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You Can Never Have too Much Ale (Nouis)

Chapter 4

            The boys were back in their hotel, not including the two girls they had just met, just the boys. Niall was slouching on the couch staring at his phone, texting quickly when ever it vibrated. Louis had been laying in a pile, on one of the beds in the small room, with Liam, Zayn, and Harry. Who were all trying to stop him from attacking Niall, and, or throwing himself at Niall. Then Harry smirked his cheeky little smirk, a plan formulated.
            “What if we played seven minutes in heaven?” Harry asked loudly, making Niall look up with a confused face.
            “We don’t have any girls, how would we play?” Niall asked frowning softly.
            “Well, you tell Kaiden to come over, and I’ll text Nichole and have her come, and wah-lah, girls,” Harry said sitting up, Zayn slipping off of his shoulder.
            “That’s only two girls, there’s more odds of us… Oh!” Liam said quietly, giving Harry a look of horror and pride. Harry just nodded smirking. Harry and Niall did what Harry suggested, texting both girls
            Within only minutes the two girls were up in the room smiling brightly and mischievously at each other.  They high fived and laughed.
            “Okay guys, lets do this!” Nichole said, sitting next to Harry in the circle that was slowly being created. Niall hugged Kaiden, pecking her on the lips and they sat next to each other, wrapped together. Kaiden was sitting next to Nichole, Louis next to Niall, Liam next to Louis, to keep him in line, and Zayn between Liam and Harry.
            “Here’s a beer bottle, got it from my house, made my step-dad chug it so I could take it,” Kaiden said setting it in the middle. “Who wants to go first?”
            “Louis does!” Harry volunteered for the boy.
            “First we have to set rules!” Liam said grabbing Louis’ over excited hand.
            “Spin the bottle, and whoever it lands on you have to go in the closet together for seven minutes and do whatever,” Zayn said shrugging slightly confused.
            “You can’t just move the bottle to who you want it to be though, it’d make things too obvious and awkward,” Nichole said.
            “You have to kiss at least once in the closet!” Harry added, “That’s the whole point of the game, is to kiss. It’s not heaven unless you do, and we will be able to listen for that first kiss, the rest of the time we can’t listen.”
            “How about I keep track of these things? Since I’m the only trust worthy person in this room?” Liam suggested chuckling. Everyone agreed, Harry pouting while he did so.
            “Okay! Can I spin now?” Louis said bouncing up and down, thanking Harry for suggesting such a game. Everyone laughed and Liam, released Louis’ hand so that he could spin it. He did at once staring at the bottle intensely trying to use his telepathic powers to move it.
            The bottle came to a slow and finally stopped, stopping in Kaiden’s direction. Niall and Louis’ jaw dropped, Harry laughed because the bottle was so close to Niall, and only and inch off, and Kaiden giggled nervously. She stood up, reaching her hand out to help Louis up and lead him to the closet.
            Liam stood up slowly and followed after them shutting the door with smile.
            “Be nice Louis, she’s a nice girl,” Liam said as he shut the door. He pressed his ear to the door to listen to make sure they would kiss.
            Kaiden looked down sighing softly. “Well, I guess… we should,” She trailed off.
            “Yeah, probably,” Louis said softly. His reached his hand up to touch her face softly, placing a thumb where her bottom lip was to guide himself.
            Kaiden leaned in and slowly pressed her lips against Louis. Liam heard them kissing through the door, and laugh awkwardly afterward, and left the door to give them more privacy.
            “Who started the clock?” Liam asked sitting down.
            “I did,” Niall said frowning, glaring at the door.
            “So, are you and Niall dating officially?” Louis asked with distaste.
            “Um, I guess, he hasn’t said anything,” Kaiden said shrugging. “It’s really pointless though, dating him. He’s going to figure out that he’s in love with someone that’s not me, and it’ll hurt if I fall in love, which I will if I let this continue,” Kaiden whispered looking down.
            “What? He’s in love with someone else?” Louis asked shocked. “Who is it?!”
            “I can’t tell you, he doesn’t even know,” Kaiden said patting Louis’ cheek.
            “Why? I won’t tell! I won’t even say anything to Niall,” Louis said, begging.
            “Because I’d like to be selfish for once. I haven’t been able to be that way most of my life,” Kaiden said chuckling. “Because If I tell you, I’ve already lost him.”
            Thoughts flowed through Louis head, wondering what she meant. He couldn’t figure it out, and before he could even ask another question the door flew open, Niall appearing on the other side.
            “Niall! Sorry guys, he was getting angsty, I hope he didn’t interrupt you,” Liam said coming up from behind him.
            Kaiden stood up, helping Louis up as well. “No, of course not. Just one peck and then we just talked about little Nialler,” Kaiden said pinching the blonde’s cheeks. She wrapped her arm around Niall’s shoulders, sticking her tongue out at Louis, and it finally clicked in his head. He understood what Kaiden meant, and who Niall was in love with.
            Liam grabbed Louis’ arm, feeling a sense of dread and anger beginning to flow through him. “Whose turn is it now?” Liam asked sitting back down in the original spots.
            “Niall’s,” Harry and Nichole said in unison, laughing and high fiving.
            Niall frowned slightly and spun the bottle weakly, the bottle spinning around once, facing him. A burst of laughter erupted when the outcome came out.
            “Aw, Niall is following in Bieber’s footsteps.” “Niall loves arm!” Two different males shouted.
            Kaiden patted Niall’s arm, indicating for him to spin the bottle. He did so again, harder so that it would spin to someone else besides his self. The bottle slowed again, going in slow motion. He watched as it slowly passed Kaiden, Nichole, Harry, and Zayn. It looked like it was going to stop on Liam, who wouldn’t be so bad, but of course, the bottle had other ideas, and stopped on Louis.
            Kaiden looked down sighing with a laugh. “Oh, fate,” She murmured shaking her head.
            Louis smiled brightly, jumping up, Niall slowly getting up as well, grumbling under his voice. He followed after Louis, Liam following behind the two, watching them as they sat down in the closet.
            “Don’t get into a row okay?” Liam said in a stern voice, looking at them both before shutting the door, pressing his ear up against the door.
            “Isn’t their rules of people going twice in a row?” Niall asked softly.
            “Guess not, but really this shouldn’t be too hard for you. We’ve already kissed, and all the way past,” Louis said scooting closer.
            “Shut up, I don’t like it when you bring that up,” Niall grumbled.
            “The time doesn’t start until you kiss boys, better get it over with,” Liam said through the door, wincing as he had heard their conversation.
            Niall groaned and leaned forward, his hands slowly searching for Louis’ face. Louis helped him, guiding his hands to where his lips were. Niall continued to lean forward, his lips brushing over his own fingers, and removed them to kiss Louis easier.
            Their lips only brushed against each other’s. Their hearts pounded faster in unison. Louis pushed closer to Niall, his hands moving to Niall’s hips pulling him closer, Niall pushing his lips against Louis’, a whimper escaping his lips.
            Liam had pulled away only seconds before the noise satisfied that they were finally figuring out their feelings. He sat down and smiled sadly at Kaiden, who reciprocated the look.
            Niall pulled away shaking his head. “No… what about?” Niall trailed off when he felt Louis’ lips against his own.
            “She knows about our feelings for each other, she was just waiting for you to figure it out,” Louis whispered against Niall’s lips.
            Louis’ hands wrapped around Niall’s waist, his hands moving under the younger male’s shirt, feeling the smooth skin under his hands. They were at each other’s lips again, kissing needily, Niall straddling Louis’ waist, his hands tangling in the soft crazy brown hair.
            “What feelings?” Niall muttered against the other’s lips.            
            Louis pulled away at the comment. “You mean you don’t have feelings for me?” Louis asked quietly.
            “No, I’m dating Kaiden. I mean… I-I did, but now I’m with someone else,” Niall whispered back looking away blushing deeply.
            “Niall, if you love me, you should be with me, not some girl you just met,” Louis continued whispering, his hands running up and down Niall’s sides.
            “Well, I love her too, Lou. I’m not just going to dump her because you decided to tell me you have feelings for me,” Niall murmured.
            “Yes you can, she expects you to,” Louis whispered, kissing him again.
            “No I can’t! If you wanted to date me so bad you should have told me when you started having feelings for me!” Niall whispered at him harshly.
            “Hey, Niall, I got to go, you have two minutes to go in there, so don’t break the rules. I’ll see in you in England in three weeks,” Kaiden said through the door leaving the hotel room with Nichole. Niall groaned and pushed himself off of Louis, following after the girl. Louis came out of the closet, his hair more mused than was usual.
            “So? What happened?” Harry asked excitedly.
            “We did some serious snogging for the first five minutes, and then we started talking,” Louis said shrugging going over to the bed he and Niall shared. Liam taking the pull out bed, Harry and Zayn sharing the other bed in the room.
            “What’d you lads talk about?” Liam questioned sitting next to the male.
            “We talked about our feelings, and he got mad at me for not telling him when it was convenient. When he wasn’t dating someone that wasn’t me, that knows about our feelings for each other,” Louis grumbled.
            “So Kaiden knows?” Zayn asked.
            “And does Niall know, she knows?” Liam inquired.
            “Yes Daddy, I told him so.”
            “And Nialler still won’t break up with her to be with you?” Harry questioned shocked.
            “Yes, Hazza,” Louis said bitterly. The other two boys, Harry and Zayn, piled on the bed as well, all three boys hugging Louis in a group hug, on the bed.

