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You Can Never Have too Much Ale (Nouis)

This chapter was very hard for me to write. This chapter contains slight verbal and physical abuse, and mention of abuse, and an implication of rape. I couldn’t write about the rape, I was really crying, and ready to throw up as I wrote this. Please read with caution.


            The boys were in their separate flats, with in the same complex, packing for their vacations. Niall was in his flat stressing because the boys had the bright idea of going to Ireland with him. He was pretty sure it was Liam’s idea because he was worried about something, which reminded him that he had the male sitting on his couch waiting for him to talk.
            “What was it you wanted to talk about?” Niall asked coming into the living room with his suitcase.
            “The reasons you are constantly pushing and pulling Lou. It’s obvious you fancy him, so I really am curious as to why you’re holding back,” Liam said crossing his legs and intertwining his fingers together.
            “Liam… Why did you decide for the whole band to come to Ireland with me?” Niall asked changing the subject.
            “Because of Sean, which is whom I am most concerned about, and he is also the reason I think you are going on this little rollercoaster with Lou,” Liam said standing up to follow Niall into the kitchen. Niall was hoping he could escape into the kitchen to think about his answer, and calm himself down, but of course he couldn’t escape ‘Daddy Direction’.
            “Sean is… One of the main reasons, yes,” Niall murmured pulling out a vitamin water to suckle on while they talked.
            “Nialler… Are you still… With him?” Liam asked quietly, like there were other people in the flat that could possibly hear their private conversation.
            “It’s an open relationship for the most part, but the odd thing is, is that he can date outside of us, and I can as long as he never finds out… Or else,” Niall murmured, looking down at the ground, leaning on the kitchen counter.
            “Or else what Nialler? What does he do if he finds out you’ve been with some one else?” Liam pressed, his tone becoming softer, kinder.
            “He usually slaps me, which is understandable since he always tells me who he’s hooking up with, but I never tell him, and he has to find out through the press,” Niall rambles, trying to cover for Sean.
            “Stop. He. Slaps. You?” Liam growls, “Niall that is not okay, he has no right to slap you, for any reason. Especially if you two are in an open relationship, he should already know the consequences.”
            “Lili, it’s fine. It’s just a slap to the face, nothing I can’t handle,” Niall said shrugging, moving out of the kitchen, feeling closed in.
            “Now… To answer your previous question,” Liam started, following after Niall, “The reason that all of us are going with you to Mullingar is because of Sean. I was suspicious that he was being abusive, so we are going with you to make sure he doesn’t touch you in ways that isn’t okay,” Liam answered.
            “And where will you stay? There aren’t enough beds in my house to hold all of you guys. My mom has her room, my brother’s room is free, and there’s my room, and the living room,” Niall rambled, slowly becoming overwhelmed.
            “If we can’t figure out a way to stay in your house, then we’ll stay at the closest bed and breakfast, or hotel, okay Nialler?” Liam whispered grabbing Niall’s shoulders, squeezing them to calm him down.
            “You can’t stay in my room. I mean, my bed is big enough for me and one of you guys, and the floor is large enough for the rest… But uh…” Niall looked down a dark flush coming across his face.
            “I know, I know, Sean is staying in there with you for most of the time we’re there, I understand. I’ll figure things out Niall, okay?” Liam said softly, pulling Niall into a hug.
            “Okay… What about Lou though? Won’t he be angry at me, and start fights with Sean because he doesn’t get to sleep in the same room as me?” Niall started, his breathing becoming rapid because of the stress.
            “Lou has been able to sleep with out you in the same room before the tour, he can do it after,” Liam said with a snort, ruffling the younger boy’s head, “And if he tries to start anything with Sean, I’ll stop it before anything gets too out of line. You have nothing to worry about, I have got this, and Zayn and Harry are going to do their best to help me with this as well. We have got this situation unlocked.”
            Niall chuckled softly and hugged Liam quickly before going back to his room to grab his other suitcase and back pack. “I cannot believe you are all coming with me to Ireland,” Niall said shaking his head and rolling his eyes, “You are all mad.”
