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You Can Never Have too Much Ale (Nouis)

I apologize for the wait, and the shortness of the next chapters to come. There will be ten chapters in this story, and I will begin the sequel (the beginning chapters will be short as well).



            The boys were all over at Louis and Harry’s apartment, all except Niall, who was coming home from Ireland. The other four boys had left three days after the Sean incident, to see their own families. Louis was very twitchy s he laid on the couch with Harry. Niall and him had been talking and texting each other during the rest of their vacations. Louis hadn’t heard from Niall in hours because was flying.
            “Louis, please stop wiggling, or else we’ll stop cuddling,” Harry reprimanded.
            “No! Why?” Louis protested.
            “Because you are wiggling. Niall will text you when he gets out of the airport,” Harry confirmed. As if on cue, Louis squeaked when his phone squawked when he received a message alert from Niall. After quickly reading and texting back, Louis laid back down calmer. Harry sighed happily, and snuggled closer to Louis.

            “Sorry lads, I had to drop my bags off at my flat,” Niall began to say when he entered Harry and Louis’ flat. His accent had gotten thicker after his visit to Ireland, the jet lag also added to his thickened accent.
            Harry released a groan as Louis walked on him, over the couch shoulder and sprinted to Niall, jumping on him, wrapping his legs around Niall’s waist. His arms around Niall’s neck, and hid his face in Niall’s neck. Luckily for Niall, he had stuck to his New Years resolution and had been working out a lot, so they had not fallen, only stumbled back a few feet.
            “Hey Lou… Did you miss me?” Niall asked a small smile on his face and a chuckle escaping his lips.
            “No, but Harry really did,” Louis grumbled, kissing Niall’s neck. Niall moved his hands from around Louis’ back to his bum to keep him up, and his own pants up. “Cheeky boy you,” Louis said chuckling, Niall laughing loudly at Louis’ comment. He carried Louis to the couches the rest of the band was sitting on, and dropped Louis down on Harry.
            “Hey!” Harry whined out, “Is it abuse Harry day or something?” He shoved Louis onto Niall once the Irishman sat down.
            “Yes, didn’t you get the e-mail?” Louis asked feigning confusion as he snuggled close to Niall.
            “Oh yeah Harry, it’s trending on Twitter, even our fans know about it, babes,” Zayn said playing along. All the boys, except Harry, laughed, and Harry just pouted trying to cover a smile.
            “You lads are arse holes,” Harry grumbled.
            “And we like them,” Louis said with a serious tone, motioning him and Niall. All except Harry and Louis were able to keep a straight face while the youngest and oldest laughed.
            Louis sobered up, and glanced at Niall, wrapping an arm around his shoulders, and another around his torso, pulling him close. Niall reciprocated the contact, wrapping his arms around Louis’ waist. The other three boys made sure their eyes were glued to the television, trying to ignore Niall and Louis as they decided it’d be a good idea to become very coupley.
            Niall’s eyes fluttered up, finding themselves caught in Louis’ bright blues, his heart pounding harshly. Louis stared at Niall’s wide turquoise eyes; his own eyes half lidded, the innocence that the younger’s held made him shiver. The Doncaster boy, leaned forward slowly, a hand moving to Niall’s flushed face, holding it gently. Niall let out a low, barley audible growl, closing the distance.
            Their lips moved rhythmically, little sparks of electricity shooting back and forth, causing both boys to shiver. Niall gripped Louis’ shirt, trying to bring him closer, as the electricity became stronger. Both boys jumped when there was a chirping, the doorbell. Louis chuckled, and pulled Niall back, slowing down their kiss.
            They hadn’t even heard anyone get up to answer the door, Louis just assumed Harry would do it, since he was a bit busy at the moment.
            “Lou… It’s Eleanor at the door,” Harry said slowly, “Remember, your girlfriend Eleanor?”
            Louis pulled away when he heard the name Eleanor, jumping up from the couch at the words girlfriend and his.
            “What?! Louis William Tomlin-,” Liam started to reprimand, standing up, but was interrupted by Louis.
            “Liam, not right now, please,” Louis growled, he quickly made his way to the door. He took Eleanor’s hand, leading her inside the flat. Liam glanced over to Niall, who was still in a bit of shock. That was why he was going to yell at Louis, he was overprotective of Niall, and the fact that Louis… He just couldn’t think about it at the moment, his mind stuck on Niall’s unnaturally blank face.
            “Would you like to hang out with me and lads today?” Louis asked a bit sheepishly.
            “Sure,” Eleanor said smiling. She sat down next to Louis, who sat next to Niall. “How was Ireland, Niall?” Eleanor asked smiling, the smile wavering when she saw his face.
            “Sorry, I can’t chat. I have to go finish unpacking, or else it won’t ever get done,” Niall said jumping up and practically running out of Louis and Harry’s flat.
            Harry, Liam, and Zayn turned to look at Louis with disbelief and anger written all over their faces.
            “What?” Louis asked innocently after Eleanor clued him into the fact that he was being glared at.
            “You really are unbelievable Louis. We are having a talk later,” Liam reprimanded finally, standing up, wiping the invisible dust off of his pants, “I’m going to speak to Niall in the mean time, making sure he remembers to pack.”
            “Was it something I said?” Eleanor asked after Liam asked, knowing Niall’s leaving was because of her presence.
            “No, you were perfectly lovely, on the other hand, Louis was being a complete arse,” Zayn spoke up, because Harry was still staring at Louis with disbelief. He couldn’t believe what his friend had done. He didn’t think Louis could be that cruel ever.

