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Princes and Their Courtesans


            Liam and Zayn had fallen asleep in pants that night, Zayn being over protective of Liam, not trusting the crew of the ship to not try to take advantage of Liam. They were held each other, Liam’s head under Zayn’s, Zayn’s nose buried in Liam’s messy curls, thankful for their cleanness. Liam moved around in Zayn’s grasp, his hands moving up from Zayn’s waist to his torso, pulling him closer, hugging him tighter.
            “Liam… are you awake?” Zayn asked in a barley audible voice.
            “Yeah,” Liam whispered back.
            Zayn thanked his parent’s status for the fact that they were able to afford such an extravagant ship. Instead of the medical bay, and captain’s quarters being the only places beds were placed on the ship, there were multiple quarters for the royal family that each had it’s own bedroom, designed to make the royal family comfortable, to make them feel like they were at home. He pulled Liam closer, kissing his neck softly, glad for the bed, a hammock would not have pleased Zayn, since he was unable to protect Liam that way.
            “Did I wake you up?” Zayn continued.
            “No… I was already awake,” Liam murmured, nuzzling his head into the crook of Zayn’s neck.
            Zayn moved his head so that he and Liam were nose to nose. His eyes fluttered open at the same moment Liam’s did, smiles brightened their faces from the action. Zayn moved his face closer to Liam’s, his nose touched the male’s cheek. His hand moved across Liam’s chest, gripping Liam’s hand. Liam’s eyes became half lidded, and his lips parted in anticipation.
            “Can I?” Zayn whispered, his breath ghosting against Liam’s lips.
            “Can you what?” Liam murmured chuckling, moving his face closer to Zayn’s, their lips barely touching.
            “Kiss you?” Zayn finished, his eyes stared into Liam’s wantonly.
            Liam chuckled and closed the distance, their lips finally touching after dancing around each other, dancing around that very moment. Liam squeezed Zayn’s hand, their kiss a very chaste one, not an awkward one, and didn’t heat up. Liam was thankful for this, thankful that Zayn didn’t want to deepen this kiss, that he didn’t want to go farther.
            They kissed like this for minutes more, pulling away, each kissing each other’s cheeks, jaws, necks, shoulders. They wished for more, but knew it was not the time to go any further. They kissed each other’s lips again, and again, and again, until Zayn yawned loudly. Liam chuckled and kissed Zayn’s forehead, gathering him up into his arms and they fell asleep once again, not waking until late in the morning.


            Topkapi Palace was a large structure, architectural grandeur that Liam had never seen before. It rivaled the palaces in England. Liam had never seen anything as extravagant as this place. The castles in London really didn’t compare to this ostentatious structure. Liam continued to stand  on the board dock staring at the monument. Zayn had been walking ahead, thinking that Liam was right behind him. The Prince was about to talk to Liam, turning his head, and noticed him yards behind him.
            Zayn chuckled and walked back to Liam taking the male’s hands in his own. Liam was pulled out of his trance his eyes focusing on Zayn, a sheepish smile appearing on his Lips. Zayn chuckled, allowing a small smile to show through his brooding, solemn, princely mask.
            “Come on, we should get you to my room, you can marvel later,” Zayn murmured, moving closer to Liam.
            Liam watched as Rebecca walked ahead of them, slipping into the castle to get herself as far away from the ship and the docks as possible. Zayn pulled a hand away from Liam’s to grip his jaw and make the courtesan look at him. Liam smiled at Zayn nervously, not confident in being in a palace as grand as the one in front of him, let alone staying in the Prince’s room for who knew how long, possibly the rest of his life.
            Zayn led Liam towards the large doors that had very intimidating men stood at, opening the door for Zayn almost reluctantly when they saw Liam by his side. Liam’s eyes wandered up as he stared at the interior of the palace. His lips forming an “o” shape. Zayn saw the boy’s face and turned away chuckling, receiving a glare from Liam.
            “I apologize, sometimes I forget not only did you not grow up in such extravagance, and Britannia has nothing spectacular to offer its people,” Zayn apologized chuckling.
            “Well, I’m sorry you can’t appreciate English architecture,” Liam said frowning, “Our bridges are spectacular in my opinion. I haven’t seen any Arabian bridges.”
            “The reason you haven’t seen any bridges is because us Arabians don’t live in places where water is abundant,” Zayn chuckled.
            Liam stuck his tongue out at Zayn, the Prince mirroring him as he led him through various hallways and up stairs until they moved down a large hallway, windows on one side, the light streaming in to light up the usually dark passageway. A large door stood at the end of the hallway. Zayn opened it for Liam, said boy entering the room cautiously. Zayn followed after him.
            “This is your room?” Liam asked, his light brown eyes widening. The room was very large, it could possibly fit an entire ship, quite possible two ships.