            “Only mad about you Nialler!” Harry cooed from the entryway, strolling in like he owned the place.
            “Oh, Haz, you don’t want to make Boo-Bear jealous about our special relationship,” Niall said in a completely fake flirtatious tone as Harry wrapped his arms around Niall’s waist.
            “Get off of my Niallanator before I castrate you Hazza, of course, I say this coming from a place of love,” Louis said smirking nonchalantly. Niall was about to contradict Louis’ statement, but Harry’s reaction just made him start laughing so hard he forgot about what he was suppose to say.
            “Now, now Lou, we’re going to play nice with Niall, and all the lovers he may have,” Liam said, making a joke of their previous conversation. Even though it was inappropriate to bring it up so soon, it brought the relief that Niall needed after it.
            “Why have you all flocked to my flat? I thought we were meeting outside at the shuttle,” Niall said frowning slightly.
            “We thought you should get a hug in your house from all of us. And we’re usually in Larry Stylesons house,” Zayn said going over Niall hugging him, his arms wrapped around his neck. Louis, of course, hugged Niall from behind, his arms wrapping around the boy’s waist, his lips pressed against his neck. The other two boys, just made the hugs tighter, all of them laughing because of the ridiculousness.

            All the boys arrived at Mullingar successfully, with out anything going awry on the way to Ireland. They grabbed their bags, greeted their fans and loaded into a shuttle that would take them to Niall’s home where they’d be staying for who knows how long. Soon they were walking inside of Niall’s house, being greeted by his mother and various family members and friends.
            Sean made a point of hugging Niall, longer than anyone else, whispering something into his ear and kissing his cheek before pecking his lips. Harry, Liam, and Zayn had all kept their promise to post the picture of Louis attacking Niall with his mouth. Although it didn’t look very realistic, Sean made sure Louis was watching them while he did all of these things to Niall.
            He had whispered, “I missed you, I’m so glad you’re home, and back with the people you belong with.”
            “Those people being you and not the lads?” Niall whispered back, his eyebrow slowly moving up.
            Sean chuckled, kissing his cheek, “Of course that’s what I mean you belong with me. You love me,” Sean whispered kissing Niall’s lips softly, before finally pulling away to greet the other boys.
            Liam moved over to Niall after being polite, and made Niall lead him to his brother’s room. Liam wanted to get Niall away from Sean, his family, and their band mates, so that he could talk to him privately. “So, he obviously saw the pictures of you and Lou,” Liam whispered.
            “Yeah, and he saw some photos of me with Kaiden, most of them of me kissing her,” Niall murmured, “I saw picture that someone had taken of Louis seeing us, and he didn’t look happy. I should really apologize to him,” Niall continued.
            “Niall, you shouldn’t have to apologize to anyone for anything that you do unless it’s hurting them because you’re hurting yourself, which you’re not,” Liam said his arm finding its way around Niall’s shoulders.
            They made their way into Niall’s brother’s old room, Liam locking the door behind them, and sat himself on the bed. Niall took his time to look around the room and then sit on the couch that was in the room.
            “Niall, I never got to ask you the other reasons why you’re holding back with Lou,” Liam said softly, not wanting anyone to hear that could be listening to their conversation.
            Niall looked down at his hands intertwining them and then pulling them apart, repeating this over and over before speaking. “I’m afraid,” Niall whispered.
            “What are you afraid of Niall, he loves you, loves you more than anything. He is the one that came to me to talk about Sean, he’s the reason we’re here right now Niall,” Liam said softly.
            “You told me that you lads coming was you’re idea,” Niall said a bit louder.
            “Only because Lou didn’t want you to know, he didn’t want you to be mad at him,” Liam said standing up moving over to Niall quickly wanting him to calm down.
            Niall avoided Liam’s eyes, his face flushed embarrassed. “So, back to the topic. What are you afraid of Nialler?” Liam asked quietly.
