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Princes and Their Courtesans


            Louis stared out the window of the car, his eyebrows furrowing in confusion. He knew that he was no longer in Ireland, but for the life of him he couldn’t think of any reason why Niall would be taking him to London, why they were entering the gates to the castle where the current royal family was staying in, the Styles.
            “Niall?” Louis asked quietly, turning his attention to Niall who had been staring at Louis. Louis jumped back a bit when he saw that the blond had been looking at him.
            “Yeah Lou?” Niall answered a knowing smirk flashing across his face.
            “Why… Why are we at the Styles palace?” Louis asked.
            “I’m having a meeting with Prince Harry,” Niall said as the carriage stopped in front of the large palace doors.
            “Then why am I with you?” Louis asked with a bit of mirth.
            “When are you not with me?” Niall asked with a chuckle.
            Louis tilted his head, nodding, “True.”  The carriage door was opened by the driver, Louis stepping out before Niall because of their ranking. The taller boy took the elder’s hand and led him to the door that was opened, curly locks popping out. Green eyes widened as he saw the courtesan with the conquered Prince. He moved out of the door, arms wide smiling brightly at Niall.
            “Niall! It’s good to see you,” Harry said smiling sardonically.
            “Mmhmm, you said that when you conquered Ireland,” Niall said pulling away from Louis, standing in front of Louis, hugging the mocking Harry.
            “Well, you must realize that was my father’s doing, I’m just the pretty face you got to deal with while that was all happening,” Harry said with a smirk, brushing Niall’s cheek. Niall pulled away from Harry quickly, Louis stopping him before he backed up into him. Harry noticed Louis again, winking at the male. “I think we have some business to attend to Horan. Shall we?”
            Niall nodded and took Louis’ hand in his own, following Harry into the palace. The boy led them into a large office. “The whore has to stay out of the room, for now,” Harry said as he sat down in a chair.
            Niall was about to protest, but ignored him turning around facing the older, but shorter male. He led him right back out the door, stepping out of the room quickly. He pecked Louis’ lips before slipping back inside, shutting the door and sat himself down on the couch, making himself comfortable.
            “So, explain to me why you are giving me your favorite courtesan? How is that beneficial for you? You aren’t getting Ireland back by trading a person,” Harry said, waving his hand, a sardonic smile planted on his face.
            “I can’t keep him any longer. I can barley fend for myself, since you have taken all of my possessions from me, I cannot live even a peasants life,” Niall said brushing his clothes of the invisible dust.
            “Then pray tell how you came here?” Harry asked smirking.
            “It really isn’t something you need to concern yourself with. All that matters is that I’m here, and I’m giving you my only possession, my only love,” Niall said bitterly.
            “He is a fine creature isn’t he? Where does he rein from?”
            “Ironically enough, he comes from here, Doncaster, England; a small but slowly growing village. But I don’t expect you to know that of course, you can barley keep intel on other countries, let alone your own,” Niall said smugly.
            “Oh, so really he is my property, you’re just giving him back.”
            “No, I bought him at an auction house in France, oddly enough. His sellers had kidnapped him when his boat was stopped at the port in France,” Niall explained.
            Harry nodded and let out a sigh. “I want you out of my house as soon as possible, bring the whore in, so we can do a proper exchange,” Harry said waving his hand.
            “He’s not a whore, he’s a better person than you or me,” Niall said standing up confidently.
            “He’s not? Then why am I taking him into my custody? Do you have sex with him often? Do you sleep in the same bed? If so, I think that constitutes as a whore,” Harry replied sharply.
            Niall ignored the man and went to the door, opening it, and motioned for Louis to come in. The older man complied and sat next to Niall, who was stiffer now that Louis was in the room.
            Harry stood up as if he was an old man with arthritis in every joint, groaning to exaggerate the movement even more. “Okay whore, stand up,” Harry muttered motioning for Louis to complete the movement.
            Louis of course wouldn’t comply. He’d never been treated as subservient as he was being treated by this young boy. This Prince was also not his master, as far as he knew, and would not comply even if Niall had begun to call him such names.
            “Whore is not my name,” Louis finally spoke, glaring at the younger boy with distain.
            Harry chuckled nodding his head understandingly, he realized that this character was not as young as he looked, he was probably older than Niall, and had been a free thinking spirit when Niall had bought him, and was never broken.
            “Then what is your name courtesan?” Harry asked with a bit kinder tone, one that shocked Niall, a tone that only the rarest, specialist of people heard.
            “My name is Louis William Tomlinson,” He said as he stood up, “And I will not be treated in such an insolent way from a little boy.”
