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You Can Never Have too Much Ale (Nouis)

       Chapter 1

There is some mature content within this chapter, it is not necessary to read this chapter, but I will alert you when the mature starts in this chapter if you don’t want to read it.

  “Happy Twentieth, Louis!”  A loud cheering erupted.
            “It’s not my birthday, that was seven days ago,” Louis said rolling his eyes.
            “We all phoned you, but you didn’t answer,” Harry said wrapping an arm around Louis’ shoulder leaning his head against the other’s.
            “You’re not getting any ale, Harry,” Louis said with a smile, leaning down slightly, nibbling on Harry’s shoulder.
            “That’s not fair! Niall, Zayn, and Liam all get to drink,” Harry said pouting.
            “They bought their own ale, ask them if you want some,” Louis said smiling stupidly. Harry moved away from the eldest and went to every other male that had ale with him, of course only to be denied. It didn’t matter once they were all sloshed he’d just steal some ale.
            Harry watched as the other boys slowly became their more drunk selves, and because of this Harry took Louis’ ale, because he had the best and slowly became buzzed. He found himself in his boxer-briefs, and he was really thinking it’d be a great idea to pull them off, but thought better of it, he didn’t want to get his shaft stuck in something, or someone, that could get mad at him.
            Louis was sitting in the corner of the living room, once he became totally shit-faced; he was more to himself, very quiet. It was a very odd sight for such a loud male. He was hugging himself looking at everyone making a fool of themselves. Niall was cracking jokes from left and right, of course making Harry laugh hysterically and making a usually stoic Zayn chuckle. A shit-faced Liam consisted of him spouting out facts and it caused the other three boys to look at him like he was Einstein.
            Soon, Harry’s brief’s had disappeared and Louis had gone through the suit they were staying in to look for a room to crash in. Niall had seen him disappear, and Harry chased him away just to get him to find him and bring him back. The Irishman moved through the many hallways, although he was drunk, so it could just be two. The staggering nineteen year old opened a door and found Louis laying face up on the large bed in the middle of the room.
            “Why are you hiding? It’s your birthday!” Niall shouted looking around the room seeing the clock, it was almost mid night. Where were the girls that Harry was suppose to get, this thought cause Niall to spin around towards, the door, but stagger backwards onto the bed.
            “Because I don’t want to be twenty,” Louis said with a pouting face.
            “Why? You can almost drink legally in America,” Niall said with a slurred voice, a stupid smile planted on his face.
            “Almost… I don’t want to be a grown up though, you guys are all still teenagers, I want to be one,” Louis whined leaning against Niall, biting his shoulder softly. 
            Niall couldn’t help, but laugh loudly leaning into Louis, the two falling backwards on the bed Niall lying on top of him. Niall turned his head towards the clock counting down quietly to himself, not noticing Louis sitting up and leaning over him. Once Niall shouted Happy New Year he felt a pair of lips press against his own.
            Niall’s eyes fluttered closed slowly, moving his lips with the older male, when Louis began to push against the male’s lips. While they were kissing a naked Harry Styles, opened the door peaking in, the other two boys on top of Harry looking over his bushy brown hair to look at the scene in front of them. Harry shut the door pressing his ear to the door.
            “We need to be quiet, they can’t see us, Lou will get mad if he sees us peeking,” Harry said in a hushed, slurred voice. The other two nodded pressing their own ears to the door.
            Louis pulled away flopping back on the bed. Niall sighed softly, not opening his eyes and continued to lay on Louis’ lap, not bothering to put himself in a more comfortable position. His shoes had disappeared a while ago as well as Louis’. Niall began to snore softly, completely passed out on top of Louis.
            The other band mates that were listening heard snoring and Liam and Zayn left the door thinking nothing was going to happen. The still naked Harry was still hopeful, he was the drunk flirt, which included him wanting to hear and know all gossip he possibly could.

            Niall scooted up so that his head was resting on Louis’ chest; the spot on the male’s lap was becoming uncomfortable because it had become hard under his head. Louis was awake, completely and totally trashed, but was also becoming horny. Besides being a quiet drunk, he was a horny one, which was probably the cause of being the quiet drunk. His hand went into the Irishman’s blonde and brown hair running his fingers through the soft mess on top of Niall’s head. The male moaned happily and turned slightly towards Louis.

            Louis’ other hand moved down Niall’s chest slowly, moving under the male’s shirt, flicking a nipple. Something he’d done many times sober; Niall arched up into the males’ hand, encouraging him more. Louis’ hand moved back down Niall’s chest causing a groan to escape him. Because Niall wore his jeans lower than Louis thought was appropriate, Louis’ hand was able to slip under the male’s boxers easier than if Niall had been like Louis and wore his pants where they were suppose to go.
            Niall’s eyes opened slightly, his blue eyes looking up at Louis innocently, though his thoughts were far from innocent. Louis was encouraged by the male’s lustful look and moved his hand further down, grabbing the slightly erect cock softly. His hand pumped the leprechaun’s erection, Niall arching off of Louis’ body. His head hitting the bed, his body arching over Louis’ body, his ass touching the other side, as Louis touched.
            Niall let out a shiver as Louis began pumping his erection. Louis slowly sat up, Niall moving back into the male’s lap. Louis leaned down, pressing his lips against Niall’s, releasing all the noises Niall had been holding in by biting his lip. Their kiss was filled with drunken lust; their tongues began to clash against each other’s, feeling the inside of each other’s mouths. 
            Louis slipped out from under Niall hovering over him, his hands leaving their places on Niall’s body, tearing off the rest of the male’s clothes, and his own clothes easily. Though they were both used to the quick loss of clothing. Louis moved back to Niall, and began placing love bites along the younger male’s neck, yet another thing that was a normal occurrence for anyone in the band.
            Niall spread his legs once he was free of clothes, Louis’ hand traveled down Niall’s body and pushed into Niall’s untouched hole slowly. Niall arched up into Louis unable to speak of what he wanted, only able to show him through his body. Louis was able to understand though, pushing another finger into Niall, stretching him out more, and pushed a third in loud sounds erupting from Niall, his eyes shut closed tightly.