            “I’m… I’m afraid… I’m afraid of  what people with think,” Niall murmured, Liam pulling him into a hug.
            “Well you should know, that all us lads are behind you and Lou,” Liam said kissing Niall’s temple.
            “I’m not worried about you all,” Niall scoffed, “I’m worried about my family, his family, our other friends, our fans, the management, and-“
            “Whoa! Niall, you are over thinking everything. I get that you want to make all the people close to you happy, but it shouldn’t matter what they think if you’re happy,” Liam said smiling down at Niall with slightly sad eyes.
            “I can’t help it! There’s so many people that I have to consider when dating someone because of the paparazzi, and our fans,” Niall whispered.
            “Niall, you need to listen to me, you can’t let those people dictate who you can and can’t date. You are your own person, and you can’t help who you love,” Liam said sternly, “Now, that we know why you don’t go further with Louis, lets solve one of those problems at a time, okay?” Liam said patting Niall’s head.
            “Which problem are we going to deal with first?” Niall asked curiously.
            “Sean, we have to deal with him first, make sure that Louis doesn’t start a fight with him, and Sean doesn’t hurt you in any way,” Liam announced, feeling proud of himself and his boys.
            Niall’s eyes widened when Liam got up, went to the door and unlocked it. He through the door open, watching as Zayn, Harry, and Louis all fell to the floor of the bedroom. “You boys really need to stop eavesdropping, it’s caused a lot of problems with in this band. You Lou, should understand more so than Harry and Zayn,” Liam scolded.
            The boys began to laugh, which caused Niall to laugh as well allowing him to  become carefree for a few more moments before Sean came in to see why they were so loud. He stepped over the boys that were laying on the ground and sat down next to Niall, wrapping his arms around his waist.
            “Will you take a walk with me in the park?” Sean whispered in Niall’s ear, “We need to talk about us.”
            Niall stared at Sean for a moment before nodding his head slowly a sheepish smile on his face. Sean, moved his arm, to take Niall’s hand and pull him up from the couch.
            “Where are you going?” Liam and Louis said at the same time.
            “I’m going to the park with Sean, I’ll see you all in a few. Get settled in here, and my mum will help you all if you all can’t fit in here,” Niall said as Sean pulled him out the door.
            In only minutes they found themselves in the park, Sean’s arm around Niall’s waist, and Niall’s arm around Sean’s shoulder. They waved at a few people that they knew from school.
            “So what did you want to talk about Sean?” Niall asked nervously, looking down at their feet.
            “Well, I want to know what you’ve been up to since the last time you’ve been here,” Sean said smiling an evil smile.
            “Just the tour, we celebrated Louis, Zayn, and Harry’s birthday during it, but that’s it. Oh, and we went skiing after the tour, but that’s it,” Niall said dropping his arm shrugging.
            “You went skiing? Isn’t that dangerous for you? I mean, with your trick knee?” Sean asked cocking his eyebrow up, looking down at Niall’s knee.
            “I really wasn’t thinking about that… I mean, I put on my knee brace and I didn’t snowboard that much, so it seemed pretty fine,” Niall murmured.
            “Who’s idea was it for you guys to go to a skiing resort?” Sean asked sternly, angrily.
            “Mine of course! I wanted to go somewhere in America we hadn’t been, where no one would know us,” Niall said glaring at him.
            “And what happened when you went to an unknown place? You got pictures taken of you, not any of the other boys, only you. And not only was it you, it was Kaiden also, who has more a of squeaky-clean image than you. And what did you do? You kissed her of course, and there’s photos everywhere of you two, and her reputation is ruined because of you,” Sean said tisking, “You can’t just assume no one is going to know who you are if you go to a skiing resort and hook up with some other singer. This is what happens when you don’t think things through, especially if you don’t discuss your plans with me.”
            “What the hell? Sean, I didn’t go there to hook up with some chick, especially Kaiden, I went there because I wanted to vacation with the lads, relax with them and not have to work. It was just a group vacation where I ended up dating someone,” Niall raised his voice, pulling completely away from Sean.
