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You Can Never Have too Much Ale (Nouis)

Chapter 3

     The boys were finished with their final concert in America and they were officially on vacation. Their last concert was in Denver, they were currently in their hotel, contemplating if they should see their families for the month they had off, or spend a week some where in America, and the rest with their families.
    “What if we went to a ski resort?” Niall suggested.
    “Why? What would we do there?” Harry asked stupidly, staring down at his phone, not too engrossed in the new conversation. The other four boys just looked at him with an ‘are you being serious’ look on their faces, until Harry looked and smiled sheepishly.
    “To snowboard of course!” Niall finally said laughing, “Since I haven’t been able to surf, I might as well snowboard where I can. And you guys can ski! This ski resort just got loads of snow, so the ground will be perfect,” Niall explained.
    “That sounds fun!” Louis said smiling fondly at Niall.
    “I don’t know how to ski,” Harry said laughing awkwardly.
    “Don’t worry, I don’t know either, so we can learn together,” Zayn said patting Harry’s hand, forever handsey with everyone he was comfortable with.
    “Where is the resort?” Liam asked curiously, moving close to Niall to see what he was looking at.
    “From what I can tell, it’s on the mountains on the other side of Aspen resort,” The Irishman said,” It has a weird name, so I don’t want to try and pronounce it because I will screw it up.”
    “So Is it a yes to going boys?” Liam asked the other three.
    “Of course, I love skiing,” Louis said, moving over to Niall and hugged him for the good idea.
    “Sure,” Both Harry and Zayn said in unison, and laughed with each other.
    “I’ll tell management to book the flights and hotels and the other nesessities,” Liam said moving into another room to call them.


    The plane that was flying One Direction to the small town the resort resided in was smaller than the helicopter that flew them all over the U.K. Zayn, of course, was asleep; Harry who was sitting next to the male, was also asleep. Liam was sitting in the front by himself, happily enjoying the view. Niall on the other hand was practically crawling into Louis’ lap he was so scared. He was squeezing Louis’ hand till it was just about to fall off. Louis had suggested the hand holding of course, but it did nothing to help Niall’s situation. The boy was scared the plane would only wobble a little and start falling to the Earth, killing them instantly. He shook his head, it was like the bad dreams that he had when they first started touring.
    Niall hid his face in Louis’ shoulder as they slowly decended around the small runway where the plane would land. It was small because it was only for the people that could afford to fly their own plane onto the strip. Louis squeezed Niall’s hand trying to help him relax even a tiny bit. Niall glanced up at the eldest member and squeezed back before hiding his face again right when they landed. The Irish’-man released a sigh of relief, Louis doing the same when he felt the blood rushing back to his hand.
    Niall looked up, his body slowly relaxing and looked over to Louis giving him a silent thank you and apology for such embarrassing behavior during the half an hour ride from Denver to the small town. Louis’ bright blue eyes forgave him and darted down to where their hands were still holding each other, and back up to Niall’s. It took the male a few moments to understand before his eyes widened in his realization and pulled his hand away.
    “Sorry, that was worse than the helicopters,” Niall said looking down blushing deeply.
    “I didn’t say you had to stop holding my hand. I was quite enjoying the feeling of them being intertwined together,” Louis commented in his best sophisticated voice.

    Liam had just woken the two sleeping boys up and tugged on his beany and jacket, leading the way outside of the tiny aircraft. Niall followed after him hurriedly, wanting to leave the ‘plane of death’, as he would call it now, tugging on his own parka. The other three boys followed suit, Louis behind Niall, Harry behind Louis, and Zayn behind Harry. All of them waiting for the shuttle to pick them up and take them to their hotel.
    “Did you know Justin Bieber came here?” Niall said squishing himself into his jacket, covering most of his face and his hands.
    “You would pick this place just because of him,” Harry said rubbing the boy’s exposed head.
    “No! That’s not why I picked this place,” Niall denied pouting. The boys looked at him with a sarcastic look that said ‘really?’. “Well, not the only reason,” Niall grumbled, his pouting growing deeper. The boys began to laugh at the shortest antics, Louis hugging him not only because he was cute, but because he looked so cold. There was a loud shot gun sound, all eyes looked towards it, and saw a shuttle.

    “The shuttle’s here,” Liam stated, moving to the small bus quickly. The other boys followed closely behind, Louis and Niall getting into, what Niall might call a death trap, last.
    They arrived at their hotel shortly, as they walked inside there was a lot of noise for it being the lobby of a hotel. A lot of females screaming, which they’d heard before. It was strange to think that such a small town could know their band, or that’s what they thought.
    “Who knew small town people knew about us!”Harry said shocked.
    “I don’t think they’re here for us, look,” Liam said pointing to a girl in the middle of the large group, her face showing a slight annoyance and discomfort.
    “That’s Kaiden! She won this year’s American Idol!” Niall exclaimed loudly. They all shushed him, not wanting to get her attention because of his obnoxiousness. Liam had left them only seconds ago to get the key to their room. Because of the boys boisterousness, Kaiden had heard, and spotted them. Her eyes widened, finishing her current autograph, she slowly moved through the crowd and made her way towards them.
    “Lou… She’s coming over… Guys! she’s coming over here!” Niall whispered excitedly.
    “Hey!” She said looking around,” Where’s Liam?” Kaiden asked when she didn’t spot Liam. The boys, except Niall began to laugh.