            “Yes, I grew up in this room,” Zayn chuckled walking up behind Liam, placing his hand on the small of Liam’s back gently.
            Liam turned around and smiled at Zayn, his hand placing itself on Zayn’s cheek, patting it gently. Zayn smiled fondly back at Liam, leaning into the touch. The both found it strange how fast they had become fond of each other. They couldn’t imagine a life where they hadn’t found each other, where they hadn’t met. Liam slowly pulled himself away from Zayn, knowing it wasn’t a good idea to get involved with such an important person.
            “How do you feel about botanic gardens?” Zayn asked, clasping his hands behind his back, watching Liam continue to explore the large room.
            Liam turned to face Zayn, his eyebrows furrowing slightly a small smile forming on his lips. “I thought that you couldn’t grow plants where there is no water?” Liam asked softly, moving towards Zayn cautiously.
            “It’s in a green house of course, the plants are regulated, would you like to go to it? There’s not much to do in a bedroom,” Zayn said chuckled, sauntering over to Liam, gently taking the male’s hand in his own.
            “Of course! I’d love to see it,” Liam said flashing a bright smile, squeezing Zayn’s hand. Zayn nodded and led Liam out of the room through another door, Liam laughed as he was led through a completely different part of the palace.
            “So you grew up in this place?” Liam asked as they stopped in front of large glass doors. The courtesan’s mouth fell open staring through the windows, seeing the flourishing plants inside. He glanced at Zayn, bouncing on the pads of his feet, amusement lighting up the Prince’s features.
            “Go ahead, I’ll be right behind you,” Zayn chortled, gesturing for Liam to go ahead.
            Liam smiled at him again, the smile widening, pulling his hand away as he pushed passed the does, finding himself in an in door jungle, Zayn following after the childlike man. Liam slowly glided through the rows, stopping to touch or smell a flower or bush. Soon he made his way through the labyrinth until he reached the middle of the green house.
            “Zayn… This is amazing!’ Liam murmured in awe, his entire face lighting up. Liam looked back to Zayn, blushing slightly when he noticed that the Prince had been watching him.
            “What?” Liam asked, a blush spreading across his cheeks.
            “Nothing,” Zayn shrugged, trying to hold back a smile that slowly appeared.
            “You don’t think this is beautiful? It’s the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen,” Liam gasped unable to hold back a glowing smile.
            “I do agree that it’s amazing, beautiful even, but I don’t think that it’s gorgeous,” Zayn shrugged, moving towards Liam, his hands clasped behind his back.
            Liam’s mouth dropped in shock. “You don’t think this garden is gorgeous? You obviously have a very bleak view on life, there is nothing more gorgeous than this,” Liam retorted, his eyes wide in disbelief, his hands on his hips, shaking his curly head of hair, a small frown forming.
            “There is one thing that is more gorgeous that these flowers,” Zayn murmured, placing his hands on Liam’s hips, gently pulling the boy flush against his chest.
            “Mmhmm, and what would that be Prince Zayn?” Liam asked chuckling slightly, the corner of his lips turning up, a large brown eyebrow quirking upward.
            “You,” Zayn whispered simply, his hands squeezing Liam’s hips.
            Liam wished he could have laughed, played it off as a joke, but no one had ever said that to him. Liam’s hands dropped from his own hips, quickly darting up to capture Zayn’s face in his hands, pulling him into a hard kiss. This was only their second kiss, but it felt right. It was needed. Of course it was clumsy between them, it only being their second kiss, but they were quickly learning each other’s kissing styles, adapting to them to make it even more pleasing than it already was.
            Liam gripped Zayn’s shirt pulling him closer, holding him tighter, both boys battled for dominance. Liam pushed Zayn back, trying to pin him up against a wall that didn’t exist. Zayn was beginning to become aware of his surroundings again, realizing where his staggering backwards steps could possibly lead and pulled away stopping Liam before he was pushed into vegetation.
            Zayn pulled his lips away, his hands moving to Liam’s chest gently pushing him away. Liam looked at Zayn, a small smile forming at the corners of his mouth, and stepped away from Zayn, not wanting to tempt himself further.
            “Sorry… that was a bit… Sorry,” Liam muttered sheepishly.
            Zayn chuckled, smiling and stepped towards Liam, wrapping his arms around the male’s torso, pulling him into a strong hug, and pressed his cheek against Liam’s. “It’s alright, I just didn’t want to knock down the pants because I don’t want people to know that we’re in here, and come looking for us,” Zayn chortled, kissing Liam’s neck softly.
            Liam chuckled, kissing Zayn’s temple, and then his shoulder. Their lips found each other again, only this time it was gentle, a very slow movement. Their hands held each other tightly. After a few moments of just basking in each other’s presence, the reluctantly pulled away.