            “And you two aren’t dating any more,” Sean stated mater-of-factly.
            “No, she broke up with me the night before she left to go to start her European tour,” Niall growled, crossing his arms trying to get away from a touchy Sean.
            “Why did she break up with you, I watched a few interviews and she didn’t say why, and moved onto the next topic,” Sean asked curiously, a glint of malevolence in his eyes.
            “She broke up with me because she could see that I was in love with someone else, and that was getting in the way for my love of her,” Niall said quietly, looking away from Sean, dropping his arms in defeat.
            “And who is this person you’re in love with?” Sean asked smugly.
            “Are you really asking this? You already know who I’m in love with, Sean!” Niall raised his voice again glaring at the other boy.
            Sean gave Niall a smug grin and pulled him into a tight hug. “I knew you’d come back realizing where you belong.”           
            “No… Sean, you know it’s not you anymore,” Niall said pushing Sean away.
            “What do you mean it’s not me anymore? Who the bloody hell is it? Niall, just because we’re in an open relationship, doesn’t mean you can let yourself do that, fall in love with someone that’s not me. The whole point of this relationship was so that you could be free during your tours and not have to worry about me,” Sean said smacking Niall’s face.
            Niall gasped out holding his cheek and bit down on his lip, looking away from Sean again trying not to start crying. He had his back to him, trying to pull himself together before he faced Sean again.
            “Please don’t do this in public, someone might see Sean,” Niall whispered, moving closer to the male.
            “Don’t do what? Hit you? You know you deserve it,” Sean said grabbing Niall’s bicep pulling him closer so they were face to face. “You are a whore, messing around with three different people, and messing with their feelings,” Sean growled spitting in Niall’s face before smacking him again.
            “Please… Please stop this Sean,” Niall whispered, rubbing the spit off of his face.
            Sean grabbed Niall’s chin pulling him so that they were face to face again. “You are mine, and you seem to be forgetting this. You can’t be in love with someone else, no one else would take you, you’re disgusting,” Sean spat at him.
            “You’re wrong, they love me back, I’m in love with them and they love me back,” Niall whispered, looking down at the ground, avoiding Sean’s eyes.
            “You’re pathetic, who ever told you they love you is only saying that to use you,” Sean laughed shaking his head, and pulled Niall into a hug again.
            “You are mine, Niall, and I love you for who you are, even if you are disgusting,” Sean whispered into Niall’s ear, “Just get over whom ever you think you’ve fallen in love with, and come back to me, okay?” Sean added.
            Niall shut his eyes tightly trying not to cry, he realized everything Sean said was true. He couldn’t believe he’d been so blind to think that Louis actually might love him, that he was good enough to be loved by someone as great as Louis.
            “Can we go home?” Niall whispered, trying to keep his voice steady.
            “Of course, by the way, I’m staying the night with you tonight okay?” Sean stated, wrapping his arm around Niall’s waist, leading him in the proper direction.
            The boys entered the house, only for it to be empty, Sean wouldn’t let Niall go look for them, not wanting to let him go off and tell someone about their conversation. He heard laughing outside in Niall’s back yard, and slowly began to lead him outside.
            “Niall, don’t have such a grim look, it makes you look hideous, put on a smile. We don’t people to questions about why you look so bad, now do we?” Sean said with fake remorseful smile.
            They entered the backyard, Niall pulling himself away from Sean, and sat down by Liam, Sean following closely behind him, until Zayn sat on Niall’s other side, making the boy the center of attention. Sean instead moved to go talk to the family.
            “So what did you and Sean talk about on your walk?” Zayn asked softly smiling happily, trying not to make anyone suspect anything.
            “Nothing really, just talked about the tour,” Niall murmured, rubbing the cheek that had been smacked one to many times.
            “Anything else?” Liam asked frowning slightly, seeing the placement of Niall’s hand.
            “No… Well, we talked about my relationships, and the reason Kaiden broke up with me, that’s it,” Niall said shrugging dropping his hand to his hurt bicep.