            “I’ll let you know that I’m eighteen well past the age of consent in this country,” Harry said moving closer to Louis, his eyes narrowing.
            “You are a young boy that hasn’t learned manners because of growing up in such a rich environment it never occurred to your parents or grandparents that you would need to treat your subjects with respect to get it. Just because you are eighteen does not automatically make you a mature, respectable, adult,” Louis scolded, moving forward as well. He didn’t want Niall to get involved if a fight broke out, or hurt if one broke out.
            Louis didn’t care at all about the height difference between them, Harry being almost a half-foot taller than Louis. Harry and Louis stared at each other, glaring, Harry was becoming a bit hot and bothered by Louis’ powerful look. While Louis’ look was wavering because he was trying to calculate the young male’s next move.
            “Horan… I agree to taking him in, I’ll give you anything you want,” Harry murmured, continuing to stare at Louis, whose eyes had widened when he realized what Harry had just said.
            “I want my country back,” Niall said as he stood up.
            “Done,” Harry muttered, his eyes moving down Louis’ spinning body and stared at his ass.
            “What! You’re selling me! To this malicious, sadistic, sardonic, child! Just so you can have your fucking country back!” Louis protested loudly, though he was a grown man, his voice cracked every high-pitched screech he let out. He stomped towards Niall taking him by the collar.
            “Louis! It’s fine, you will do more good here than back with me, you’re meant to save this country from Harry’s ruin, I’m looking out for both of you. I need to keep you safe Lou, and Harry will keep you safe, and you can teach Harry how to be a person. It’s for the good of everyone,” Niall whimpered under the shorter man’s hold.
            Louis glared at Niall before letting go, and dropped to the floor, wrapping his arms around Niall’s legs. “Please Nialler! Please don’t leave me here! I want to be with you! I love you!” Louis whimpered out, tears starting to stream down his face.
            “Shall I start drawing up the statement that Ireland is back in the possession of Niall James Horan in exchange for his most beloved courtesan Louis Tomlinson?” Harry asked as he moved to the desk that was in the office.
            “Go ahead, the sooner the better, and make copies too because I would like to get my land out as soon as possible,” Niall said sitting back on the couch, Louis clambering on it and into Niall’s lap, trying to kiss every where he could on Niall. Niall turning his head every time Louis tried to capture Niall’s lips with his own.
            “Done, I’ll give this to the General, and my father, there’s also a copy for you and me. Just sign and stamp, and I shall do the same,” Harry said as he signed and stamped each letter.
            Niall got up after pushing Louis to the floor and walked over to Harry, reading each one over individually, adding the specifics that needed to be added because he knew Harry was a sneaky bastard. After he was satisfied, he signed and stamped all papers.  
            Louis had settled for lying on the couch, his body shaking uncontrollably. Niall shook hands with Harry, taking his copy before moving towards Louis. He squatted down, petting the boy’s head.
            “Bye Boo Bear, I’ll come visit you,” Niall whispered, kissing the boy’s temple.
            “Do you promise?” Louis murmured.
            Niall smiled kindly and nodded his head, “Of course, I promise I’ll come visit you.” With that Niall got up waving his hand at Harry and left the room, leaving to go back to Ireland.
            “What a fool,” Harry said sitting down on the couch Louis was laying on, “Giving up someone like you, you’d have to be desperate.” Harry placed his hand gently on Louis’ head, softly petting his hair, running his fingers through it. Louis slowly relaxed under the touch, sighing quietly.
            Harry stood up after a few minutes of studying and calming Louis, noticing that he had fallen asleep. He took the two copies of the contract to the general and his father, getting a lecture from each about bad exchanges.
            Harry of course did not care and made his way back to his quarters, a whole section of the palace was given to him when he was born. Louis was walking around Harry’s office looking around, studying him from how he organized his workspace.
            “Hey, you’re awake, and not running away,” Harry said smiling softly.
            Louis jumped, turning around looking at Harry sheepishly. “Yeah, I thought it would be a bit pointless because I would have nowhere to go,” Louis said shrugging, biting his lip.
            Harry slowly, cautiously, moved toward Louis, taking the male’s face gingerly into his hands. Louis’ breath hitched, having never been treated so gently by Niall, nor was he expecting this kind of treatment from someone like Harry.
            “What are you doing?” Louis whispered, glancing up at the taller boy.
            “I… I think I’m going to kiss you,” Harry muttered, pulling Louis into a gentle kiss.
            Louis was not having any of it. He grabbed Harry’s blazer and pulled him closer, nipping at his lips as he kissed him deeper, not wanting to just have a silly kiss. Harry’s hands moved down to Louis’ hips, tugging him closer. Louis pushed Harry towards the couch, straddling him as they fell onto the couch, kissing each other more.
