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A Dangerous Dance (Ziam)


            Zayn stared at Liam with disbelief. His mind raced as he tried to figure out if he had just heard Liam right. He had never believed Liam would ever say that ever. He didn’t think Liam would ever be ready to come out. He felt a headache slowly developing as he thought harder and harder, his heart racing at the thought that Liam could possibly saying what he’d thought he’d said.
            “You were thinking what?” Zayn questioned, his eyes wide, leaning forward more to hear him better.
            “I was rethinking our relationship,” This caused Zayn’s heart to skip a beat. He didn’t want to, but he kept listening, hoping that Liam wasn’t going in the direction he now though he was going in, “That we shouldn’t have to hide anymore. I don’t want to have to be careful. I want to be able to be with you publicly, be able to show you off.”
            Zayn’s tense body completely relaxed, releasing a breath that he hadn’t known he’d been holding. He smiled brightly, an unusually unseen action. Suddenly, his face fell, shaking his head, his nose wrinkling slightly.
            “Li, have… Have you really thought about this? About the consciences, about quote end quote, breaking up with our girlfriends, and then coming out to our family, to the world?” Zayn ranted, making sure to keep his voice quiet, not wanting to wake the other boys.
            “Zayn, of course I have,” Liam started smiling happily.
            “Liam… You need to rethink, and I… I just need to think,” Zayn said look down at their hands. Liam nodded slowly and pecked Zayn on the cheek and laid down, away from Zayn.
            Zayn stared at Liam, placing his headphones back on trying to think about what he would do. Trying to imagine all the possible out comes of their coming out. He really could only remember another time he had thought this hard, and it also had to do with Liam.

            Zayn sat in one of the bedrooms that was in the suit that boys were given while they were in America filming. He was pretending to sleep while the boys were doing whatever they usually did while Zayn was asleep. The matter of the fact was, was that Zayn was not actually asleep. He was wide awake. He was avoiding Liam, not ready to face him just yet.
            Liam had given him a lot to think about. Of course Zayn said he would think, and he had, that’s all he had been doing since his birthday was think, and think, and think, and think. He had been thinking harder than he ever had before over the past few weeks. Even after he had collected his thoughts, he hadn’t been able nor knew how to get Liam and him alone long enough to talk thoroughly about it.
            Zayn of course had just lost himself in his own little world as he thought about thinking, and what he was thinking about, and why he was thinking about it. He had been so lost that he screeched when his headphones were slipped off of his head. He turned around jumping, his brown eyes meeting hazel.
            “Liam,” Zayn whispered, his tanned skin getting a slightly darker tint to it, his brown eyes lighting up as a contrast.
            “Zayn are you okay?” Liam asked stifling a chuckle, and sat himself gracefully down on the bed.
            “Uh… Yeah… I… Actually wanted… Are the lads in the other room?” Zayn asked nervously, sitting up as he rung his hands, trying to slow down his rapidly beating heart. He glanced up at Liam, cursing himself for the action as he had now become distracted by the man’s eyes.
            “They’re out, Niall found a Nandos somewhere in L.A., so they’re trying to find it, but you know how Lou is with taking directions, he can’t,” This brought the bubbling laughter that both boys needed to break the tension, they soon became relaxed, leaning closer to each other, “They’ll be gone for a few hours. What was it that you wanted?”
            Liam placed his hand on Zayn’s knee, his other hand placing itself on Zayn’s cheek, making him look back up at him trying to pull the information that he so desperately wanted out of Zayn’s eyes.
            Zayn wanted to just spill right there, he wanted to give Liam the okay, tell him everything was fine and he was okay with it all. What he really wanted was to be able to have a mind connection with Liam, so that Liam could just read all of his thoughts with out a hassle what so ever.
            “I… I’ve thought about, and… I don’t… I don’t care if he have to hide from every one, I just want to be with you, and if that means hiding, then I guess I’ll do that for you. If that’s what you need, then Liam, I’ll do it. I lo… I like you so much, I can’t stand to be away from you any longer,” Zayn whispered, his eyes darting down to stare at their now intertwined hands.
            Staring at those hands, made him realize that hiding was definitely worth it. He needed Liam, obviously Liam needed him as well because he wouldn’t have brought up the idea. Zayn knew Liam wasn’t ashamed of him. Zayn knew that it was best for them at the moment, if they were able to keep their relationship to themselves, if they were able to spend their honeymoon phase together alone like it should be.
            Staring at their hands linked together in such an intimate way gave him the confidence he needed to pull through with the plan. He was forever grateful to Danielle for agreeing to cover their relationship. Zayn knew that Danielle wouldn’t be able to do it forever, so he realized he had his own obligation to find someone, but he would be forever grateful to that woman as well.
