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A Dangerous Dance (Ziam)


            Liam and Zayn have been sneaking and fooling around with each other. This didn’t start immediately after the night at Zayn’s birthday party. Liam had wanted Zayn so badly, but Zayn couldn’t handle all the pressure Liam was putting on him. It was causing him a bit distress, and made him pull away from Liam.

            His hazel eyes opened suddenly, not able to comprehend yet where he was. He moved his arms to try to get to a place where he could push himself up, or sit up, but something was wrapped around his body.
            Liam’s eyes cleared, the fog of waking up disappearing. He looked at his surroundings, but he was only met with Zayn’s face, pressed against his. Liam jerked his face away, his lips pulling away from Zayn’s, their hair separating. He looked around more, seeing that he was in Zayn’s bed, in his room.
            Liam stopped his jerky movements, not wanting to wake Zayn up. Slowly he untangled himself from Zayn. The Wolverhampton slipped out of the bed quickly, getting dressed as fast as he could, and worked at opening the door swiftly. He was becoming jerkier when he heard Zayn stirring in the bed. He rushed down the metal stairs, looking around, seeing that there wasn’t anyone passed out in Zayn’s and found that he was able to escape Zayn’s flat with out a sighting.
            Once he was out of the flat he let out a stress filled breath, staring down at his bare feet. He hadn’t bothered putting his shoes on, or buttoning up his flannel; he just needed to get out of Zayn’s house to figure out what had happened that night.
             “Tsk, tsk, tsk, ye old walk of shame. Who knew our own Liam Payne would be doing one of his own,” Liam heard, he spun around and saw a smirking Louis.
            “What are you doing out here?” Liam asked his face darkening.
            “Well, I was going to talk to Eleanor, seeing as Niall is still pissed at me about New Years,” Louis said shrugging. Liam figured he was going to talk to Eleanor about their relationship, because that’s what Liam just figured he would do with Danielle because he wanted Zayn not Danielle.
            “Well, you
were an arse,” Liam replied mimicking Louis.
            “Speaking of arses, how’s yours?” Louis asked a smug grin on his face. Obviously everyone at the party had seen them, and heard them. Liam was a bit not okay with this, his own face completely flushing again, reaching down from his neck to the tip of his ears.
            “Mine is great, actually,” Liam coughed looking down, shifting from foot to foot uncomfortably, and then gave a smug grin to Louis, “I don’t know about Zayn’s though, he was still sleeping when I left.”
            Louis sighed shaking his head a disappointed frown on his face, he knew Liam was a smart kid, hell; Liam was usually the one that gave advice. Right now though, Louis was doubting how smart he really was when he came to his own problems.
            “Li, how do you think Zayn’s going to feel when he wakes up and you’re not there?” Louis asked walking forward to pat Liam’s shoulders. His hands slipped down to button Liam’s shirt, all the muscle structure getting his mind distracted.
            “I know you’re worried he’ll reject you, or regret it, but remember, you were both sober when it happened. You have to deal with this like an adult, not like a fifteen year old boy,” Louis said sighing exasperated, “I’ll see you later Liam.”
            “Uh… Yeah, good luck with Eleanor,” Liam said, Louis looked back at him confusion planted on his face before waving at him as he walked away. Liam Stared after Louis, quickly going to his flat to change his clothes. He suddenly slowed down when he remembered all that had occurred between him and Zayn the previous night.
            It had been amazing, unexpected, but so wanted, so needed, and beautiful. Liam felt his heart pound from only the thought, the reminders of their night spent together. He knew he wanted to repeat that, and not only repeat that, but repeat the cuddling after, the bantering before. He loved being with Zayn in everyway that occurred that night. His mind wandered back to all the time they’d spent together in a purely platonic way, he wanted to keep that as well, but he knew he wanted romantic intentions placed behind it.
            Liam was suddenly brought out of his reverie when there was a knock at a door. He looked up seeing that he was standing in the middle of his flat spacing out. Slowly, dropping his shoes, he made his way to the door, trying to get his mind focused, and was trying to get the haze from spacing out away. He cautiously opened the door, afraid that Zayn would be on the other side, and be pissed off. He was also afraid that if Zayn was on the other side of the door, he wouldn’t be able to control himself. Liam was afraid he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from grabbing Zayn and taking him again.
            He sighed happily, smiling at the woman that stood in front of him. He stepped to the side, glad that Danielle came instead of making Liam call her. She entered and made herself comfortable in Liam’s living room. Liam shut the door, and made his way to Danielle sitting down next to her, relaxing on his couch.