            “Louis, we’re not doing this right now,” Harry whispered against Louis’ forceful lips.
            “Why the hell not!” Louis protested against Harry’s lips, moving down to his neck.
            “Because I don’t want to, yet. You shouldn’t force yourself on me because you think you need to,” Harry said softly, “Look, I know I am a horrible person, and that you are a whore, but I don’t rape, I don’t like it,” Harry added.
            “I’m not a whore! I don’t get paid to have sex with you! I just do!” Louis protested getting off of Harry, “Where am I sleeping?”
            “My room of course, I wouldn’t want you to be taken advantage of when I haven’t even gotten to taken advantage of you yet,” Harry said snorting like it was obvious.
            “You just had the chance to, but you didn’t,” Louis said huffing. Harry stood up and took Louis’ hand in his own, taking him out of the room, through his massive section of the palace. He opened the door leading Louis in, and locked it.
            “This is where you will be staying as long as I like you,” Harry said chuckling.
            Louis snorted and pealed his jacket and scarf off walking around the room getting to know the space. Harry sighed and picked up the discarded clothes placing them into his closet.  
            “Smaller than Niall’s room surprisingly, although, his is much cleaner than yours,” Louis said plopping himself on Harry’s bed.
            “Well good for bloody Niall, I’m too busy to pick up after myself, and I don’t like it when the help come and mess with stuff in my room,” Harry grumbled picking up since Louis was complaining.
            He glanced down at his wristwatch and huffed. “I’m going to sleep,” Harry said quietly as he stepped back into his closet undressing.
            “What? It’s not even late? And now I’m fucking horny and you won’t do anything about it,” Louis groaned, snapping his suspenders against himself again.
            “Are you really?” Harry asked walking out completely nude, crossing his arms annoyed.
            “Yeah, and I’m not usually since I’m an adult and can usually control my urges… Why are you arse naked?” Louis questioned  staring down at Harry’s interesting form, “You have four nipples,” Louis pointed out.
            “Shut up!” Harry yelled his hands going to his extra nipples, “I sleep naked, I can’t wear clothes when I sleep.”
            “How am I going to sleep if you’re naked, and I like sleeping naked, and I’m horny, but you won’t fix my problem?” Louis asked standing up, his hands on his hips, sticking his hip out, accentuating his butt.
            “Well, you’re just going to have to deal with that. I can’t help it if Niall slipped you an aphrodisiac so that we could get along better. I’m going to sleep, the bathroom is through there,” Harry said going to his bed slipping in it and hid.
            “Ugh! You are a horrid man! You’re supposed to want sex all the time! That’s why I’m here!” Louis growled loudly as he made his way towards the bathroom.

            Louis came out an hour later, having taken a shower to get rid of the aphrodisiac’s affects thoroughly. He came out stark naked, his skin unusually tan. He stretched and yawned quietly, making his way to the bed slipping in.
            “You are not sneaky, or quiet at all,” Harry grumbled from under the blankets.
            Louis chuckled softly, and slipped under the blanket and slowly made his way towards Harry reaching out for him, taking his hands and pulled him closer. He didn’t know what he was doing, with Niall it had taken a while to get used to the idea of him, but Harry, everything just came natural. Louis wondered if it was Harry’s charisma that did it, or the fact that Louis had excepted that this was his role, to be a courtesan, to please the man he was owned by.
            He knew that after Niall had left it was because of the drug Niall had slipped him, but now, he wasn’t so sure what it was. He ignored it for now, to tired to think as hard as he was. He pulled Harry close to him, hugging him softly. Harry hid his face between the bed and the crook of Louis’ neck, hugging him close, shivering softly as he helped Louis become warm again.
            “I think I’ll never get tired of you,” Harry whispered in Louis’ neck.
            “I would hope not, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I didn’t have someone to love me,” Louis murmured almost inaudibly.
            Harry chuckled and kissed the male’s neck, rubbing the male’s back as he held him closer, kissing his lips quickly before hiding his face again, falling asleep just as quickly as he had before.
            Louis’ blue eyes widened at the kisses, but soon they fell, and he buried his nose in Harry’s sweet smelling hair. He kissed the top of the curls, wrapping his arms around Harry’s shoulders, tangling his fingers into the boy’s hair.
            He chuckled softly at himself, knowing that everything that was happening was idiotic and stupid. Everything he was feeling. Everything he was doing. But he saved those thoughts for a later date and fell asleep, his face buried in the dark curls of the Prince of England.

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