Harry was still standing by the door, his eyes widening. “Do you think they could be faking all those sounds?” He asked the other two boys that were back at the door listening.
“Of course, they’re not that drunk right? Niall’s Irish, he can hold his ale,” Zayn replied quietly.
“That doesn’t mean that Louis can, Louis is shit-faced. Niall must be too ‘cause he wouldn’t let it happen, would he?” Liam asked Harry like he would know.
“No, he wouldn’t unless he was drunk, I think,” Harry responded pressing himself closer to the door to hear.

            Niall moaned out loudly as he felt Louis entering him, his legs wrapping around the male’s waist, wanting to be able to feel the whole length. Niall captured Louis into another heated kiss wanting feel everything he could. Niall moaned out loudly into Louis’ mouth arching, reaching his climax. Louis reached his own only seconds after, Niall’s hole squeezing his member. Releasing any and all stress they’d gained within the first year of being in the band.
            They finished with one final chaste kiss to each other’s lips before falling asleep. Niall’s legs fell away from Louis’ waist, and Louis’ hands rested on Niall’s hips, his head resting in the crook of Niall’s neck. They’re staggering breaths soon slowed as they became unconscious.

—————————————————————————————————-            Louis’ arms wrapped around the warm body that was under him, surrounding him. He squeezed gently, placing more love bites along the body’s neck. Of course he thought the body under him could possibly be the girlfriend he’d just recently broken up with, or even one of the girls that Harry had brought the previous night. He slowly opened his eyes, and looked down. There were no boobs pressing against his chest.
            He heard a low groan, which would not usually come from a woman, and looked up to see one of his best friends. Niall’s eyes fluttered open, looking down at Louis with a confused look. “Hey Lou, what’s up?” Niall asked quietly. He moved to sit up and released a pleasured moan. He looked back at Louis. “What are we doing naked in a bed together?” Niall asked slowly beginning to panic.
            Louis moved to sit up and felt his manhood slip out of the hot hole it had been in all night. Niall let out another moan shivering, looking away from Louis blushing darkly. “That… Is what I’m guessing we did,” Louis said quietly, his head pounding.
            “There’s no way… Nuhuh,” Niall said slowly sitting up, wincing, and shook his head.
            “You two shagged all right, I heard it all last night, the other two boys don’t remember listening though,” Harry said quietly, walking in actually wearing pants. Louis jumped out of the bed not bothering to grab something to cover himself with. He looked around for his clothes, grabbing them quickly before fleeing the room. Niall looked after him with a shocked face.
            “There’s no way, you’re shitting me Harry,” Niall said, his Irish accent thicker in the morning, in a slightly begging voice.
            “No, but I’ll get you some pain pills, from what I heard… He just dived in,” Harry said with a snigger, leaving the room for Niall to get in at least boxers, which is what he did in an awkward manner. He was going to have to get back at Louis for doing this to him.
            “Here, I’ll go talk to Louis and see how he’s doing,” Harry said handing Niall two pills and a glass of water before leaving the room to go into the bathroom Louis was scrubbing his teeth. “Are you okay?” Harry asked rubbing the eldest boy’s back.
            “Oh yeah, just fucking dandy. Woke up with my penis inside of my best mate, best thing to wake up with,” Louis said glaring down at himself.
            “Hey, at least it wasn’t some one you hated,” Harry, said with a shrug, trying to smile as best as he could, considering his best mate was in a bad mood. Louis glared at him and walked passed him going to change his clothes.
            “We have to go to rehearsal,” Louis muttered changing his clothes quickly, snapping his suspenders on and walked down stairs where Liam and Zayn were, fresh as daisies.
            All the boys were piling into the van that was taking them to the studio where they would rehearse, and no doubt have interviews and have photos being taken of them.
            Niall sat under the little leprechaun plushy he’d gotten from the boys, jumping slightly when Louis sat next to him, wincing when he landed. Harry just began to crack up knowing what was up; Liam and Zayn just rubbed Niall’s head thinking he’d hit his head on the roof of the Van.
            “I’ll get you back Louis,” Niall muttered under his breath, looking out the window.
            “Get him back for what?” Zayn asked leaning forward, whispering low enough for Niall and Louis to hear him, or what he was trying to accomplish. The other two band members leaned forward to hear what Niall was talking about.
            “There’s no way you can prove I did anything,” Louis said with his usual perky smirk.
            “Oh yeah? I remember it all, and so does Harry. I will get you back… Just you wait. You won’t know when it’s going to come back at you. It could be in an hour or in forty years from now,” Niall said in a low voice an evil glint in his eyes.
            “You messed with the wrong leprechaun!” Harry said loudly.
            “Louis’ a gremlin!” Liam shouted, Zayn just chuckled, shaking his head. Louis rolled his eyes and leaned away from Niall, who was as well, looking out the window as they passed screaming girls, entering the studio parking lot.

            They finished their rehearsal and were now getting pictures taken of them, in a different part of the studio, all the while doing an interview with a minor American tween/teen magazine that had flown over to interview them. They were asking them questions about girls and other questions that involved what they liked in girls. Nothing like they were used to, like answering questions about their own life. They also answered questions about the American they’d be touring with in America, not nothing important was said, and they left to get ready for the day long journey through the U.K. and soon to the United States, for their tour.

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