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You Can Never Have too Much Ale (Nouis)


            “Is Niall up yet?” Louis asked when he entered the dining room where the boys were eating breakfast.
            “No, not yet,” Harry said shrugging as he continued to eat.
            “Did you tell him there was food?” Louis continued. It was odd for Niall to not be out when there was food for the taking.
            “Yeah, he didn’t respond, him and Sean are probably still sleeping,” Harry replied.
            “Sean isn’t here any more, he left late last night,” Zayn spoke up.
            “What?!” Louis said, his blue eyes widening.
            “I was getting water, and I saw Sean leaving Niall’s room and leaving the house,” Zayn said casually as he ate. He looked up and saw Louis’ face, and his smile fell. “What? What’s wrong? What did I say?”
            Louis moved quickly out of the dining room, he found himself running quickly through the house, throwing himself through Niall’s door and into his room. He saw the boy splayed out in his bed, completely naked, his comforter barley covering him, not enough to make him look decent. Louis slowly moved over to Niall, and placed his hand on Niall’s forehead, causing the boy to flinch and wake up.
            Niall moved away from the hand, thoroughly scarred from the night. He opened his eyes and looked up to see Louis, and relaxed slowly, turning his face to look away. Louis sat down on the ground next to Niall. He grabbed the blanket and pulled it up to cover the boy completely.
            “Hey,” Louis whispered, running his hand over Niall’s cheek, and slowly moved it into his hair, “Are you okay?” He found himself mentally hitting himself because he knew the answer to that question.
            “Hey… No… I’m not, sorry,” Niall whispered, turning to look at Louis, tears forming in his eyes.
            “Why are you apologizing?” Louis asked chuckling.
            “I… Because I… I had sex with someone I didn’t love… That wasn’t you,” Niall whispered, looking away from Louis again.
            Louis sighed softly and pecked Niall’s cheek, the boy flinching slightly. “Niall, was this sex consensual, or…” Louis trailed off, not able to finish his sentence.
            “It… it was… I didn’t say to stop or no,” Niall murmured ashamed.
            “But… did you want it?” Louis asked, continuing to pet Niall’s hair. He heard the boy let out a sob and shook his head no.
            “I felt so gross, and disgusting. I… And then he just left me after…” Niall sobbed out. Louis moved to sit on the bed and pulled Niall into a hug, kissing his neck and shoulder and cheeks softly.
            “Lou… Should I get anything?” Harry asked softly, Louis nor Niall had heard the boy enter the room.
            “Yeah, get him some pain pills, glass of water, and food,” Louis said, looking up from Niall, continuing to hold the boy. Harry nodded and moved quickly out of the room, getting everything Louis told him to get. “Would you be okay with me laying down with you? I don’t want to leave you right now,” Louis whispered.
            Niall nodded slowly, about to shift over when Louis climbed over and laid down next to him. He glanced up and saw Liam and Zayn sharing an angry look. “You boys better not do anything idiotic,” Louis said frowning.
            Liam nodded his head and looked at Zayn again, both of them leaving the door way when Harry came back with everything Louis told him to get, just setting them on the nightstand. Harry stood there, staring at Niall with a sad smile. He leaned down and kissed Niall’s forehead softly, brushing his bangs back, and then left the room, shutting the door behind him.
            Louis growled quietly and kissed the spot that Harry had just kissed, and continued to kiss Niall everywhere else. “That was a bad move on his part,” Louis whispered, holding Niall closer.
            The Irish-man just laughed quietly burring his face in the crook of Louis’ neck. “I know… I shouldn’t say this… but I really do love you Lou. You have changed my life so much,” Niall whispered, “Changed my view, gave me enough strength to stand up for myself against Sean,” Niall continued.
            Louis looked down at Niall and smiled softly. He pecked Niall’s soft lips and held him closer, running his hands slowly up and down Niall’s bare back. “You should take those pills now,” Louis murmured, pulling away enough for Niall to reach over and take his pills.
            Niall also noticed the food and started picking at it, sitting up to actually eat it. Louis relaxed in Niall’s bed watching him, knowing the boy didn’t share. “Do you want to get out of the house today? Or do you just want to lay in bed with me all day?” Louis asked quietly.
            “If we were to go out, what would we do?” Niall asked curiously, his mouth stuffed with food.
            “We could go to the carnival that is happening in town,” Louis suggested.
            Niall thought about it as he finished his plate of food and nodded his head smiling, setting his plate down. “Yeah, that sounds awesome, fun, and there is probably a lot of food,” Niall said smiling brightly.
            Louis sat and smiled brightly, glad that Niall was back to his normal self again. “Good, I want you to feel better, you don’t deserve anything Sean did to you,” Louis said kissing Niall’s cheek.