    “Sorry Nialler, seems like she’s only interested in Daddy Direction!” Harry said, smacking Niall’s back, chuckling.
    “Oh… That’s not what I meant for that to sound like. I would have said ‘Hey One Direction,’ if all of you were here, but you’re missing one,” Kaiden explained rambling.

    “Well now you can, babes is back,” Zayn said, wrapping his arms around Liam.
    “Hey One Direction,” Kaiden said giggling, Niall laughing because he couldn’t help it, “It’s about time I get to meet all of you! How long have you been in Crested Butte?” Kaiden asked, her eyes wincing every time someone used flash to take a picture.
    “About fifteen minutes,” Liam stated looking down at the invisible watch on his wrist.
    “Wow, is it your first time here?” She asked glancing around the room like she was looking for someone.
    “Yeah, and we don’t know how to ski,” Harry pouted.

    “Wait, let me guess… Niall suggested you all should come here because the Beib’s came here, right?” Kaiden said with an all knowing smirk. They all laughed when Niall laughed, once the laughing had subdue the pout that had been on Niall’s face fifteen minutes ago reappeared. Kaiden reached over and patted Niall’s shoulder, and leaned in to whisper in his ear.
    “It’s okay, all of us Belieber’s have to know these things,” She pulled away smiling again, “Since we just met, I’m taking all of you on a date tonight. You all, me, and my friend. I promised her I’d see her once I was able to to, so you all will be my present to her. Meet us at Maxwells, at around seven-ish. Here’s my number if you need anything or you just want to hang out. I’ll leave you guys to getting settled into the hotel,” Kaiden said waving and patting Niall’s cheek before rushing off. Trying to get away from the large crowd that had formed.
    Niall looked down at the card that Kaiden had handed to him during their exchange. The card had all the information that he could possibly need to contact her. His mouth was fully agape, too excited to be holding this information. Harry slowly pushed Niall’s jaw, closing his mouth for him.
    “I think that Niall may be in love,” Zayn said with a smirk, patting said males head. Niall was too elated to even come up with a comeback. Liam began to lead the way to where their room was, Louis noticed Niall was still not moving, and touched his head, pushing it down and began to steer him in the right direction.


    The boys smiled when they were led to a round table in the back of the fancy restaurant. Within the restaurant was a large stuffed cougar and a few deer and elk heads. Kaiden placed her finger against her lips when she saw the boys, sitting next to her was a small woman blind folded.
    “Where is my present? Why do I have to be blind folded? Did you forget to wrap it?” The girl asked in a slightly joking, slightly sassy tone.
    “They’re right here,” She said waiting for them to sit, directing them where to plant themselves. She had Harry sit next to the unknown woman, Niall by her own side, Liam in the middle, Louis next to Niall and Zayn next to Harry.
    “How many did you get me?” The unknown girl asked.
    “About five,” Kaiden said laughing.
    “Oh my god! Can I see them please!” She begged, literally thinking they’d be unautonomous objects.
    “Okay, okay. Boys, this is Nichole, Nichole, you know the boys,” Kaiden said with a smug smirk. Looking over to Niall smiling brightly, and laughing.
    Nichole was speechless, the first person she saw was Zayn, and looked to his left to see Harry, and slowly began to see the other boys. She began pinching herself and smacking herself before composing herself and waving.
    “Damn you Kaiden, for being famous and having connections!” Nichole cursed, punching Kaiden’s arm lightly.
    “Ow, hey, they came here for vacation, and it’s just a miracle that I ran into them,” Kaiden said shrugging.
    “It’s a miracle you were able to come talk to us with you being completely surrounded,” Niall said impressed, and feeling slightly uncomfortable by the thought of being completely surrounded.
    “She didn’t look happy about it,” Zayn pointed out, Nichole laughed, and Kaiden looked down slightly blushing.

