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You Can Never Have too Much Ale (Nouis)


            “Eleanor… I think I’m in love with you,” Louis said meekly. Louis was walking in the park with Eleanor, trying to figure everything out before trying to ask for Niall’s forgiveness.
            Louis noticed Eleanor had stopped walking, he turned around quickly to face her sheepishly. Suddenly she began to laugh, which caused Louis’ heart to drop more.
            “I’m sorry,” Eleanor started trying to stifle her giggles, “I don’t think I heard you correctly. What did you say?”
            “I said that I think I’m in love with you Eleanor,” Louis said, his hands reaching for her hips to pull her close. His eyes looking at her adoringly.
            Her eyes widened leaning closer to Louis, turning her head slightly, gaining better eye contact, and trying to make sure she could hear him right. “What?”
            “God damnit Eleanor, I said I’m in love with you!” Louis raised his voice at her, his hands gripping her hips tighter.
            “Oh, Lou,” Eleanor said shaking her head, a kind smile on her face, “You told me this, fully knowing I can’t reciprocate those feelings. Why did you even tell me this? We were so good together.”
            “Were? Why aren’t we anymore? Why were?” Louis said his widening frightened he slowly felt her tearing his heart into smaller and smaller pieces.
            “Well, we have to break up Lou, you are in love with me, and I’m not. I can’t ever reciprocate these feelings,” Eleanor said, placing her hand Louis’ cheek, rubbing it gently with her thumb.
            “Why can’t you reciprocate Eleanor? We’ve been together for almost a year!” Louis said his blue eyes widening, pulling away from the woman.
            “Because Louis, you know how I feel about love, and you know that my heart belongs to someone else,” Eleanor said with a sigh, “And you know your heart also belongs to someone that isn’t me.”
            Louis stared at Eleanor, his eyebrows furrowing, trying to keep himself together, “Who does your heart belong to?”
            “Lou… My best friend since forever ago… We are… he is… I… I love him,” Eleanor said ashamed, “We were together while you and me dated. And it doesn’t matter since you’re not actually in love with me. You’re in love with someone else, and don’t tell me you’re not because I know what’s happened between you two.”
            “Eleanor,” Louis said desperately, his blue eyes widening, trying to stop the tears from falling.
            “Louis, please, just… Go to him. I have a feeling that we are beyond over,” Eleanor whispered, kissing Louis gently on the lips. He watched her walk away quicker than her normal gait.
            Louis made sure to sit down before he fell down. He was up against a tree, his head between his legs, the tears falling like he hadn’t cried in years. Which of course wasn’t true, he cried all the time being the sensitive man that he was.
            He shook uncontrollably, gripping his hair, and shirt tightly. He glanced up seeing that he was getting a few looks. He saw a few teenage girls contemplating whether or not they should go up to him. He pulled himself together, wiping his tears away as they fell. He texted Harry telling him where he was going just in case something happened to him.
            Louis found himself at a pub, hiding in the corner as he slowly began to drink. He was not used to just drinking by himself, he was used to drinking at a party with a lot of other  people.