            Niall let frown slip through his happy façade, the reminder of Sean reminded himself of how tainted he thought he was, and thus caused him to pull away from Louis’ peck. “Don’t say that, he wouldn’t have done everything he did if I didn’t deserve it. He’s not like that,” Niall said softly, looking down at his hands that rested between him and Louis’ bodies.
            “Niall, I will make you realize one of these days that Sean was wrong in the way he treated you, and how I am going to treat you will be no comparison,” Louis whispered, touching Niall’s face softly, making the boy look at him. Niall just frowned before scooting closer to Louis to peck him on the lips.
            “How are you doing?” Louis asked him quietly, pecking him back.
            “I’m fine, I’m used to that treatment, so I’m fine,” Niall murmured against Louis’ lips. Louis’ arms slowly moved back to their place around Niall’s bare hips, his hands running up and down the males bare back.
            “I almost forgot that you’re naked,” Louis whispered when his hands wandered a bit too far down Niall’s body. He brought his hands up to Niall’s shoulder blades to stop himself from touching Niall inappropriately.
            “Don’t worry about it, if it would make you feel better about my being naked, think of Harry’s nudist ideals as if they were mine,” Niall said cheekily.
            “Ugh, no that doesn’t make it better, we should get you dressed and take you to the fair and have a lot of fun,” Louis said poking the boy’s cheek, causing the younger male to laugh.
            Louis smiled adoringly down at Niall, he crawled over the boy picking out clothes for him out of his suitcase, throwing them at him. “Get dressed, I’ll be back in a few minutes, so hurry,” Louis said winking back at Niall.
            Niall slowly sat up, sighing happily that the pills had decided to take effect. He found himself staring after Louis, staring at the closed door. Niall dressed quickly, going towards the door as it opened.
            Louis saw that Niall was up and jumped on him, almost knocking them both down. “Yay! Lets go to the carnival!” Louis shouted excited, his legs wrapped around Niall’s waist.
            “Vas happenin’?” Zayn asked confused when he saw Niall carrying Louis through into the living room.
            “We’re going to the carnival that’s in town today,” Niall replied when Louis was refusing to look up from the crook of Niall’s neck.
            “I want to go to a carnival!” Harry said excitedly.
            “No! He’s mine!” Louis shouted over his shoulder.
            “Harry, we’ll go as a trio and let Louis and Niall be,” Liam said patting Harry’s shoulder, the boy expressing feigned sadness on his face.
            “See you lads later!” Niall yelled from the entryway, leaving the house yelling at Louis, “You need to get off me, I’m not carrying you the whole way there, you’ll end up falling!”
            Zayn, Liam, and Harry all exchanged an equally angry look. They had an ass to kick. They all grabbed their phones and wallets, just in case they might need to bail someone out of jail. They left the house after a few minutes of more plotting.

            Time had passed quickly for Louis and Niall, they had gone on every ride they could, and were now sharing a funnel cake. Well, it was more like, Niall was eating a funnel cake, and allowing Louis to have a few pieces, which Louis didn’t mind. He loved watching Niall eat, he always had his goofy smile on his face when he ate.
            “What the hell is wrong with your friends Horan!?” Louis heard a voice yell. Louis looked up seeing two boys, one was obviously Sean, who was very bruised and scratched up, the other Louis didn’t know, but he was the one that had yelled.
            “Scott! How hav-… What happened Sean!” Niall said his eyes widening as he stood up. Louis stood, knowing that Sean could still loose it and go bat shit crazy on Niall.
            “Your boy band beat Sean up, went over to his house, dragged him out and beat him up,” Scott said, Sean glaring at Louis, a very evil glint in his eyes.
            “What!? Lou, did you know about this?” Niall asked turning to Louis desperately.
            “No… I didn’t think they’d go that far, in fact I told them to not do it because it could be bad for our image,” Louis said huffing, running his hands through his hair.
            “Well, look who decided to show their face to Niall again,” Niall turned around, seeing Harry growl this out.
            “I thought we told you to stay away from Niall? You don’t need to be talking to him any more, especially after what you did Sean,” Liam said in his fatherly, mature voice. Niall went up to Liam smacking him.
            “What the hell is wrong with you! You’re suppose to be the level headed one! Not a testosterone crazed man!” Niall said tears bubbling up in his blue eyes. Louis watched Scott and Sean intently, making sure that they wouldn’t do anything with the other four boy’s focus on a screaming Niall.
            Louis did agree with Niall, it was a very stupid idea, that’s why Louis was originally called the leader of the group. He was the oldest, and the most level headed, even though Liam seemed that way most of the time.