    “It’s probably because the kids that want her autograph didn’t give a rats ass about her when they went to school with her, and only care about her now that she’s famous. And it could also be the fact that she gets super claustrophobic in large crowds,” Nichole explained for Kaiden.
    “That’s kind of like Niall, he starts panicking when there’s a big crowd and he’s surrounded, and doesn’t even have one of us or the body guards protecting him from the rabid fan girls,” Louis pointed out, touching Niall’s leg.
    Nichole waggled her eye brows at Kaiden who glared at her shaking her head dismissively.
    “So, any luck with marrying Hefa yet?” Kaiden asked and Nichole huffed.
    “No, not yet, but since you’re super famous enough to meet One Direction, why don’t you meet him for me, and give him as a gift too?” She asked and was about to add on, but before she could say anything embarrassing Kaiden spoke up.
    “Hey, look, right next to you… Who is that? OH my gosh! That’s Harry Styles! You should pay as much attention to him as possible,” Kaiden said.
    “He really needs as much attention as possible or else his hair flattens,” Niall said, everyone laughing.
    Nichole laughed as well, slowly becoming completely engrossed in the creature that was Harry Styles. Nichole, Harry, and Zayn all talked with each other, talking about the most random things. Kaiden, Niall, Liam, and Louis all exchanging stories about their own tours, and silly stories about each other.


    Harry and Nichole walked in the back of the large group, Nichole still recovering from a hip surgery. Kaiden and Niall walked in the front of the group, further ahead from the rest. The other three walking in the middle of the two couples.
    “Lou, stop glaring at her,” Liam repremanded.
    “I’m not glaring at her,” Louis denied instantly.
    “Then stop sulking. If you don’t want Niall with her, then just tell him how you feel before it gets too far babes,” Zayn said smiling kindly.
    “What are you two going on about? Are you trying to have a laugh?” Louis asked glaring at the boys.

    “If you won’t admit it, then you can’t complain when they start daring, boo bear,” Liam said matter-of-factly.
    “Admit what!” Louis yelled, pouting. Kaiden looked over her shoulder giggling, Niall’s shoulders quivering with laughter, not daring to look behind him and see the death glare that was on Louis’ face.


    “Where’s Niall going!” Louis asked Liam staring at Niall’s retreating form.
    “He’s going snowboarding with Kaiden because she does too, and we ski,” Liam explained, patting Louis’ shoulder softly.
    “All of us are suppose to be hanging out with each other, not some girl we met a night ago,” Louis grumbled as him and Liam slid onto the lift.
    “Lou, I told you, you can’t be bitter about Niall being with someone else if you don’t tell him you like him before he gets into a relationship. Because if you do once he’s in one, that isn’t fair to him or the girl he’s with. So if you’re not going to confess to him soon, just let him be happy, and be happy for him that he’s found someone,” Liam said in his ‘Daddy Direction’ tone.
    “Why do you have to be more mature than me? I’m older than you.” Liam chuckled and shrugged his shoulders.
    “Probably because when you’re being immature I have to be mature, but when you’re mature, it’s always more mature than my own maturity,” Liam said trying to confuse Louis, but he knew it wouldn’t work.
    “So all I have to do is act mature all the time, and I’ll be the mature one of the group, I’ll be ‘Daddy Direction’?” Louis contemplated.

    “No, because you’re not the smart one, you’re just the leader,” Liam said, Louis punching his arm and then leaned in to give the male a love bit on his neck. Both of them completely forgetting they were on a ski lift with other people.


    Niall and Kaiden were sitting in a restaurant that was placed further back on the mountain. It was on the Paradise warming house hill. They had snowboarded on that part of the mountain a couple times before they both became hungry, and now were sitting in a very secluded part of the restaurant. They sat close together in the booth, like too teenagers in love. Of course, they were both still teenagers, Kaiden, seventeen, and Niall, who was still eighteen.
    Of course, Liam and Louis had just skied into the hill and saw the restaurant and had decided it would be nice to stop in for a nice cup of hot chocolate. They were looking around for a place to sit, the hostess allowing them their choice, Liam spotted the couple, Niall and Kaiden, who had decided it would be best if they just started kissing. Liam pointed to a table far away from them, trying to distract Louis, but to no avail, the male saw him before Liam could stop it.
    “What the hell!” Louis shouted, scaring the hostess, causing Liam to grab Louis, before he stomped off and ruined anything the two both had.
    “Don’t do it Lou, it could ruin both of their reputations, and cause a lot of scandal,” Liam whispered,” And Niall would be so mad at you. Remember last year when you two almost got into a brawl? If you did what you’re thinking right now, the row coming out of it, will be worse,” Liam whispered, trying to calm the male down.
    Louis struggled more, and finally was able to pull away from Liam, calming down, and looking away from the couple. “He should know better, they just met,” Louis grumbled.

    “But he doesn’t, Boo Bear, he hasn’t had much experience with relationships, like most of us had. And from what I have heard about Kaiden, neither has she. So Boo Bear, let those pieces fall where they may. If you really care for him Lou, then you’ll want the best for him,so just wait for him,” Liam said, patting Louis’ shoulder’s trying to comfort him the best that he could, and calm him down even more.
    Louis looked at Liam frowning softly, and nodded giving the couple one last jealous look before he followed Liam to the table he had suggested so that Louis couldn’t see them.

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