            “Niall, where are you?” Liam asked loudly as he walked into the leprechaun’s flat. Liam heard a quiet “shit,” and then a little louder, “In my room”. Liam shook his head angrily and made his way to Niall’s bedroom where he was indeed unpacking, violently, and sniffling, but unpacking non the less. Liam sat on the ground next to Niall, he didn’t have to say anything, his presence was enough for Niall to break.
            “Why do I keep falling for these shitty guys that just use me for what ever the hell reason?” Niall gasped out, obviously pained by the sight of Louis with Eleanor.
            “Have you fallen for him Niall?” Liam asked quietly.
            Niall visibly stiffened before his body completely fell, all his muscles becoming relaxed. “I… I guess… I have.”
            Liam sighed softly and grabbed Niall pulling him into a tight hug. Niall collapsed into Liam soft sobs leaving his mouth. Liam’s shirt becoming wet, but he didn’t care, he just wanted Niall to feel better.
            “I’m so sorry Nialler. I would not have let him lead you on for this long if I knew he was still with Eleanor. I will be castrating him later, don’t worry,” Liam growled, he held Niall tighter, causing the boy to cry harder.
            “The least he could have done was take her some where else, and not show her off right next to me after we’d been so… so…” Niall stuttered through every sob, a louder sob escaping his lips.
            “Yes… that would have been the more… decent thing to do,” Liam huffed out.

            Niall and Liam had finished Niall’s unpacking, and was beginning to tell him what he needed to pack for their next mini tour. A loud slam was heard down stairs that caused both boys to jump up.
            “Don’t worry, it’s Zayn and me,” Harry shouted from the living room.
            “Where’s Louis?” Liam asked leaving Niall’s bedroom.
            “He’s still with Eleanor,” Harry replied to Liam when they were out of Niall’s earshot.
            “Why’d you leave?” Liam asked sitting down with the other two.
            “Because they started snogging,” Zayn muttered, placing his arm around Liam’s shoulder.
            A loud gasp and hiccup was heard from Niall’s room. After a few minutes of silence, Niall came out his perfectly created fake bright smile placed on his lips. He had perfected the art of fake smiles, making it reach his eyes.
            “Hey lads, are you hungry, because I am,” Niall said skipping to his kitchen, “Shit!”
            Liam sighed shaking his head, he’d never heard the boy curse so much in a day.
            “What’s wrong?” Harry called back with a snigger, able to guess what was the problem himself.
            “I don’t have any food,” Niall whined loudly as he came back to the living room, setting himself between Liam and Harry, leaning his head on Harry’s shoulder, seeing that Liam’s shoulder was occupied by Zayn’s hand.
            “What if we went to Nandos?” Zayn spoke up.
            “What if we did?” Niall grumbled, his face in full puppy dog pout mode.
            “That would make you feel better right?” Zayn asked.
            “No, but it would make me feel less hungry,” Niall said with a small chuckle.
            “Then it’s a foursome date,” Harry said jumping up.
            “One of these days…” Zayn trailed off dreamily.