            Zayn glanced back up to Liam trying to see his reaction, hoping that it was a good one.  He watched as Liam’s face widened with surprise, brightened with happiness, and glowed with joy. He pulled Zayn into a tight hug, hiding his face in the crook of Zayn’s neck.
            “I’m sorry it took me so long,” Zayn muttered, hugging Liam back just as tightly, if not tighter.
            Liam’s hands moved away from Zayn’s torso to Zayn’s face, pulling the shaking Bradford boy into a hard kiss. Zayn’s eyes widened, gasping softly, nipping at Liam’s lips, kissing him back artfully.
            Their hands soon made their way under each other’s shirts, feeling both of their rapid heart beats and ragged breathing. Zayn couldn’t take it any longer and torn Liam’s shirt off. Liam had taken a more graceful approach and slipped Zayn’s shirt off, their lips seeming to never break apart.
            Zayn felt Liam’s hands suddenly reach the hem of his pants, working on the button and zipper. He felt panicked, he wasn’t sure if he would be allowed to stop Liam with out any judgment, or if Liam would want to break up their relationship already because Zayn didn’t want to go any further.
            “Liam,” Zayn finally spoke up as his pants were about to be pushed off, “I don’t think we should,” Zayn trailed off as he pushed Liam off of him, moving away from him a bit, trying to get his pants back on.
            Liam smiled kindly at Zayn and pecked his lips gently. “Hey, it’s okay. I get it, you don’t want to base our relationship on purely sex,” Liam said leaning forward to peck Zayn again, “I get it, and it’s okay if we don’t for a while, it would be better if we didn’t for a while. That’s what you were going to say right?”
            Zayn let out a breath of relief, and fell into Liam’s chest, kissing the exposed skin. Liam, pulled him into a hug, kissing the top of his head. Zayn hugged Liam back, unable to hold back a smile that was planted on his lips.
            “Do you want to go out and watch the telly? The boys won’t be back for a while still,” Liam said chuckling happily.
            Zayn shook his head as he breathed in Liam’s sent, and shivered. He couldn’t believe they were going to do this, he was so happy that they were, he just wanted to lay with Liam, and obviously Liam wanted the same as he tugged off their pants laying Zayn down, grabbing the blanket and covered them, holding Zayn in his arms.

            Zayn continued to stare at Liam as his eyes and mind came back into focus, and slowly pulled off his headphones. They were about to land, and the only reason he knew this was because he could hear Niall squirming, even with a private jet, the shaking of the plane always freaked him out.
            He sighed softly, smiling slightly at Liam, and scooted close to him shaking him to wake up. The boy groaned and slowly sat up before falling onto Zayn’s shoulder, nuzzling his neck.
            “Hey baby,” He whispered hoarsely.  Zayn went slightly ridged, and this caused Liam to look at their surroundings and frown slightly. “Have you thought about what we talked about?” Liam asked quietly.
            Zayn nodded and placed his hat on his head, not exactly wanting to know the damage to his hair. “I have… and I think… I think it’s a great idea Liam, I want to come out with you, but… I need to “break up” with Stephanie, and we need to let that settle before we come out,” Zayn murmured, wrapping his arm around Liam’s shoulder’s as Liam wrapped his arm around Zayn’s waist.
            Louis caught Zayn’s eyes and smirked knowingly, and Zayn and Liam stuck their tongues out at Louis. This caused Louis to laugh loudly, making Niall even more nervous, and curious. He looked at Zayn and Liam who were holding each other, and flipped them off thinking that they were making fun of him.
            Niall was on top of Louis’ lap hugging him tightly as the airplane shook, and screeched as it landed. Harry was already walking around the plane. Of course he had to go to Louis and Niall and sit on Niall to make the boy calm down, think about something else, and to make Louis notice him.
            Because the other three boys were distracted, Liam took this opportunity to pull Zayn into a quick kiss, but of course their kisses could never be quick because they were so rare. They slowly became engulfed in each other, Liam’s hands gripping Zayn’s neck and jaw, pulling him closer, Zayn’s hands gripping Liam’s biceps.            
            “Now that’s not fair at all! They get to make out while you attack us? Attack them!” Louis protested, trying to help Niall push Harry off of them.
            Zayn and Liam pulled away quickly from each other, Zayn’s hat falling off between them. They both reached for the hat their hands touching. Zayn whipped his hand back like he had been burned, he was too flustered at the moment to comprehend what they were doing, what they looked like they were doing. Liam took the hat and gently placed it back on Zayn’s head chuckling. Zayn blushed darkly, glad for his darker skin to hide his blush.