            “And what’d you tell him when he asked you what happened?” Liam pressed, knowing that something was off with Niall. Him and Zayn exchanged a look.
            “The reason that we broke up… Can we really not talk about this please? I don’t want to keep talking about her, okay? Everyone keeps bringing her up, and I just… I can’t,” Niall whispered, looking down squeezing his eyes.
            “Niall, can we… We are going to go talk somewhere else, private, right now, okay?” Liam whispered, placing his hand on his back. Zayn took Niall’s arm softly lifting him up and led him back into the house, and into Niall’s brother’s room. Zayn locked the door behind them, and they all sat on the couch, Niall sitting between them.
            “So, what did he do to you?” Liam asked accusingly.
            “Why do you just jump to the conclusion that Sean hurt me?” Niall grumbled, glaring at Liam.
            “One of your cheeks is bright red, and your arm, you winced when Zayn grabbed it, and he was touching you gently. So, what happened?” Liam asked placing his hand on the back of Niall’s neck.
            Niall sighed biting down on his lip, letting out a huff before he told both boys what had happened during their time at the park. Zayn stood up, his hands fisted, chest puffed out and was heading towards the door before Liam told him to stop. Liam was as angry as Zayn, but had to hold it in for Niall, he didn’t want to cause Niall more distress than he was already in.
            “Everything he said, Niall, is not true. You are beautiful, you are never disgusting or hideous, and we all love you, Louis more so,” Liam said, placing his hands gently on Niall’s face making the male look him in the eye.
            “It is, he wouldn’t have said it if it wasn’t true,” Niall murmured.
            “Niall! He’s only saying those things to get to your head, to keep you around. He’s an abuser, that’s what they do, play mind games with you,” Zayn said, his voice raised, turning around on his heel to stare at Niall with shock.
            “And how would you know! You aren’t around him! When he says those things he’s saying them to look out for me, so that I don’t get hurt. Sean is always right,” Niall said raising his voice and pulling away from Liam and moving to give himself space away from Zayn and Liam.
            The boys glanced at each other shaking their heads, looking back to Niall. Liam stood up and wrapped his arm around Niall’s shoulders, Zayn, wrapping an arm around his waist, and created a group hug.            
            “Babes, we’ll let you alone, but if he hurts you again, he will be in a coma,” Zayn whispered threateningly in Niall’s ear. Niall looked up at Zayn with horror.
            “And when he gets out of that coma, I’ll kill him,” Liam whispered in Niall’s other ear. Niall’s eyes widened and stared at Liam with even more horror.
            “And after he’s dead, Niall, I’ll go to hell personally, when I’m dead, and kill him there, so he can never come back,” Harry said walking into the room and climbed onto Niall wrapping his arms and legs around him.
            Niall let out a soft laugh and allowed the three boys to hug him tight, not touching them back, not hugging them. “Hey! Why wasn’t I invited in this cuddle fest! I’m pretty sure we all know who Niall should be hugging,” Louis whined from the doorway, and joined the group hug, “Why are we hugging Nialler?” Louis asked.
            “We’re hugging him because of-,” Harry started when he was interrupted.
            “Group hugs? I didn’t know you participated in those Niall, usually you aren’t very touchy-feely,” Sean said maliciously.
            “He’s changed since he joined the band,” Harry grumbled, not dropping his hold on Niall even after the other boys pulled away.
            “We’ve all changed, actually,” Niall responded.
            “Well, except you Niall, you are just the same. Remember, we were just talking about how naive you are,” Sean said with a very smug smile.
            Liam grabbed Zayn’s arm, holding him back from the small male who slowly moved towards Niall with thoughtful steps. “I’d appreciate it Mr. Styles, if you would remove your self from what is my property,” Sean said in a low voice.
            “Who ever made you king of Niall, because the last time I checked, the king of Niall was Louis,” Harry grumbled, from the crook of Niall’s neck.
            “And why would Louis be the “king” of Niall and not me?” Sean asked curiously, seeing Niall’s bright blue eyes widening.