            “Niall, we were doing you a favor, he needed a taste of his own medicine,” Harry said for Liam, who was biting his lip looking away from Niall, rethinking everything he’d done.
            “And in our defense, he was taunting us about how “wonderful” last night was,” Zayn spit out, glaring up at Sean.
            Sean and Scott could hear the three boy’s conversation, and this caused Scott to look down at Sean.
            “What did you do with him last night that was so wonderful that they beat you up?” Scott asked, having a small idea of Sean and Niall’s relationship.
            Louis beckoned the boy over, Scott left Sean to slouch, try to stand on his own going over to Louis, who told him exactly everything he did, but in a short story. Scott turned to look at Sean, his mouth shaped like an ‘o’.
            “I’m going to get Sean out of here before anything more happens, it’s in uneven fight, not unfair, just not even,” Scott grumbled out, grabbing the other male harshly dragging him away.
            “See! Even your best friend thinks what Sean did was horrible,” Harry said desperately.
            Suddenly Liam pulled Niall into a hug, whispering apologizes into Niall’s ear.             “Mate, that might not be such a good idea, Louis still gets really jealous,” Harry whispered as Louis slowly turned around.
            Liam nodded and pulled away ruffling Niall’s hair, “You need to have more fun now, and probably finish that funnel cake. Haz, Zayn, and I are going to go on some rides. And Yes I promise, actually rides, no beating anyone up,” Liam said softly, pushing the other two lads ahead of him.
            Louis waved good-bye to them as he hugged Niall from behind, his arms wrapping around Niall’s neck. His lips brushed Niall’s ear, causing the boy to shiver softly.
            “Do you want to finish that funnel cake? Or do you want to go on the one ride we haven’t gone on yet?” Louis asked quietly, watching the sun set over the green hills.
            “What ride haven’t we been on yet that we can fit on?” Niall asked quietly.
            “The Ferris wheel,” Louis whispered pointing to the left.
            “Oh… Sure, I’m sure Kevin’s cousins will be finishing the funnel by now,” Niall said cheekily.
            “I miss that pigeon, we should get in touch with Kevin,” Louis said thoughtfully, causing Niall to laugh more.
            Louis took Niall’s hand in his own and lead him in the direction of the Ferris wheel. They were put in their own little carriage, Louis snuggling close to Niall because he had not planned for the night to get cold.
            Niall wrapped an arm around Louis, trying to slow down his breathing, Niall buried his face into Louis’ neck, who had wrapped his arms around the boy’s waist.
            “Are you okay Nialler?” Louis whispered smiling slightly, looking down at Niall adoringly.
            “Mmhmm,” Niall hummed, he didn’t want Louis knowing he was smelling him. Niall wanted to be able to get away with doing it, and he was trying to work the courage up to do what was normally done at the top of the Farris wheel.
            “Niall… look at Mullingar, it’s beautiful,” Louis whispered, his dark blue eyes wide with awe. Niall took this as his cue to pull his head from the crook of Louis’ neck. He looked up, his own blue eyes widening seeing the few of his small town made him sigh softly.
            He leaned his head against Louis’, who had turned his head slowly, pecking Niall’s cheek. Niall turned slowly to look at Louis, their foreheads and noses touching softly, comfortably.
            Niall’s eyes fluttered downwards, too embarrassed to look straight into Louis’ eyes. Louis let out a breathy laugh, moving his head slightly so that their lips brushed. Niall’s eyes looked back up seeing Louis’ own bright blues looking back at him. Both their eyes were half lidded staring at each other nervously. Their hearts pounded together rhythmically, fast and hard, ready to explode out of them.
            The way their lips were barley touching was driving Niall crazy, he wanted to move forward, to feel Louis’ lips against his fully, but he was afraid, of what, he didn’t know. The carriage they sat in shifted as the wheel began to move, the sudden movement pushed Niall and Louis closer. Their lips firmly against each other’s.
            Their lips moved in unison, perfection, all the emotions that needed to be expressed from both parties pushed in. All emotion turmoil experience was leaving. Niall wrapped his other arm around Louis’ neck, both boys pulling each other closer. They heard a cough, and slowly pulled away from each other, seeing that it was their turn to get off of the ride.
            Louis slowly unwrapped himself from Niall, helping him out of the carriage, seeing that the boy was a little dazed. He lead the boy to a bench setting him down. Louis laid Niall’s head down in his lap, seeing that he had fallen asleep. Louis leaned back on the bench with a contented sigh.
            He knew they had a long journey ahead of them, more problems and insecurities of both parties had to solve before they could truly be happy with being with each other and be together. Louis petted Niall’s soft blond hair, smiling down at him lovingly; he couldn’t wait till Niall could be completely his.