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Princes and Their Courtesans

Chapter 6

            “Come on! Harry please! I’m sorry I ran away,” Louis begged, now fully laying fully in Harry’s lap, “I won’t run away from you ever again! I promise! Harry,” Louis whined.
            Harry was silent; he refused to talk to Louis once he’d picked him up. Harry had his arms crossed at some point, but Louis had undone them and wrapped them around his waist. Louis had been bugging Harry for hours now, trying to get the boy to talk to him, the Prince refusing, ignoring him, like he didn’t have his arms wrapped around Louis’ waist or that Louis was sitting on him, bouncing around.
            “Harry! Hazza! I said I was sorry! Come on babes! You need to start talking to me again! You’re driving me up a wall,” Louis groaned out loudly.
            “Prince Harold, please shut that whore up, he is distracting me, and scaring the horses,” the driver yelled from his seat on top of the carriage.
            “He’s not a whore,” Harry grumbled, causing Louis t smile brightly.
             Harry watched as an evil plotting smirk slowly stretched across his face. Louis moved around in Harry’s lap, straddling him, taking the boy’s hands and slid them from his sides, slowly over his hips, around his lower back, and down to his ass. Louis watched as Harry’s face slowly fell, his eyes widening, his mouth making a small ‘o’ shape.
            Louis leaned down and pressed his lips to Harry’s neck softly going to the male’s ear, leaving love bites in his wake. “Harry… I’m very sorry. I don’t plan on leaving you ever, I love you too much Harry,” Louis whispered.
            Harry jumped up and pushed Louis off of him, glaring at the man. “Shut up! It’s alright! I would have run away too! I’ve done it before! Just shut up!” Harry yelled crossing his arms and legs, turning away from Louis, glaring out the window.
            “I’m… I didn’t mean to offend you… Harry… please don’t be mad at me,” Louis murmured, sitting on the bench next to Harry. He placed his hands gently on Harry’s shoulder, and leg. “What else did I do? I don’t want you to be mad at me,” Louis murmured.
            “I don’t want you to say you love me. Never say it again. Never ever. Okay?” Harry murmured, glancing at Louis from under his dark curls and long dark lashes.
            “But… Harry,” Louis started, frowning when he saw Harry turning away from him again, “Fine… Okay… I won’t… I promise. I’ll wait till never,” Louis murmured, burring his face in Harry’s neck. His arms wrapped around Harry’s waist, trying to show how apologetic Louis was.
            Harry slowly turned around and kissed Louis’ cheek, smiling slightly. “You must be tired, you’ve been traveling all day, you should go to sleep,” Louis murmured as Harry rested his head on the man’s shoulder, trying to keep his eyes open.
            “No… it’s too bumpy, I’ll go to bed when we get home,” Harry grumbled, holding Louis closer hiding his face in the crook of his neck. Louis nodded his head, and rested it on Harry’s head his blue eyes fluttering closed, his journey a hard one with out the luxuries he had gotten use to. Harry couldn’t help, but fall asleep in the warmth of Louis, and the slow movements of his breathing. 
            The carriage pulled up, the horses whinnying loudly, making Harry jump, and causing Louis to laugh. Louis had woken up half an hour before their arrival, switching between watching the scenery and watching Harry sleeping soundly on his shoulder.
            Harry glared up at Louis, pulling away from him, crossing his arms again. “Shut up Boo Bear,” Harry grumbled, stepping out of the carriage going straight for the door, his guards trying to keep up with the young boy.
            Louis launched himself out chasing after Harry wrapping his arms around the male’s waist, nipping at his neck trying to get the male’s attention back onto him. Harry turned around pouting down at the man, trying to suppress a laugh that was bubbling up. The Doncaster boy laughed hugging Harry again, taking his suit case from the guard and was dragged through the palace to Harry’s quarters, the young Prince unable to take his game with Louis any longer.
            Harry took the bag throwing it into his closet and grabbed Louis by his braces pulling him into a hard kiss, snapping the straps against the man’s chest, Harry’s hands moving down to Louis’ hips pulling him in closer. Louis gasped quietly, pushing himself into Harry, kissing him back.
            The kiss quickly became needy, each boy pushing against each other. Both battling for some sort of dominance against the other. Their tongues clashed together, Harry’s hands finding their way down to Louis’ ass. Louis’ hands finding their way under Harry’s shirt, wrapping his arms around his torso.
            Harry tried to step Louis back and get him to fall on the bed, but Louis had been able to catch on and was pushing back slowly, not wanting to seem too easy to the young male. The Prince had just been able to get Louis’ knees to buckle against the bed when there was a loud rapping against the door.