            Danielle stared down at Liam’s still mostly unbuttoned shirt. Louis had done a bad job himself, a bit distracted by Liam’s drama, and Liam’s muscles. She sighed softly and undid the buttons before redoing them. Liam noticed that his heart hadn’t picked up when Danielle did this, he frowned slightly. He began to wonder if it had always been this way when he was around her. If he felt normal around this woman, and crazy around Zayn.
            He shook his mess of curls trying to clear his head, knowing there was a reason he wanted to talk to Danielle. Obviously there was a reason she wanted to talk to him because she wouldn’t have come to his flat on her own if she didn’t have a reason.
            “Liam, we should talk,” Danielle said quietly, stopping her movements on Liam, becoming a bit unsure of what she was doing. She continued, knowing that if she didn’t finish buttoning his shirt, it would drive her up an O.C.D. wall.
            Liam hadn’t ever seen Danielle hesitate with anything before; this was what caused his heart to quicken. He felt his palms beginning to become clammy, wondering what was going to happen, what Danielle was going to say. Slowly he nodded, indicating for her to continue with what she was going to say.
            “Liam… I know I said we should be on a break, and try to see other people, but I- I can’t… I can’t get you out of my head,” Danielle whispered, biting down on her lip, looking up at Liam from under her lashes. She took Liam’s hands, feeling how nervous he was she smiled at him slightly.
            Liam stared at her wide-eyed; he had not been expecting that. He had been expecting anger about something, or her telling him he had found someone, something that wasn’t that. Liam pulled his hands away, rubbing them on his jeans, trying to get them to stop sweating.
            “Danielle… I couldn’t get you out of my mind either Last night at Zayn’s party, it was so hard to not think about you,” Liam murmured trailing off, looking away from her, a small smile forming.
            “Oh,” Her voice was a very defeated tone, “There’s a but in there isn’t there?” Danielle asked quietly, a sad, but kind, smile forming on her face.
            “I’ve never hooked up with some one before. Although… I really couldn’t count that as hooking up since we were both sober and there were mutual feelings,” Liam rambled on, ringing his hands out, biting down on his lip, chewing it.
            “Do I know her?” Danielle asked hesitantly. This made Liam snort, and caused a glare to shoot at him from Danielle.
            “Yeah, you know him,” Liam corrected, glancing up at her shyly, Danielle’s mouth forming an ‘o’ shape.
            “But… I can’t be with him for the band sake. I mean… Louis and Niall are both fighting, and doing this stupid dance where they like each other, but won’t admit it and… they are just being difficult. It’s already making us all on edge as it is, if I start another thing, it could potentially tear us apart,” Liam rambled putting his hands in his hair, leaning forward, trying to calm his breathing.
            “Is… Is it Zayn?” Danielle asked hesitantly, she watched as Liam slowly nodded his head and glanced up at her.
            “Liam… I don’t even… What do I say?” Danielle asked him shaking her head beginning to stand up. Liam’s eyes widened as a light bulb went off above his head.
            “Danielle… I need to ask you a favor,” Liam said suddenly, grabbing her wrist, his heart pounding faster than it had been the entire morning.
            “What?” She snapped at him. Seeing his startled expression, she calmed herself and sat down, placing her hand on Liam’s cheek rubbing it gently, encouraging him to continue.
            “I love you Dani, you know that, you’re one of my best friends… And I would appreciate if you kept Zayn and me in the vault… And keep our splitting up between us?” Liam asked, reaching for her hands again, trying to insinuate what he was trying to imply.
            “Wait… You want me to be your… your beard? So you can date Zayn?” Danielle asked furrowing her eyebrows. Liam nodded hesitantly, his heart pounded as he waited for her answer, he knew it wouldn’t be bad if she said no; he’d just have to be careful with Zayn, which wouldn’t be hard. She sighed softly, bringing one of her hands to pinch the bridge of her nose.
            “Liam… I will do this for you as long as you need,” Danielle said smiling kindly, “I want you to be able to with the one you want to be. And hopefully, at some point, you two won’t have to hide.”
            “Danielle! You really are the best!” Liam cried happily, hugging her tightly.
            “Does Zayn know about this plan?” She asked quietly. Liam froze slightly from the question, both of them jumping apart when there was a knock at the door.
            “Not yet, but I have a feeling I’ll be telling him pretty soon,” Liam said standing up facing the door.
            “We will be having lunch soon, okay? I want to know what happened,” Danielle said pecking Liam’s cheek. He led her to the front door, his hand on her lower back out of habit.
            “Of course, see you soon,” Liam said opening the door for her. His heart skipped a beat, and continued in this manner as he saw Zayn standing there very disheveled, his brown eyes wide with worry and angry, his hair very sexed up.
            “Oh… I see you have… err… I’ll,” Zayn started, Danielle cutting him off.
            “Nope, I was just leaving. We were settling our affairs. Liam is all yours now Zayn,” Danielle said winking, and walked out of the flat.
