your fondness of him is,” The woman growled at Zayn turning around again before leaving the room.
            Zayn stared at the floor, staring at the shoe he’d caught before it had hit his face. He felt a hand gently touch the small of his back, moving to wrap around Zayn’s waist. A head gently rested itself in the crook of his neck; Zayn rested his on top of it.
            “I know it’s not… normal… How we feel for each other… But… I want to continue being whatever it is you are having me be, because I just want to be with you, and please you,” Liam murmured in Zayn’s neck.
            Zayn turned his head slightly, and kissed the top of Liam’s, burring his nose in the curls, wrapping an arm around the male’s shoulders, pulling him into a tight hug. Liam sighed quietly, content with his position against Zayn. Their free hands met in the middle intertwining between their hearts.
            “We will be leaving for Mecca and Medina tonight… And after back to England… Where you belong,” Zayn murmured, taking in Liam’s sent, wanting to remember all that he could before Liam had to leave him.
            Liam didn’t understand Zayn’s words, and was content not to, afraid that he might be meaning something Liam didn’t want to think about. Liam didn’t want his words to become a reality, so he shut his eyes tightly, trying to just take in everything that was Zayn.
            They slowly pulled away from each other, removing their hands as they entered the secret passageway to Zayn’s room, everything already packed and ready for them to journey across the desert to the cities Zayn’s people had called home. The Mores, the Arabians.
            Zayn and Liam kept each other at a distance in the room as they gathered the belongings to sit outside the door for the guards to pick up and put away in the caravan. They only touched each other again once they met in bed, for a quick nap before the long journey ahead of them.
            Liam wondered if it was wise for Zayn to be bringing Liam along if he was suppose to be forgetting about it, but then again, Liam didn’t care, he wanted to be with Zayn. And the fact that Zayn was bringing him on a journey that was not his to take, made him forget that Zayn wasn’t suppose to be fond of him.
            When they woke again, they were ushered to the caravan, and collapsed together in a large plush seat, falling asleep, their hands tangled together.

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