            “Prince Harold! She’s here! She is refusing to leave! You need to get to your office now or else she will come in here!” a guard yelled through the door.
            “Shit… Louis, stay here, don’t wander off, I don’t want someone seeing you,” Harry whispered, kissing Louis quickly before pulling off of him and trotting towards the door shifting his clothes so that they were no longer in any disarray.
            Louis sat up on the bed, his head tilted to the side in confusion, wondering what was going on. He waited a few moments before kicking off his shoes and padded towards the door, trying to be silent. Louis cracked the door open, seeing that there were no guards in sight, and trotted down the hallway to Harry’s office. He slowed down and stopped by the door, standing by it quietly listening.
            “Harry… When are we getting married? You keep pushing the dates back,” A soft older womanly voice asked.
            “Caroline… what are you going to get out of marrying me? Nothing. You’re just a duchess, your family won’t be moving up, and it’s almost incestuous,” Harry said, moving around to sit on the couch across from Caroline.
            “My time is running out Harry, I need to get married before I can’t have any children, I need you. You’re young,” Caroline said her voice slightly begging, and slightly manipulative.
            Louis peaked his eyes through the crack watching the woman move to sit next to Harry, draping her arm across his shoulders, leaning over to show her breasts that were spilling out. Harry’s nose wrinkled; causing Louis to giggle, then hide him a few feet away from the door trying to stifle his laughter. Harry’s eyes darted to the door, seeing brown hair flying away from it, hearing the familiar giggle, and smirked slightly.
            “Caroline I’m not going to impregnate you, I don’t want you to have my kids. I’m too young anyway to take care of them,” Harry said huffing, “And how do I know if you’re fertile? You didn’t get pregnant the last time we copulated.”
            Louis heard this and quickly moved to the door again staring through the door, Harry noticing him, trying not to laugh. Louis was not trying to make Harry laugh; he was actually slightly horrified at the idea of Harry not being a virgin. Louis had been looking forward to having three people’s virginities.
            Harry pulled away from the fourteen year older woman walking to his desk shuffling through papers before sticking out of his hand, wiggling his fingers. The woman sighed softly slowly making her way over to Harry, dropping a ring into his long fingers.
            “So you refuse, are you sure? I think you might be making a bad decision,” Caroline murmured.
            “I’m positive, dear, go find a man that is worth your time,” Harry replied looking up at Caroline with a slight frown. His eyes wandered over to the door Louis was hiding behind, his eyebrows obviously up in concern. “Louis… You can come in now,” Harry called out, moving around Caroline.
            Louis jumped when Harry called out to him, causing him to tumble through the door, flat on his back. The older woman turned around and glared at the man lying on the floor. Harry helped Louis up, smiling, brushing him off and set him down on the couch.
            “And who is that?” Caroline growled slightly as Harry led her out of his office.
            “That’s Louis, don’t concern yourself over who he might be, you’re better off leaving, and only coming back when you’re invited,” Harry chortled telling a guard to escort her out. Harry sighed softly and plopped down next to Louis, resting his head on the older man’s shoulder.
            “Why aren’t you in my room?” Harry asked softly.
            “Because there was no one to hold me in there, and I wanted to see what was going on,” Louis replied.
            “There weren’t guards there to stop you from leaving?” Harry asked softly.
            “No… It obviously didn’t occur to them that I would try to escape again after we got hot and heavy,” Louis chuckled, kissing Harry’s curls.
            “Knobs… don’t ever listen to me ever,” Harry grumbled.
            “Would you like me to tell them that I need a guard to protect me from myself?” Louis asked softly, trying to keep in his giggles.
            “No, because you promised me that you would never leave me, and I’m going to hold you to it,” Harry murmured wrapping his arms around Louis, nipping at his jaw.
            Louis chuckled and moved his arms under Harry’s legs and around his torso, picking him up. “I’m going to take you to bed, you need some sleep, you’ve been chasing me all over England.”
            “Good, I’m putting you to work like I should have been doing,” Harry muttered, hiding his face in Louis’ neck.
            Louis padded to Harry’s room; the trip quiet because he hadn’t been wearing shoes and Harry had fallen asleep. All the stresses of the day finally catching up with Harry, causing him to collapse in Louis’ arms. The older boy set Harry on the bed, pulling his clothes off and helped him under the covers, following in after undressing himself as well.