            “Do you need help getting back to my quarters? I need to go speak to my father and mother.”
            “No, I think I’ve got the hang of it, you’ll know if I don’t make it back to your room,” Liam told Zayn, kissing him again before trotting off, making his way through the large garden. If he was going to have to find Zayn’s room, he thought he might as well get a work out while he was doing it.           
            Zayn knocked on a large door, shuffling feet quickened and then stopped, the large door creaking open revealing his mother and fiancé in the office. His finance looked irked to see him, aware of his reason for being at his mother’s office. His mother on the other hand was thrilled to see him.
            Mother… I must speak with you about Rebecca,” Zayn whispered to her very quietly, not wanting his finance to hear him.
            His mother nodded and looked to Rebecca waving her hand. Rebecca darted through another door, glaring over her shoulder at Zayn as she left. “What must you speak to me about?” His mother asked moving to the large desk in the middle of the room.
            Zayn didn’t question the change of languages, knowing that Rebecca would try to listen through the door. “I do not want to marry her,” Zayn said simply, not wanting to further his reasoning as to why.
            “Does this have something to do with this courtesan you have bought yourself?”  The woman asked, a sleek black eyebrow cocking up.
            “No,” Zayn said quickly, his brown eyes widening slightly, “Me wanting a divorce from her has nothing to do with him.”
            “Rebecca didn’t say that your courtesan was a man,” His mother said, pushing Zayn down in a chair, standing above him, her arms crossed, her eyebrows furrowed in a slightly angry position.
            Zayn quirked his brow, “That’s surprising, that was all she would talk about, was Liam,” Zayn replied, his lips tilted upwards.
            “Liam? That whore has a name? Since when do you name your possessions?” The woman asked.
            “He’s a human being, he was given a name at birth like us all, and I don’t own him… Not completely,” Zayn retorted, his brows and lips turning downward, a slight glare directed at his mother.
            “He wasn’t… Jawaad… You know better than to buy a kidnapped courtesan, you don’t know what diseases he has, or who has had him before you,” the woman reprimanded.
            “It’s Zayn, my name is Zayn… And yes he was kidnapped, he was actually a free man before he was kidnapped,” Zayn said pushing himself up looking down at the woman, “I am not marrying Rebecca, and it is not because of Liam. If you must find me a bride, then find one that is my age, a woman that is easy to deal with. If you must find me a woman,” Zayn grumbled, moving to leave the room.
            “Jaw-… Zayn, watch yourself, you don’t want to get too involved with that whore, you don’t want to end badly,” Zayn’s mother warned.
            Zayn waved his hand over his shoulder, unaware of his mother slowly following behind him. He opened the cracked door and walked through, spotting Liam quickly walking away from the door, and chuckled.
            “You’re not very good at sneaking around you know,” Zayn called out after the boy. Liam skidded to a stop jumping from fright and turned around sheepishly.
            “Hello… Funny seeing you around here,” Liam chuckled, standing in the hallway, waiting for Zayn to come to him.
            Zayn’s face brightened up, smiling at him and slowly walked to the man, taking his hand, pulling him close. His other hand took Liam’s chin in his hand and pulled him into a kiss gently, pulling away after a moment. Liam was a bit wobbly after a few seconds after, smiling dopily after him.
            “We should head back, my mother is probably watching us,” Zayn whispered, pushing Liam ahead of him. He glanced over his shoulder at his mother who was watching with a disapproving look, shaking her head, her arms crossed. They disappeared around the bend Zayn letting out a sigh of relief.  
            “I apologize for causing you so much trouble,” Liam muttered.
            Zayn laughed, kissing Liam’s shoulder, “I’m causing you trouble, buying you, if I hadn’t bought you, you would be free,” Zayn murmured, leading Liam into a small spiral hallway, moving next to Liam, pushing up a door.
            “Wow, you have a myriad of secret doors don’t you?” Liam asked pulling himself up and out of the floor chuckling.
            “Of course, Prince Zayn needs to be able to get in and out in a jiffy, my mother, and my guards don’t even know where my room is, nor do they know all the secret passageways,” Zayn chuckled shutting the door, and slowly went to the closet changing his clothing, Liam following after him.
            “Go to bed, I’ll be there in a second,” Zayn murmured when he felt Liam standing behind him.
            Liam moved forward and kissed Zayn’s neck softly and moved away, removing his shirt, sash, and shoes, getting into the bed, making himself comfortable. Zayn came in moments later, tangling his hands with Liam’s, pulling the male closer kissing him gently. Liam smiled hiding his face in the crook of Zayn’s neck, both boys falling asleep to the sound of each other’s breathing.

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