            “No, never mind! I’m not really in the mood for Nandos! Oh look! A MacDonald!” Niall said quickly, turning on his heel beginning to walk towards the restaurant.
            “Since when are you not in the mood for Nandos?” Harry asked grabbing Niall’s arm.
            “Since Louis decided it’d be a great idea to bring Eleanor to Nandos for a date,” Zayn whispered in Harry’s ear. 
            “You have to face him sooner or later, better be soon because you two will be in tight quarters when we go back on tour,” Harry said, dragging Niall into the restaurant.
            Liam had heard the exchange, and looked for him, when he spotted him he glared, and in the midst, accidentally made eye contact. Louis jumped up about to go over to them a smile on his face, Liam shook his head a disappointed frown on his face. Louis slowly sat down, his face falling, and went back to focusing on Eleanor.
            “See he knows that he’s not allowed to talk to you,” Harry said wrapping an arm around Niall’s waist.
            “You know what you need to start doing? You need to play hard to get,” Zayn suggested, wrapping his arm around Niall’s shoulder. Niall didn’t respond, dropping his head trying to fight the urge to look at Louis.
            While Niall and the boys were eating, Niall got up, going to the bathroom, not realizing Louis had gotten up seconds after to do the same. Louis entered the bathroom, unaware Niall was already inside. Niall had came out of a stall, preferring his privacy, and went to the sink, washing his hands and checking his face and hair. Louis came out of the stall, washing his hands. His eyes wandered around the bathroom and saw Niall, his heart skipping a beat.
            “Niall?” Louis asked sheepishly. The Irishman visibly froze, Louis continued, “Why are you so angry with me?” Louis walked forward, not wanting to scare Niall, acting like he was a wild animal.
            Niall turned around slowly, his big turquoise eyes bigger than usual. Louis moved closer, placing his hands on either side of the sink counter, keeping Niall in place. Niall sucked in a breath, his bright blues staring into Louis’.
            “Why are you so angry with me?” Louis repeated.
            Niall’s watery eyes hardened. “Do you seriously not know what you did?” Niall asked in disbelief, “I’m not going to tell you if you don’t even know! You need to figure it out on your own!” Niall shouted angrily, ducking under Louis’ arm running out of the bathroom.

            Louis slowly entered the Lion’s den, Liam’s flat. He looked around, not spotting him so he sat down on the younger male’s couch waiting.
            “Oh good you’re here, I have to yell at you before Danielle gets here,” Liam said looking down at his watch.
            “First before you yell at me, will you tell me why all of you are so angry with me?” Louis asked standing up irritated when Liam came into view.
            “Louis, how do you think Niall’s going to feel when you’re all over him in such an intimate way, and then you do the exact same thing with Eleanor, in front of him? Whom we all assumed you were no longer with because of Niall. Does she even know everything that’s happened between you and Niall?” Liam lectured shaking his curly locks out in frustration.
            “I… I didn’t even realize, whenever Eleanor’s around… I just… Forget about everything around me,” Louis said quietly sitting back down, “It’s just a mild version of what it’s like when Niall’s only around and not them both.”
            “It sounds like you’re in love with both of them Lou,” Liam said softly.
            “It does doesn’t it? I’m pathetic aren’t I?” Louis asked quietly dropping his head in his hands, “I’m in love with two completely different people, what do I do?”
            “Louis, I couldn’t tell you for sure, but I think you should as Eleanor if  she feels the same way. I think that might make the decision easier,” Liam said rubbing circles in Louis’ back, “I’m still mad at you by the way. You’re not allowed to go anywhere near Niall until you’ve figured everything out.”
            Louis nodded, hugging an angry Daddy Direction tightly before getting up to leave. He let Danielle in and sluggishly made his way back to his flat, thinking about what he was going to do.

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