            Louis some how made it back to his flat. He couldn’t remember what happened after Eleanor had said goodbye to him. He knew that he had been in love with him, there was no doubt, even if she may have doubted it. The pain of her saying all she did to him hurt to much for him not to be in love with her. The sharp stabs into his heart ands the shredding of it as she stomped on it confirmed his love for the woman. The feeling was now dulled by alcohol.
            He glared down at the lock and his key, trying to put his key into the hole. Finally, after pushing it in harshly and turning it, he was able to throw the door open, the door hitting the wall. He pulled out the key, slamming the door behind him. The boisterous laughter that had been coming from the living room died down from all the noise that Louis had made when he entered the room.
            “Lou?” Harry called from the living room.
            “Yeah?” Louis called back, his voice completely slurred, loud, and a lot of love spilling from his voice, an unusual amount of adoration. He would have had to hide his emotions had he been sober, but thanks to his drunkenness he didn’t have to hide.
            Harry had gotten up hearing Louis in such a way, worried him and he went to meet Louis half way, not wanting the other boys to see him like this. He lead the eldest boy to the kitchen, getting him some coffee.
            “What happened with Eleanor?” Harry asked gently handing him coffee. Louis smiled brightly, tears beginning to stream down his face. “I’m sorry Lou, did she say why?”
            “She found out!” Louis laughed loudly, “I’m guessing Liam told Danielle who told Eleanor,” Louis whispered like it was a big secret conspiracy theory, “She didn’t think I was really loving her. Oh! And she’s been cheating on me! Isn’t that great!” Louis slurred out drinking the hole cup of coffee before pulling Harry close to him, placing his face into the crook of the taller boy’s neck.
            Harry tugged Louis closer, hugging him righter, feeling Louis make love bites all up and down his neck. “Lou… I’m so, so, so, sorry. If you need to cry, I can kick the lads out, and we can have a good cry,” Harry whispered, pulling back slightly to look at Louis, smiling kindly at him.
            Louis laughed loudly nodding his head. “No! I want to see the boys!” Louis yelled, his voice still slurring and cracking. Louis hugged Harry again, making many marks on his neck, Harry huffing a bit annoyed. He knew how Louis got when he was drunk, once he was hugging someone, he would always bite and nip at them trying to make as many hickies as possible.
            Harry glanced up at the kitchen door seeing Niall standing in the doorway, his eyebrows furrowed with concern. “He’s drunk, and Eleanor broke up with him,” Harry responded quietly. Yelping when Louis bit him hard.  Niall nodded his head understanding, and stared down at his feet waiting.
            Harry slowly pulled away from Louis, and turned him around so he could see Niall standing there waiting. “I’ll… leave you two to it,” Harry said softly, ruffling Louis’ hair and patting Niall’s shoulder. He made his way out of the kitchen going back to the living room filing Liam and Zayn in.
            “Louis…” Niall whispered, slowly moving towards him, “I’m sorry about Eleanor,” Niall began, not believing his own words, he knew he shouldn’t be mad at Eleanor, but he couldn’t help it, “She’s an idiot to think that you don’t love her, that… That you’re not in love with her,” Niall murmured, biting down on his lip, trying to keep himself together as he talked to Louis. He stared down at the ground, his heart pounding harshly.
            “Nialler… My little leprechaun,” Louis slurred, and pulled Niall into a hug, soon he was snoring, still clinging onto Niall. He huffed and wrapped his arms around Louis’ waist, dragging him into the living room, unable to peel him off.
            “Do you want help?” Harry asked smiling gently.
            Niall shook his head. “I’ll just wait till he wakes up, and he’s sober enough to get to bed,” Niall murmured. The other boys nodded, Zayn and Liam leaving together.
            “Are you sure you’re okay with him on you like that?” Harry asked cautiously.
            “Yes, I’m totally fine with it,” Niall whispered petting Louis’ hair. Harry nodded and made his way upstairs into his room. Niall stared down at Louis, feeling completely pathetic, he was now preying on a boy that had just been through an obviously bad break up.
            “Hazza?” A voice croaked. Niall looked down, seeing Louis string.
            “No, it’s me, Niall,” Niall whispered, continuing to pet his head.
            “Oh…” Louis murmured. Niall rolled his eyes, and gently took Louis, sitting him up.
            “You should go to bed,” Niall said about to stand, but Louis pulled him back down.
            “Niall, I’m really very sorry about what I did the other day, I was being a real wanker, an arse. I’d get it if…” Louis began, but Niall cut him off.
            “Lou, you should get some rest. You had a hard day today, what with Eleanor breaking up with you, thinking that you don’t… that you’re not… in love with her,” Niall said standing up, “Now go to bed, so you can stop thinking about the idiot that believed you didn’t love them.” Niall began to walk towards the door.
            “Wait… Niall… You think I’m not in love with you don’t you,” Louis asked, watching Niall stiffen, he looked over his shoulder biting his lip, his eyes watering. “Niall, yes, I am in love with Eleanor, but I am so much more in love with you,” Louis said calmly, standing up to walk towards Niall, who had turned around, walking backwards.
            “Yes she was wrong about me not loving her, not being in love with her, but she was right about my heart not being able to completely belong to her. I’m completely and totally in love with you Niall, I don’t need her, but I need you,” Louis whispered, getting closer to Niall.
            “Lou… Louis…. I can’t… Not right now. I really should… I should go home and sleep, we have to leave in the morning,” Niall murmured, “I have… I have to go,” Niall said quickly before running out of the flat.
            Louis quickly followed him out, stopping at the door when he saw Liam leaving Zayn’s flat. Liam was staring after a running Niall, and spotted Louis cocking an eyebrow at him, questioning why Niall was on the run.
            “He uh… He ran away after I told him,” Louis took a breath, “That I love him.”
            “And you aren’t going after him?” Liam asked his eyebrows furrowing.
            “He told me he couldn’t… Where are we going tomorrow?” Louis asked completely confused by everything at the moment.
            “We’re going down in the Middle Eastern area,” Liam said furrowing his eyebrows, “which reminds me, Harry already packed for you, so get your arse over to Niall right now. I can’t keep trying to solve you and Niall’s little spats,” Liam said a bit exhausted.
            Louis shut the door behind him, watching Liam go to his flat, trying to focus his mind on Niall and what he was going to say to him, he didn’t want Niall to have doubts about them. He wanted them to be together with out either of them worrying about a thing.

            Niall hadn’t gone to sleep when he got home, he couldn’t, not after what Louis had told him. He dove into his guitar, it usually helped his mind focus, figure out his feelings or ideas, put them into order. He hoped that playing his guitar would help the turmoil in his brain.
            After playing for hours into the night, his thoughts were becoming even more chaotic. He packed his guitar away angrily. He grabbed his suitcase tearing it open, and threw random clothes inside, knowing that it wouldn’t matter what he put inside.
            He collapsed on his bed and fell asleep quickly, all hunger and inner turmoil leaving him, his body completely relaxing. His face fell into a natural smile.

            Niall felt a pare of hands on him gently shaking him. Of course he assumed it was Liam, since he was the only one that ever had to wake him up.
            “No… Liam… Go away. Let me sleep longer,” Niall whined out as a murmur.
            “Niall, it’s not Liam, it’s Louis,” Louis whispered, his lips pressing gently into the blonde’s ear.
            Niall hummed quietly, his brain slowly putting together what was just said. He jumped up turning around quickly, His blue eyes wide, Louis’ own blue eyes looking very ashamed.

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