2 weeks later

            Louis sat in Harry’s library reading maps he had found. He had been a sailor before his kidnapping. He had been all over the coast of Europe and where in the Mediterranean. Louis had acquired ink and a pen from Harry needing to correct or duplicate some of the maps he had found.
            Harry was in his office, working for the king, his grandfather. His grandfather was slowly giving him more and more of his workload. He was surprised how well Louis behaved when he wasn’t there to watch over him. Louis would be quick when he needed something, very shy and quiet about it all, and then would run away after he got what he needed.
            “What are you doing?”
            Louis jumped at the voice, luckily only reading a map, not writing anything. Slowly he lifted his head turning around to see an older man standing in the doorway. He was dressed nicely, nicer than Harry dressed. Louis had never seen the king before, but with the way the man stood, holding himself up high, and his robes adding onto his regalness, Louis assumed that this must be the king.
            “Doesn’t matter, where is Harold?” The man asked in a slightly kind voice.
            “He’s… in his… office,” Louis murmured staring down at the man’s feet.
            “Mmhmm… Good. Come with me, now,” the man said turning on his heel walking away           
            Louis quickly cleaned up the mess of maps and followed after the man. He tripped over his feet many times, the strange phenomenon of being in the presence of such high royalty made him unstable. He was a nervous wreck, unsure if he should have lied about where Harry was or not.
            “Do you know who I am?” The older man asked as they walked down the familiar hallways in the wrong direction.
            “The King of England?” Louis questioned becoming quite unsure who this man really was.
            “Oh no! Do I really look that old?” The unknown man gasped, his hands flitting to his face and hair. He stopped at a small door, drabby compared to the rest of the doors Louis had encountered, and opened it.
            Louis stood there staring through the doorway unable to see anything inside. The man was obviously waiting for Louis to step inside, but Louis wasn’t having any of it, knowing better than to get into dark rooms with strange older men.
            “Go ahead,” The man encouraged with a charming smile, waving for Louis to go inside.
            “That’s not where Harry is,” Louis pointed out stupidly.
            “I know, I just want to have a little chat with you.”
            “Um… Alright then,” Louis shrugged, suddenly becoming uneasy, and cautiously walked inside.
            The man followed after him, shutting the door behind them. Louis jumped at the noise, turning around as the man lit the gas lamp. The room was obviously a bedroom, a room mean for someone like Louis, a courtesan. The bed wasn’t too small, big enough for two people to roll around in quickly, and the room was big enough for one person to live the rest of their life in. Louis knew that this was where he was meant to be and knew that the best decision was to play dumb.
            “What kind of room is this? It looks like a commoners home,” Louis acted disgusted, but it was worse than a commoner’s home, he’d know since he’d lived in one for most of his life.
            “It’s a courtesan’s room, what you’re meant to be sleeping in, but Harry obviously has the idea that you deserve to stay in such a high class room such as his,” The man responded, his voice low and dangerous.
            “Oh, well maybe we should go and tell Harry this. I don’t think he knows,” Louis laughed trying to cut the tension thick in the air, while trying to slip past the unknown man.
            Louis winced, a small whimper escaping his lips, when his arm was grabbed. He tried pulling away from the older man, crying out again. “You’re hurting me,” Louis murmured, lowering his voice into a dangerous tone when it was obvious the man wasn’t going to let go of him.
            “Has Harry even claimed you yet? You sleep with him in the same bed,” The man growled, his hand slipping up to Louis’ wrist pulling him close so they were face to face.
            “N-no… There’s no reason for him to…” Louis growled, trying to tug his hand away, trying to sound threatening, but knew he was utterly and completely weak.
            “You’re his whore, that is what you were brought to him for, to keep his libido down, so that he can use his brain properly. But obviously, you need to be taught your duties,” the man grunted throwing Louis onto the bed.
            Louis felt small. He knew he was shorter than the average man, but at this very moment, he felt tiny. He’d never had anyone be able to throw him. Louis was able to throw any man, and that would be it. One throw and the fight was over. But at this very moment, this man was towering over him; obviously he had done this too many times before.
            “Yo-you know, there are plenty of women out there that are whiling to give this to you without you having to toss them forcefully, and you wouldn’t have to deal with Harry after,” Louis tried, hoping that in a situation like this, his words would work.
            When the man crawled onto the bed Louis tumbled off of it, quickly scurrying to the door, jimmying the lock until it came undone and he was darting out of the room, slamming the door shut behind him. He heard the man scream; he had hit the man with the door. He continued running though, unaware of the disarray his clothes were in. He moved quickly bursting through Harry’s office door, falling to the ground softly. Louis pulled himself up off the ground and slammed the door shut behind him gasping for air.
            “What the hell happened to you?” Harry asked loudly.

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