            “Because Louis has de-,” Harry began again.
            “Shut up Hazza! You need to stop telling people my private business,” Louis shouted at Harry, grabbing Harry by the waist, prying him from Harry, giving him a look once he was off of Niall that said ‘watch what you say around a psychopath’.
            Sean went up to Niall and grabbed his wrist tightly, causing Niall to wince slightly, and pulled him out the room and into the kitchen. “It’s dinner time boys!” Sean yelled from down the hall.
            Everyone looked at Louis, their eyebrows cocked up, waiting for him to do something crazy, like hurt Sean, which is what Zayn was ready to do if it wasn’t for Liam holding him back with all the strength he held.
            “Well, lets go to dinner, I’m going to sit next to Niall,” Louis commanded marching out of the room and into the dinning room.
            Louis plopped himself down next to Niall, on the other side sat Sean, who glared at him viciously. Liam sat across from Louis, prepared to kick him at any sign of him being hostile towards a cruel Sean. Zayn sat between Liam and Harry, both their to make sure Zayn didn’t dive across the table to kill Sean, Niall’s parents sat at opposite ends of the table, and dinner was served.
            Niall even uncomfortable still found time to pile his plate with food, stuffing his face because he was hungry and nervous. Louis stared at him adoringly, enjoying the smiles and noises Niall was making from the food, while Sean stared at him with disgust written all over hi face.
            Meanwhile, Niall’s parents, Liam, and Harry were engrossed in a conversation, while Niall and Louis and Zayn shared a conversation. Zayn making sure to watch Sean while they conversed, not wanting anything horrible to escape his mouth.
            Dinner ended with the parents dismissing themselves, and only Niall the only one still eating, this time because he was becoming very anxious with Sean and Louis arguing about some trivial thing. Liam noticed Niall’s discomfort and pulled Niall away from the table, and into the living room to watch a football game.
            Niall cheered as the Rams won the game, making a couple laps around the room fisting the air and danced around. He laughed in his friend’s faces who were rooting for the other team just to tease him.
            “Fuck yeah! You can suck my big dick!” Niall shouted, his Irish accent thick with pride.
            “I wouldn’t say it’s big,” Sean said when he entered the room to see the commotion.
            “I defiantly would, almost as big as Harry’s,  he just doesn’t show it off like Harry, Zayn and I,” Louis said smirking, going over to Niall hugging him around the waist., lifting him up for another victory lap.
            Louis set Niall down and they started laughing hysterically. Sean puffed out his cheeks jealously, and grabbed Niall’s wrist again. “It’s about time you boys get going to bed isn’t it? Niall will see you in the morning,” Sean said, turning to look at Niall with a cruel smirk.
            Niall looked over his shoulder with a panicked look as he was dragged out of the room. Louis and Zayn lurched after him at the same time, Liam and Harry grabbing both boys to hold them back.
            “He’s not safe with him Liam,” Zayn growled. Louis wasn’t even making words, he was spouting out nonsense and cuss words, struggling against a usually much weaker Harry, trying to go after Niall. He couldn’t stand it, he let out a few growls, and Liam knew it was more of a priority to grab Louis, and hold him back. He knew Zayn could control himself better than Louis.

            Niall and Sean changed in Niall’s room together, slipping into Niall’s bed. Sean intertwined their hands together pulling him close and slowly began kissing him, running a hand over Niall’s exposed chest. He pressed him against the mattress, giving Niall more lust filled kisses, Niall responding weakly.
            He felt disgusting at this very moment, allowing Sean to touch him, and kiss him in a way that should only be allowed by someone Niall loved. Niall pushed at Sean’s chest trying to get him off, but the male just pushed back. A quiet sob left Niall’s mouth when his clothes were removed.

            Niall was slowly blacking out, the last few things he saw was Sean moving away from him, putting clothes on, and shutting the door behind him. Niall looked away from the door, and couldn’t find any strength in himself to cover himself properly, finally slipping into unconsciousness.

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