            Niall had followed after Kaiden, she was leaving to go back to the tour she was in the middle of, the next day, driving everywhere instead of flying. She was staying at the family house, considering she had moved only the year before she became famous, to live in a bigger small town.
            That’s where he was now, lying in the same bed with his girlfriend, kissing her softly as they slowly fell asleep. Suddenly,” We should break up,” The girl said quietly.
            “What?” Niall whispered.
            “We need to break up, before I get hurt,” Kaiden whispered, sitting up in the bed, pushing the bangs from her face. Her hand moved down to Niall’s face, who was still laying in the bed. “And don’t you dare say that I’m hurting you, because you’ll be over it once you go back to your band mates,” Kaiden continued.
            Niall sat up and looked an Kaiden’s slightly lit face. “You’re serious. Dammit, Kaiden, this… I guess, I should go,” Niall said sitting up, grabbing his shirt and jacket from off of the ground, tugging them on.
            “I’m sorry, if we’re ever in the same town, we should hang out,” Kaiden whispered softly looking down. Niall slammed the bedroom door behind him and moved quickly down the stairs and out the door, getting in the rental car and drove back to the hotel.
            Louis was barely asleep, unable to sleep with his band mate missing. He hadn’t heard anything from him since he went after his girlfriend, and it was four in the morning. He heard a soft knock at the hotel door.  He got up, looking around to make sure the other three boys were asleep before going to the door and opening it to see Niall.
            “She broke up with me, she didn’t want to get hurt,” Niall whispered, looking up at Louis.
            Louis pulled the boy into a hug, carrying him inside of the hotel room, shutting the door quietly. He continued to hold the boy up in his arms, setting him down on the bed. He pulled the boy’s shirt off, and then helped him with his shoes and pants.
            “Niall, the other boy’s are asleep, you can cry if you need to I’m right here,” Louis whispered, crawling on the bed with Niall, covering the boy and him self up with the blankets.
            “There’s no reason to cry, I didn’t love her,” Niall whispered as Louis pulled the male into an embrace.
            “I’m still sorry that you two aren’t together, I know she made you happy,” Louis whispered, “I saw some pictures up online today of you two together. You know when we go to interviews in a few days, they’re going to ask about it,” Louis added.
            “I forgot we have those American interviews before we go home,” Niall grumbled.
            “You should sleep, you’ve had a weird day,” Louis whispered, petting the boy’s head.
            “You could say that again,” Niall whispered, yawning, before snuggling into Louis’ chest. Louis was happy to be in this position, being able to sleep with Niall lovingly. Of course, the boy didn’t feel remotely the same way as Louis did, but sleeping with Niall was the best rest he could get.