            Zayn stared after her and stared at Liam angrily, stomping in. “You told her what happened last night!?” Zayn growled as he made his way to Liam’s couch, his heart beating quickly. After waking up, he got dressed as quickly as possible, waiting for his pill to kick in before he went to yell at Liam for leaving him.
            “I’m sorry for leaving you this morning,” Liam said softly, making his way to an obviously very angry Zayn. Liam shut the door quietly, trying to pull in a smug grin, even if Zayn had taken a pill, he was still limping. He sat down next to him, glancing at him, trying to show him how sincere he was.
            All the anger Zayn had felt melted away when he had glanced into Liam’s eyes. He huffed running his hands through his already messy hair. “It’s fine… I would have as well,” Zayn murmured realizing the reality of what had happened, “I have before… so… it’s understandable.”
            “Zayn… I… Last night…” Liam began, Zayn held up a hand to stop him.
            “I know, it can’t ever happen again. It was a mistake… yadda, yadda, yadda, I get it, it’s fine,” Zayn said, patting Liam’s shoulder, smiling at him, it was so obviously fake. He stood up biting his lip needing to get away before his heart was crushed more.
            Liam growled and grabbed Zayn’s wrist pulling him back down, taking his chin in his other hand and made Zayn look at him.
            “Zayn, last night was the best night of my life. I wouldn’t have changed it for anything, and I wouldn’t trade anyone else to do it with. I couldn’t have been any better with any other people,” Liam said smiling widely, dropping his hands down to Zayn’s.
            Zayn’s eyes widened, and lurched forward pulling Liam into a needy kiss. His heart had just been about to break. Liam didn’t mind and pushed back against Zayn’s lips, their fingers intertwining as they kissed each other roughly. Because the kiss was so sudden, not enough air was sucked in before the kiss, they had to pull away from each other annoyingly.
            “So… What does this mean… for us I mean?” Zayn asked looking into Liam’s eyes happily, his eyes watery from the close call. Soon a frown formed on his face, his cool mask in place, trying to hide all emotions just in case his heart was indeed hurt.
            “I want us to be together Zayn, I’ve always wanted it, but I guess… I haven’t realized this until today,” Liam said furrowing his eyebrows, breathing in slowly. Zayn knew there was in a but in there, Liam only did that when there was a but.
            “But… We can’t tell anyone. I’m not ready for other people to know, and with all the drama going on with Niall and Lou, I don’t want to tear our band apart more that it’s already being torn.”
            “So you don’t want to tell the boys, our parents, or anyone?” Zayn asked. He was beginning to feel uneasy, queasy about Liam all of a sudden. He never though Liam would want to hide them, that he would feel the need to hide their relationship.
            “Yes… and of course, Danielle has agreed to keep up the façade of being my girlfriend,” Liam said, “More accurately, we’re not going to confirm or deny our relationship status. It’ll be implied.”
            Zayn pulled away from Liam as fast as he could, standing up and moving away from Liam before he could suck him right back in. His eyes were wide with hurt and disgust, he couldn’t believe that Liam had thought that this could possibly be a good idea.
            “I don’t want to be your dirty little secret!” Zayn exploded with furry, “I want to be yours completely, I don’t want to have to hide us. I… I have to think about this Liam.” Zayn shook his head rubbing his face as he stormed out of Liam’s apartment.
            Liam could only be angry with himself. It made sense why Zayn was angry about it, hell he’d be angry about it too if he was in Zayn’s position. He knew Zayn had been pinning for him for a very long time, but he could never admit it to himself until now. It was completely understandable that now that Zayn had a chance, he had to hide.

            Liam sighed quietly, watching Zayn coming back, glaring at Liam, and sat down next to him, adjusting his pants a bit. Liam dropped his arm around the older male’s shoulders, pulling him close.
            “You know I could have fixed that for you,” Liam whispered huskily, licking the shell of his ear. It had been months since Liam and Zayn started dating each other in secret, and their hearts never ceased to stop pounding whenever the other was close to them.
            “Please, we’re on a plane, any one of the boys could see, and one erection from you is enough,” Zayn murmured, glancing around before turning to face Liam, their faces millimeters apart.
            “Mmhmm, but it’s a private jet,” Liam responded quietly.
            “You’re the one that doesn’t want the boys to find out, or suspect that something’s going on between us, and right now you are totally not helping our hiding,” Zayn retorted as a grumble, his voice very low due to the whispering.
            Zayn’s brown eyes darted around again to make sure the other boys were asleep, when his eyes met Liam’s hazel, Liam knew it was okay. He closed the aching gap, pecking Zayn softly on the lips, before pulling away again, needing to control himself.
            “Actually… I was rethinking that,” Liam whispered, glancing down sheepishly.

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