            “Get a room!” Harry yelled at them getting up towards the door, they were able to hear the cheering of girls outside.
            Louis began to make kissy faces at Liam and Zayn who were sitting meters away from each other now. Niall got up, pulling Louis up with him kissing him softly before they headed behind Harry.
            “So should we start right now? Or do you want to wait until you “break up” with Stephanie?” Liam asked as he helped Zayn up off of the couch.
            “Well… I would like to, it’s not like I ever confirmed that me and Stephanie were dating, and it’s known that you and Danielle broke up, and that you’re with some mysterious person…” Zayn trailed off.
            Liam smiled brightly and pulled Zayn into a kiss, leading him to the door, pulling away slowly as they slowly climbed down the stairs. He made sure that he and Zayn’s left hands were intertwined and never left each other’s hold as they moved down the stairs, and signed girls various objects and body parts, and took pictures.
            They entered their shuttle that they’d be taking to the hotel they’d be staying in. Zayn and Liam sitting together in the back, and Louis sat between Harry and Niall, his arms wrapped around both boys, focusing on his boyfriend, and his bromance at the same time.
            Louis had noticed Harry’s behavior getting bad since him and Niall had officially gotten through all that they had, and got together romantically. Harry had become extremely jealous that his best friend wasn’t paying him as much attention as was normal. Which Louis was able to understand to an extent, he wondered if it was something more, or if Harry had acted this way when he was with Eleanor and he hadn’t noticed.
            Louis turned his head slightly to glance back at Zayn and Liam, and turned away again when he saw their faces really close, he didn’t think anything off it. Then he looked again when he thought something of it and began to laugh.
            “So are you boys finally coming out of the closet?” Louis questioned, smacking Zayn’s hat off of his head.
            “Oi! Don’t touch my hat!” Zayn yelled as Liam quickly snatched it out of the air.
            “Oh my god! Look at Zayney’s hair!” Harry shouted obnoxiously laughing just as obnoxiously.
            “It doesn’t look that bad!” Zayn yelled back grabbing the hat and putting it back onto his head. He crossed his arms glaring at the three boys, Harry and Louis because they were the cause of Niall, his best friend’s, continuous laughter. Every time he would sober up, he would look at the two boys then Zayn, then Liam and start laughing again.
            Zayn grumbled curses under his breath as he scooted away from Liam who was covering his mouth to hide the fact that he thought Zayn’s hair was hilarious, he of course, didn’t want to hurt his boyfriend’s feelings, knowing that he was self conscious about his hair.
            Zayn wouldn’t allow Liam near him in the shuttle, pushing him away with his feet, until the car stopped and the door opened. Zayn moved quickly to get out of the shuttle, arms still crossed, his back to the rest of the boys. Liam followed after the rest of the boys, wrapping his arms around Zayn’s waist, placing his chin on Zayn’s shoulder.
            “Hey, we were just playing with you, but since we’re at the hotel if you want… We could take a shower,” Liam whispered in Zayn’s ear quietly, forgetting that they had screaming fans all around them. Yep, their relationship would be spread quickly.
            Zayn glanced at Liam, before turning his head to kiss Liam’s temple, the action hidden by his at. Liam smiled brightly and moved his hands to Zayn’s sides and began to tickle him. Zayn jumped laughing loudly and quickly moved away from Liam going to the fan’s to sign everything he gave them and to take pictures.
            Zayn had felt his left hand being taken by Liam’s again when they finished, and pulled Liam’s arm around his shoulder, so that their hands were intertwined, and so they were closer together. Right when they entered the hotel, they exchanged a small kiss, actually a few small kisses.
            Harry had made sure to put himself behind both couples, knowing that even though Louis and Niall were not trying to make their relationship known, they were still all over each other. And obviously, Zayn and Liam were telling the band and everyone else about their relationship. He was shocked to see Liam and Zayn kissing, but as he listened to what they had thought was a quiet conversation he realized that they had been together for a long time.
            So here Harry was, herding the boys to the elevator, trying to get them to their suit before they humped each other. Harry’s mind drifted to that mountain town they had visited while in America, and the girl that had been there with a famous Kaiden. The girl had obviously liked him, and she was definitely his type, in his age range. He thought if he should contact her to see what she was doing, who she was dating.
            Harry successfully herded the male couples into the elevator, leaning against the door staring at them, more so glaring than staring. He knew that he would soon become problematic for his band mates, but when he was jealous, he couldn’t see anything else around him, focus on anyone else. He was still the youngest of the band, and the most sensitive despite what others thought.
            Harry shook out his hair and coughed when the door opened, causing the couples to pull away from each other long enough to follow their management, and Harry, to their suit where they’d be spending the night.

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