            Niall heard a familiar tune being played loudly, in his ear. Once he realized what it was he began singing along, to Louis’ dismay.
            “Why can’t any of you let me sleep!?! Especially you, you’re sleeping on me, and you’re helping them,” Louis complained flicking Niall’s nose. The blonde sat up and glared at Louis who was smirking.
            “So, did you really get McDonalds, or are you just copying the original song?” Niall asked curiously.
            “No, there is non in this town, but we’re leaving in ten minutes, so get dressed!” Liam said moving around the room quickly, putting his guitar back in its case.
            Niall got up, knowing Louis would make them late, because Louis wouldn’t be Louis if he didn’t do so. All the boys were dressed and packed, sitting around, waiting for Louis, who was taking his sweet time getting ready for flying to L.A. for their first interview in America. Finally, the brown haired male snapped on his suspenders and stared at the boys.
            “We’re going to be late if you lads don’t get off of your arses and go,” Louis said in a stern voice. Everyone scoffed and got up leaving the room immediately, Louis following Niall, who was the second to last male out of the hotel room.
            They drove to the tarmac they had flown onto, a slightly larger plane in place where the smaller one had been. The only problem now was that Niall was refusing to get on the plane.
            “Come on, we need to go, Lou already made us later than we should be. Niall, the plane is bigger than before, it can seat three of us next to each other, so if you want, you can sit between Lou and me,” Liam said trying to coax Niall out of the shuttle.
            The fact that the plane was that big made him feel better, so he slowly slipped out of the shuttle, Liam, slinging and arm around Niall’s shoulders to make him feel better. Louis, getting jealous, wrapped an arm around Niall’s waist.
            They all climbed into the plane, Niall sitting between Liam and Louis, biting down on his lip hard trying to forget his last experience on a tiny plane.
            “Did you know small planes are safer than bigger planes? They don’t go down as easily as big planes,” Liam said quietly, smiling softly as Niall took his hand nervously, not seeing Niall’s other hand in Louis’. 
            “Just close your eyes and it’ll be like you’re on a normal plane Nialler,” Louis whispered in Niall’s other ear. Niall nodded slowly trying ignoring the noise of the propellers of the plane. With in seconds the plane was in the air, and it was like nothing happened. He let out a shaky breath, and let go of Louis’ hand thanking him and Liam. Cursing him self that he had done something so embarrassing.

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